An Encouraging Visit To Graduates In Nepal...

Warm greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the grace of God, love, and peace always be with you.

I am writing about my one week visit from our graduated students. It was a refreshing and encouraging time for me. I have visited with our graduated students. I have met brother Dev, Suka, Jeet, Abraham, Ezekiel and Chandra Prakash. I began my journey on January 7th 2014 and returned back on January 12th 2014.

January 7th 2014: I traveled from Kathmandu to brother Ezekiel's home. Ezekiel is one of our second graduated class students. It took me four hours on a micro-van. Brother Abraham joined me at Ezekiel's house. We had an evening Bible study at his home. Ezekiel was a graduated student from last year. He is surrounded by many denominational groups. He is doing his worship service and activities in his house. There are 17 people gathering on Sunday worship. He is doing his best in God's kingdom.

January 8th 2014: We woke up early in the morning. We began to walk toward brother Dev's house. Dev is our first graduated student. He is having a good Bible knowledge. It took 3 hours to climb up hill. We had a Bible study together at his local congregation from 11 am to 3 pm. He is having a regular Bible study program. There is quarterly congregational fellowship program in his local Church.

January 9th 2014: We moved toward Brother Abraham's home village. Abraham is our second graduated student. It is almost 6 hours high hill walking from Khankhare bus station. We went through Jeet's house. We had time to talk with brother Jeet and other Christians. We had opportunity to meet all of their family members. We had evening Bible study at his home. There are many denominational groups. He began Church services at his home. There are 12 people gathering for Sunday worship service.

January 10th 2014:  We returned back from Abraham' home and came back to brother Chandra’s at Prakash village. Chandra is our second graduated student. We reached there late evening. It was a day travel. We were tired. But also we had an evening family Bible study at Chandra's home.

January 11th 2014:  We had a day Bible study program at Chandra's local congregation. Around 25 people gathered in his local congregation every Sunday.

January 12th 2014: We had worship service together at his local congregation. After that we had some time to visit our present student's family members. Then I returned back to Kathmandu. I reached the school at night.

Purpose of my visiting:
To encourage our graduated students.

To visit other local preachers.

To have fellowship and Bible study together.

To find out our student's problems and try to help them.

To get some more new students for next group.

To establish our graduated students in God's ministry. 

Problems at visiting:

Many are uneducated. Most of them don't have Bibles and song books. Their Bible knowledge level is low. So, we need to provide Bibles and songs books to our graduated students. They will supply to them.

Church building constructions are needed in some places.

My achievements at visiting:
Our first batch of students: Dev, Jeet and Suka are doing good works. They have invested God’s money in the right place. Their life is much better than before. I have seen their progress. I have seen their goats. It is providing good income to their family.

It is the right time to help our second batch of graduated students. I have gone and seen their family situations. Brother Ezekiel and Abraham are planning to purchase goats to sustain their family members. Their places are surrounded by hills. It is good for goats. Brother Chandra has purchased a flour grinding machine for an income source. Brother Ramesh will do some business work. Brother Arun will go to South India for further Bible study. He will be a useful tool for our Bible school and Churches of Christ at Nepal.

All of our graduated students are good examples in their societies. Our time, money, labor and investments are in a good place. I am personally glad to be with you all brothers and sisters.

I am personally encouraged by the visiting.

Thank you.

Servant of Christ….Gajendra Deshar
NCBS Director
Kathmandu, Nepal

Posted on January 19, 2014 .