Campaign Completed In Takoradi...


We are inching towards the end of our first term in the 2013/2014 Academic Year and I am happy to report on some events since our last report.

Our Campaign #2 has been carried out. This was to work with existing churches to give our students some experience in the day-to-day works of congregations I was undergoing therapy every other day at the clinic and could not go with them. Joshua had a local program set for the week and could not go too. Charles Mensah, Matthew Ackah and Charles Arthur were the instructors who went with the students.  This was to have been a week-long program but had to end on Friday because there was a MEN’S FORUM scheduled for Saturday, November 16.

Brother Charles Mensah reported on the Campaign as follows:

TRIP TO JAMRA: November 11-15, 2013

Departure: 1:45 pm.  The vehicle had a mechanical fault at Daboase Junction (within the Metropolis) and had to continue the journey with a hired van

Arrival: Arrived at Jamra about 5:30 pm and were met by the church there.

Program: As had  been scheduled, we met at 7:30 pm (their meeting time) for the first of four evening lectures presented by brother Matthew Ackah.

Tuesday: We began the evangelism program at Jamra.  Students and instructors were paired. Since we could not get members from the local congregation to lead us into the village, we decided to study with anyone we met on our way. We were able to study with thirty prospects on this day. Tracts were distributed and contacts were made for further studies.

Evening: We met for our evening lectures at 7:30 pm.  Brother Charles Arthur was the Speaker.

Wednesday: Evangelism continued. Questions from tracts given out the previous day were answered. We had the opportunity to visit some who were absentees to the services of the church. We followed up on our prospects of the previous day and studied with some twenty-five more persons. There was one baptism.

Evening: Brother Charles Arthur continued with his lecture at 7:30 pm.

Thursday: Though transportation was a problem, we divided the team into two to enable us cover a nearby village from which we had received a call to evangelize. We hired a van to take one team there while the other continued evangelizing at Jamra, our base. One soul was baptized by the team that went into the second village. Over thirty prospects were contacted this day.

Evening: Brother Charles Mensah was the speaker for the evening’s lecture. There was an increased attendance perhaps because we were to leave the following day.

Friday: There was a call from another nearby village and even though we had planned to depart by 2:00 pm, we responded by hiring a van for a team to go. Another soul was baptized today.

Departure: We departed Jamra at 4:35 pm.

This is a twice yearly gathering of men in the Metropolis hosted by the Ituma church which meets on campus. Various topics pertaining to Man’s Mission are studied and discussed to inform and encourage men to take their rightful place in the home, the church and society. The eighth of the series was held on Saturday, November 16.  Discussion were made on Failure of Male Leadership is the cause of the woes of the world and Healing the Divisions Among Churches In The Western Region. Brethren from 30 congregations attended.

We have reported the death of the wife of Frank Akyin one of our students who preaches at Kikam in the Nzema area of the Western Region. Churches in the area set Saturday, November 30 as a day to visit him and present their donations to help defray his funeral expenses as custom demands. West Coast attended and presented the donation of the staff and students to our brother. We bring you some photos of the occasion and brother Frank’s four children.

West Coast Delegation
Next week our short courses begin. Charles Arthur will be teaching The Christian Home and Daniel Ampadu-Asiamah will be teaching Leadership. We have entered the hot season and as with every change of weather come various ailments four of our students are ill and out of campus. Please, pray for them. All five teachers are well and for that we are grateful.

Thank you, brethren, and bye for now.

Daniel K Ampadu-Asiamah

To view brother Asiamah’s report with pictures, please click here.

Posted on December 8, 2013 .