Evangelism In Nigeria...


Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ to you our fellow laborers in the kingdom of King Jesus.

The staff, students and some of the WBSFUW in Oyo and Osun States evangelized Asejire town, Osun State on November 29 & 30 as scheduled, and our joint efforts resulted in the restoration of two aged brothers who left the church some years ago.

On Sunday, December 1, at the Asejire-2 congregation, brother Kayode Solomon Eniafe taught on “The New Testament Church” while one of our year 1 students, named Olorode Samuel, admonished the church.

Onikokoro / Gbongudu congregation, Ibadan, brother Makinde Emmanuel, one of SWSE year 1 students (DLP) since 2010 taught on “Lessons from the Church at Antioch” (ACTS 11-15), brother Oladokun Samuel Olawale, a year 2 student, taught the semi-youth on the “Names of the Church” and brother Gabriel Ishom, a year 1 student, admonished the church on “Reward.” We are 60 in attendance with total collection of N3,805=

Brethren, our November visiting instructor, brother Kumayon Olusegun taught on “The Preacher’s Life” from Nov.11-15 with an hour test on Friday afternoon before he returned to the Warri-Delta State.

Brother Dairo Joseph Abiodun, one of the SWSE-instructors at the Lagos satellite campus, reported the conversion of three souls in November at the end of the month lectureship and the commencement of eldership training program at Ota congregation where he is ministering.

Brother Matthew Idowu, another instructor at Lagos campus and an evangelist working with Oke-Afa Isolo congregation, Lagos State, also reported the conversion of two couples during their three days Internal Lectureship that centered on “The Christian Home” in the month of November 2013.

One of our 2007 graduates and a minister of God at Ede-Adejoh,Kogi State, named brother Godspower Ossai, reported the restoration of a brother in the month of November at Ede-Adejoh congregation and the restoration of a congregation at Odolu town near Akpanya,Kogi State in November 2013, and another graduate from the Lagos campus in 2007, named brother Matthew Odey, and an evangelist at Amikanle congregation, Lagos State, reported the conversion of their daughter, Faith, in November  2013. To God be the glory!

Due to the visit of some of our lovely brothers in January through April 2014, the school, in our teachers meeting this morning, decided to make some necessary amendments in the school program.

*End of the years program remain (December 20,2013 - January 2, 2014)

*2nd semester classes continue on January 6 -22, 2014

*2nd semester examination will now between January 23 -28, 2014

*3rd semester classes will now begin on February 3-April 25, 2014

*4th semester classes now May 16 - July 11

*A month teaching practice now July 11- August 10, 2014 

*12th annual lectureship & 11th graduation remain (August 22-23, 2014 Lord's willing).

We are now set to travel out of Oyo State for three days mass evangelism at Ode-Ajagba in Ondo State with some World Bible School follow-up with workers such as brother Paul Akinwale and brother Sunday Samuel Adegoke. We hope to return to the school campus on Monday. Please remember us in prayer. Thanks and God blessed.

Brethren, we thank you all for your prayer and financial support! May the Lord keep on blessing our work together in Jesus Christ name, Amen.

I remain yours in His grace as a servant,

Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (Director)
Southwest School of Evangelism (SWSE), Ibadan & Lagos satellite campus, Nigeria

Posted on December 8, 2013 .