Preparing For A New Journey...

We are nearing the end of last quarter of studies in Denver and with it comes graduation. The students who are completing their journey at Bear Valley are simply taking a step into another journey. The new journey will be one of ministry in the Lord’s Kingdom. The fruit of their labor will save lost souls, strengthen the church, and encourage growth to maturity. We are all looking forward to hearing reports of their success in the future.

The reports from various locations within the extension program carries the same news. The excitement increases week after week in reading about the growth of God’s Kingdom as students continue to study and prepare for the work of ministry. The good being done around the world helps us see the bigger picture of God’s incredible power working through His people to fulfill His purpose.

Hearing reports about the nature of the economy in this country is just a reminder of how easily people become focused on the temporal things of this life. No matter what happens with the economy, the rise or fall of countries, or the leadership ushered into power, the task before the church is the same. We have a mission. It is not our mission, but God’s mission and when our focus is on carrying out this great task we can know our God is in control. He will always equips and provides His people with what is needed to succeed.

It is now up to us! Let us be busy about our Father’s business.

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Howell Ferguson’s latest report can be viewed here.

Steven Ashcraft’s latest report about West Africa can be seen by clicking here.

Wes Autrey’s latest report about the work in Cambodia is here:

Extension Reports 

The Power Of The Gospel Changes The Most Unlikely: The report from Cameroon shows how the gospel has the power to change even the most unlikely.

Changing Hearts And Lives In Guatemala: The work in Guatemala is bringing lives together in marriage and souls to Christ in salvation.

The Program Expands In Uganda: Several wives in Uganda are receiving training in God’s word to help prepare them for training women in local congregations.

A Trip To The US And Back: After returning to Ghana, Tony Johnson is busy in the work of training leaders, establishing a new congregation, and helping children.

Events Center To Be Dedicated: The Southwest School of Evangelism in Nigeria is set to dedicate a new Events Center for the work of training preachers.

The Baptistry Is Ready: The work in Paraguay is growing. The Asunción Bible Academy is training students and the Sacramento Avenue congregation has a new baptistry.

Safari For Souls Is Underway In Tanzania: The first guests are set to arrive and participate in the annual Safari for Souls in Arusha, Tanzania. 

Final Thoughts
I continue to receive notes of personal encouragement with the passing of my father. We are making adjustments to how we live on a daily basis, but I know that God is helping us through the challenges we face. Sheryl and I are very thankful to be working with the greatest people on earth. Thank you for your compassion and encouragement. We will never be able to express adequately how much you mean to us and all you have done to help us through this time of loss. We give thanks to our God for each of you.

God bless

Posted on May 5, 2013 .