What A Joy It Is...

Greetings Fellow Workers:

What a joy it is to be a child of God. What a joy it is to know we have good friends and supporters like you. What a joy it is to be privileged to serve here in Tanzania. Today is the day the Lord has made, we are to be glad in it.

The sounds that make us think, love, appreciate: The first cry of a newborn, a congregation full of young people. Today was one of those days where you noticed something, something you “hear” or “see” perhaps every week, but for some reason today that “sound” stood out in a special way. What sound you might be asking, the sound of a church building with over 120 souls, and upon hearing the preacher announce his first scripture reference, the sound of 90 plus present in the congregation turning the pages of their Bibles. Oh, how sweet it was!

What joy it is to reflect back to 1998 when this mission work began: To remember the two congregations that existed here in the northern part of Tanzania, the Arusha and Moshi congregations. Then, to sit through services at Kisongo, a congregation planted by this mission effort, with a family of over 120 souls, singing, praying and worshiping our God in truth and spirit, oh, what joy it is.

Today was special in many ways. Our brother John Galloway taught a great lesson from the book of James. Jennifer (John and Patricia's daughter) taught a great lesson for the ladies and John and Patricia's two granddaughters taught a room full of little children a lesson from the Old Testament. Three generations, glorifying God through the teaching of His Word.

I received a note from our brother Yusuph Madaki saying that one of our recent graduates, our brother Amos, had baptized seven souls into Christ. Yesterday while showing John around the ACSOP we noticed a gathering of students around the baptistery, yes, another soul being added to the Kingdom. Today after services I was introduced to a teacher from Karatu. He had traveled over one hundred miles to be baptized into Christ. Last Sunday a young lady from the White Rose area (new church plant) obeyed the Gospel. No greater joy than to know of a lost soul coming to know and obey God.

We need your prayers. First of all for our brother Chuck who will be coming in this week from Denver to teach here at the ACSOP. Also, for our dear sister Soneia Galloway who will undergo a procedure this week (of a very serious nature).

We need your prayers as we have begun our pre-campaign efforts. Please pray that God’s will be done, that He might be glorified and that He might give the increase. Thank you all for all you do in your service to others. May our Lord bless you with a great week and may He bring great joy into your life, where ever you might find yourself. 

In Him, 
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on May 12, 2013 .