God's Way In Tanzania

Greetings Fellow Workers,

We thank you all for all you do in His Kingdom. We thank our God for the many answered prayers. We are grateful that the Hochdorf’s container finally arrived. Living for the better part of a year “out of your suitcase” has it challenges. Our dear brother Elly spent the better part of a week and a half in Dar to make all this possible. For those of you that know Elly, you know how indispensable he is to the Lord’s work here in Tanzania.

The Safari for Souls campaign efforts continue. One new sister added to the Lord’s Church here in Arusha and another at Kioga. We also received a grand report from Amos, one of our recent Andrew Connally School of Preaching. He is working with Yusuph (another of our ACSOP graduates). He is working with the Lulembela congregation, a church plant from the Ushirombo congregation. Here is a portion of his report:

“I give thanks to God for the many things He has done for me, my family and the Church. In the past four months eleven souls have been added to the Church. All these are from the Lulembela congregation. We also continue to study with some people from one village known as Nyamigota and we hope in the future we will have another congregation in this village.

I continue to teach Christians on Saturday and Sunday here at Lulembela. I also teach on Sunday at Ibamblula who are currently meeting in one primary school, this is becoming a problem.

At Lulembela we have already made 3,000 bricks for the church building, but they are not yet burned. If God wishes, we hope to burn in September or October before the rains start and become a big problem. We really need stones for the foundation because in our area there are no stones. At Ibambula we need to start to prepare the bricks but the challenge is to get the land or place which have good soil for bricks.

I give my salute and thanks to my supporters and I believe God will continue to bless them in the Good work." 

In Christ, Amos

Yes God is having his way here in TZ. The Church is growing wide and deep. Jimmy is back, the Hochdorf family have their things and will be able to “settle-in”. God is blessing our family in all the right ways and with friends and supporters, we truly believe the best is yet to come.

May your week be all you hoped it could be and may our God bless each of your beyond measure. Thank you for being YOU!

In Him, Cy, Stephanie, Granny & Caitlin

Posted on July 16, 2012 .