Classes Resume In Togo...

CBS resumed classes on the 7th of January.

Courses being taught this semester include the following:

Minor Prophets
Numbers and Deuteronomy Bible Doctrines
1&2 Timothy and Titus Major cults
Ezekiel and Daniel
Esdras and Esther
*Romans – Brother Barry Baggot, from Nashville TN, plans to teach this course.

New Applicants for CBS
8 applications received so far from men who have expressed interest in attending CBS 2013-2015.

Two campaigns result in three baptisms
CBS organized two campaigns within a week in YOH and Hanyigba respectively. The YOH Church of Christ used to be a denominational church which was converted to Church of Christ. The preacher, Hodanu, is a student at CBS. The three day exercise resulted in two souls being added to the Church. The YOH church has twenty-two members.

One lady was also baptized during the Hanyigba campaign. This event occurred at about 11:00 pm. “And she came out of the water rejoicing”

Personal work during campaign
One of the activities during both campaigns was personal evangelism from house to house.  Gabriel studyed with two ladies. Hodanu studyed with a lady too.

Hanyigba campaign
Activities at Nyiveme Church of Christ. Steve Ashcraft and I visited Kpalime this past weekend and were privileged to be part of the Hanyigba campaign and the worship service. We decided not to preach or teach, but rather observe the students officiated. We were impressed with their performance. We are confident that our labor is not in vain.

Akuvi was burried in baptism and one of the students conducted the baptism. Akuvi was a first time visitor to the Nyiveme Church of Christ, but decided to give her life to Christ that morning. She promised to come for the baptism at 4:00 pm, and she did exactly so. 

What the Lord is doing with former CBS students.

Gabriel @ Danyinu 1 baptism

Jean @ Hanyigba 2 baptism

Yaovi @ Akepe 2 baptisms

Selorm @ Noepe 1 Baptism

Gidigidi @ Sanguera 7 baptisms

Total  13 baptisms

Proposed date for graduation is 28th of September, 2013


Weekly radio program to resume soon.

Posted on February 3, 2013 .