A Year End Note From Tanzania...

We hope this newsletter finds you each doing well with your New Year off to a promising start. The Lord continues to bless the work here and we are anxious to share some of the exciting news with you.

Since our last report we have seen the Future Preacher Training Camp come and go. A number of us were privileged to teach the zealous young men who attended. I was asked to speak concerning Jesus’ temptation and how He serves as our example. It was an encouraging study and one from which I profited. The young men seemed to enjoy it as well and were great participants when questioned about the material.

Sometimes when we are involved with our individual mission team responsibilities it is easy to put the big picture in the background. Recently, we received some encouraging news after our mission team leader, Cy Stafford, surveyed approximately 10% / 14 men (we plan on surveying 20-25% during 2014) of our ACSOP graduates.  The results are for the 2013 calendar year.

*57 Campaigns were conducted

*278 put on the Lord in baptism

*47 new congregations were established among which there are 881 active Christians.

Here is some further information relating to the ACSOP and Tanzania Missions Team that you might find encouraging as well:

*There were 3 Safari for Souls campaigns that concluded with 84 new converts.

*The annual Tanzania Leadership Conference hosted around 140 participants from over 56 different congregations, and from 7 different nations.

*At this year’s Tanzania Christian Camp we had between 80-90 young boys and girls from many different congregations, with 17 souls obeying the Gospel.

*At our annual Future Preacher’s Training Camp we had 15 young men, with 1 obeying the Gospel.

As you can see, the Lord is really blessing the work and we pray that the seed will continue to be sown in the soil of good and honest hearts.

We hope this short note has encouraged you to trust the Lord and share the gospel with someone. We never know who that one person is that is genuinely seeking the truth.

We pray for the church in America often and we solicit your prayers as we labor in Tanzania.

Until next time, take care and God bless,

Sean & Anita

Posted on January 19, 2014 .