Tanzania Chronicles: The Hochdorf Report...

Salamu wapenzi na ndugu,

We hope this finds each of you staying warm, safe, and enjoying the time of year when families can spend some quality time together.

In this part of the world it is pretty warm right now. The rains have started and have steadily dumped buckets of water a few times per day. I just know I saw an ark go by a few minutes ago, ha! We have also been experiencing steady power outages with the latest being 21 hours long. Our generator, which used to be a three legged dog, I have now unaffectionately named “pogo” as it is on its last leg and doing its best to putter out some juice. We are grateful to the good brethren in Salem, VA for purchasing a new generator for us and are praying it will get here (we shipped it on the Gaines’ container) before pogo gives up the ghost.

Tanzania Christian Camp (TCC) is almost halfway over. The John Rice family and Ben Thompson made their annual trek to TZ to direct this effort. Anita is one of the counselors this week and is working with the teenage girls. She took enough stuff to the school for crafts, studies, etc…that I think it would have been easier for the campers to come to our house. Where’s the Uhaul when you need it? This year there are almost 90 campers in attendance in addition to a sizable staff. The week consists of a good balance of bible classes, worship, activities and fellowship. Everyone departs spiritually fed and physically worn out. For those who dedicate themselves to TCC, and the spiritual nourishment of the youth in attendance, we offer our sincere gratitude. It takes dedicated, talented, people to do so. Make sure to check out the Tanzania Missions Facebook page for pictures of TCC within a week or so.

This coming Monday the Future Preacher Training Camp (FPTC) will begin. Boys and young men from all over will be staying at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching for five days of training that will include a variety subjects; hermeneutics, homiletics, how to build an outline, etc..., just to name a few.Christopher Mwakabanje will be directing the camp. Each of the faculty at ACSOP will be preaching at some point during the week. I am to preach Tuesday afternoon on the subject: Jesus Christ the tempted One, our example and our leader.

As I close, Anita and I extend our heartfelt thanks for your continued encouragement and support. As it is for everyone, there are hills and valleys to every work and it is good to know that we have friends and brethren who genuinely care and pray on our behalf.

Until next time, take care and God bless.

In Christ,
Sean & Anita

Posted on December 15, 2013 .