From Physical Death To Spiritual Life in Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Cameroon. I do hope this reports finds you in good health. We are doing great and we just returned safe and sound from a short trip which was characterized with sorrow and joy.

As we went to bury brother Paul, God gave opportunity for some to be buried spiritually and to live  in newness of life. This is brother Mbappe baptizing a new brother Linus.

After the long courses exams, staff and students of CBIW had some few days to rest while the wait on the short courses instructors.

We used these few days of rest to attend the funeral program of my wife’s father. We went there to mourn with those who mourn, and also to scatter the seed of the gospel to the entire community. We used one stone to kill two birds. We praise God that it worked well and glory goes to God for His great accomplishments.

Our students went to Kwa-kwa village going house to house with their Bibles telling many that Jesus cares for them. It was interesting and many will leave whatever they are doing to focus on the saving message of Jesus.

We were also part of the evangelistic efforts in Kwa-kwa village. It was great and we give glory to God. This made CBIW very popular again in the country as we use any given opportunity to reach out to souls, because we think souls daily.

Our students and others met with the Kwa kwa congregation, processing into the village with the mortal remains of brother Paul Fon, my wife’s father. Many saw the love and unity of the church of Christ during this event.

The students carried the mortal remains to the grave. It was pathetic as many kept crying as they lost a man like brother Paul Fon who had impacted the lives of many in the community. Continue to keep the family that he left behind in your prayers.

Another baptism took place late in the night as many heard the good news and decided to follow Jesus. A total of 7 precious and zealous souls were added by the Lord to the church in Kwa kwa, while 4 souls were restored back to our family there. Keep them in your prayers and the congregation there to nurture them to maturity. One of our Alpha batch graduates, evangelist Ewang Divine, is serving in this congregation and will make sure their steady growth is assured.

Praise God and you for your prayers on behalf of brother Bill Stewart who was to come to CBIW for the first time to teach the students along side their wives for those who can get them to Wotutu for the Marriage and Family class. He made it safe and sound. He preached this morning in the Wotutu congregation from the book of Philippians. It was great and many appreciated his wisdom. Keep him in your prayers as he delivers his assignment this week. Many seems interested to come from outside Wotutu to attend the class, but we don’t have accommodations and that will hinder some from making the trip from other congregations around Cameroon. This course will help many, because if we have strong Christians families then we shall definitely have a strong church all over. Pray for us.

1) We shall go back to Batoke village for mass evangelism next month to fully establish a congregation there.

2) Next month we shall be in Muyuka congregation for a 4 days evangelism, this is a special invitation from that local congregation to come and help in evangelism.

Thank you for your prayers, your help in many ways, and your love for the gospel in this country. God bless you and reward you in due season. Do your best to share this with others who may love to be part.

Elangwe and family
BY His grace Director CBIW

Posted on June 9, 2013 .