Guiding And Blessing Growth In The Kingdom...

How mighty and how awesome is our God. He has provided our physical blessings so abundantly, it can often become difficult to see the spiritual blessings that have and continue to be given through Jesus Christ our Lord. Each week provides a continual reminder of the power of God as it works through His people around the world. Through the message being preached souls are being saved and Christians are encouraged. Nothing compares to the opportunity of being involved in the greatest work on earth.

The new class in Denver is growing in knowledge and wisdom from the classes they are studying. However, most encouraging is the fact that all the classes in Denver bring an great amount of knowledge and wisdom they already possessed before coming to school. Their experience and previous study in the word of God brings a great richness to the development of the class. It makes it exciting to be in the classroom as we learn together.

Also, the same wealth of knowledge and wisdom is being demonstrated by students around the world who are involved in the same work. A number of short course instructors are traveling to teach in some of the various schools we are privilege to partner with in training men to preach the gospel. There is a great joy that comes from hearing about the students in the extension program who are using their knowledge and wisdom to lead in the church.

So, if you enjoy learning about how God is working through His people, then sit back for a few minutes and read the wonderful news of God’s hand guiding and blessing the growth of the kingdom around the world.

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

The latest report from Donnie Bates can be read here.

Extension Reports 

The Church Continues To Grow In Cameroon: Students continue to be used by the Lord to evangelize each weekend and, as a result, the church is growing.

Mobile Clinics In Chimala - The Wagner Report: From mobile clinics to preaching the gospel; the work in Chimala continues to influence others.

North India Preachers’ Lectureship Is Fruitful: In the midst of the personal health challenges facing the Gill family, a recent lectureship proved to be fruitful.

14 Souls Added In Ghana: A recent campaign conducted by staff from the West Coast School of Preaching witnessed God giving the increase.

“The Christian Home” Lectureship In Nigeria: The 13th annual lectureship in Nigeria is laying the foundation for the future of the home.

Seeking And Saving The Lost In East Africa: The reports out of Arusha continue to be astounding. The power of God’s word is incredible to read about. 

Final Thoughts
What is truly amazing about how God is working around the world is the fact He is working through each of you to help this work continue to grow. You are such a blessing to everything that is being done. The sacrifices you make to be involved, no matter what the level, is making a difference in the world. Thank you! Until next week...

God bless

Posted on August 18, 2013 .