What Is God Doing In Togo? Just Read This...

What is God doing with our New preachers?

God is using our new preachers in wonderful ways in the kingdom. Since September, three new congregations have been planted and our recent graduates are preaching there.

1) Agou church of Christ – 4 baptized members and the preacher is Agnala Essodinam. (Outcome of September campaign)

2) Agoe Vakpossito Church of Christ - 6 baptized members and preacher is Sodohume.

3) Klime Church of Christ - 18 baptized members and preacher is Atikama.

Urgent Need: We need $500.00 each to build a structure for each of the new congregations. These new congregations are also up for adoption. Contact me for the details.

Let’s encourage these men as they labor under difficult circumstances. 


Posted on December 15, 2013 .