2 wells drilled in Gweru, Zimbabwe



At the end of each month we look back and reflect upon the progress BVBIZ is making in the training of evangelists to be competent ministers of the Gospel. Indeed, we see progress in many areas. Though we cannot report on everything that transpired, the following is a summary.


Classes continued in the month of February without any challenge. Much ground has so far been covered in most of the subjects.  The following subjects are under consideration this term;

Denominational Doctrines                

World Religions                               

1-2 Corinthians                                 

1-2 Thessalonians                              

Greek I                                              

1, 2 Peter, and Jude                           

Wisdom Literature                            

Prison Epistles                                  

Introduction to computers                 


BVBIZ was blessed to have Donnie Estep, BVBII’s regional Director, from the 17th to the 25th of February. He had opportunity to teach and interact with students and staff. The subject he taught is “World Religions.” He taught the same subject to the students on the extended program in Harare on the 23rd and 24th of February.

Besides the classes, Donnie taught at Nashville Church of Christ during one of her mid-week services. He had an opportunity of visiting BVBIZ’s permanent cite. He made a visit with Temba Gwena, one of the Board members. In the picture below, he stands in a section within the land together with Ishmael Mutichu, one of the instructors and Temba Gwena. They are standing at the site where Healing Hands International intended to drill a borehole for BVBIZ.


Currently BVBIZ runs projects on the available space we currently have. The aim is to provide a hands on experience for students, lower the food budget and provide more income for the school. A new batch of chickens shall be starting in March whilst cabbages are almost ready for the market.


Work has started at the 5.9 hectare plot that BVBIZ now has. The hope is that all activities including projects will be done there. By God’s grace it is also hoped that there shall be construction of structures on the land. The first task was to cite and drill a borehole. The presence of water would then be a catalyst for other activities to take place. God’s blessings can, at times, go beyond what we think. When we hoped for one borehole, we got two.


A great surprise gift to BVBIZ was the sinking of a borehole by the BVBIZ board. The funds were sourced through Hailey Mlangeni, one of the Board members. Drilling was done on the 25th of February. It went up to 55 meters and this borehole has a capacity of producing 10 000litres of water per hour. The following pictures show the drilling that was done.


God smiled on BVBIZ to have Healing Hands International sponsoring a borehole. Discussions on the possibility of having this borehole began many months back and it has finally become a reality. There were smiles all over when the drilling was done and completed. The drilling went up to 60m whilst the borehole has a capacity of producing over 10 000litres of water per hour. A solar pump shall be installed soon. We shall report more on this in the March report when everything has been done and completed. Our great appreciation goes to Haling Hands International.


Students have continued to do practicum in various areas. This is in terms of teaching, preaching, counselling, leading in singing, presiding at the Lord’s table and in evangelism. Progress is being noted in the presentations they make and in results from the field. In the month of March, students shall continue to do evangelism every Saturday within Gweru. The next report shall carry out statistics of their efforts.


At BVBIZ in February, lessons were conducted, practical done, boreholes drilled and a visit done by Donnie Estep. We always thank God who makes this possible. To all who have contributed one way or another to this progress, thank you. To God be the glory!


Posted on March 12, 2019 .

26 more students in Nigeria

Ikorodu 1.jpg


The school is blessed with 26 students: four Sisters and twenty-two brothers. In January 2019 we had three students joining us, that makes the number from twenty-three to twenty-six students 

The first lecture for 2019 has been taken by bro Oladokun Samuel, he treated the book of Acts and all of our students were present. In February we are treating evangelism 1 and In March we are going to treat the topic New Testament church 2. 

We had our campaign on the 9/2/2019,three soul were added and one restored on our campaign day.

Thanks you sir for motivating us to preach the gospel,God bless bear valley's management  


Mfon etim


Ikorodu campus

Posted on March 12, 2019 .

Upcoming seminar in Nepal

Respected brothers in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. May grace of God, love and peace always be with you.

We are doing well in our Bible study programs. We are having our normal regular classes at the month of January and February 2019. Our current students are doing their best in their study. Besides of our classes we are having regular ladies Bible study with in different congregations of Kathmandu valley. Our ladies students present their lessons to the ladies. We are happy with their spiritual growth and maturity.

Our formal students are serving faithfully in the kingdom of God. We are always glad to hear their good news from their congregations. Please kindly remember them in your regular prayers.

This month we did lots of preparation for lectureship at March 11-14, 2019. Brother Jerry Bates and Sister Paula Bates are visiting us. We are planning to invite our graduated students and preachers from different parts of Nepal and India. Please kindly remember us in your prayer for fruitful Bible study.

Thank you all of your prayer, support, love and guidance.

I will sent you another report in next month.

Brother in Christ,

Gajendra Deshar 

Posted on March 12, 2019 .

A guest teacher in Zambia

The month of February was filled with a lot of activities that we can gladly give a report on. To begin with, it was very great to have Brother Donnie Estep come and teach a short course here at BVBI-Zambia. He did a tremendous job as he taught the Book of 1st Corinthians. We are truly thankful to him for the job well done!

The students are working very hard as far as their studies are concerned. They are also involved in the evangelism programs that the school has started for every week-end. Bible studies appointments  have been set with different people due to these programs.  And as a result of this effort we had a soul (Isaac) added to the church on 27th February, we also had three souls restored back to the sheepfold at Mikomfwa Church of Christ.

Hornbye Mupengu and Joseph Ilunga who are students at BVBI-Zambia, worked tirelessly at Mupengu’s farm during the last school break. This farm is located in Masaiti district of Chief Mikambo of the Copper Belt Province of Zambia. Apart from cultivating and doing other farm works, they also did a lot of evangelism among the neighboring farming communities. Each Lord’s Day they invited the neighbors to come to the farm for worship services. They did this the entire time they were there. The whole district of Masaiti has no church at the present moment. When the school is in recess again, Hornbye and Joseph have committed themselves to go back and continue where they had left.   

Brother Cephas had been studying with Kinsley kawala a gentleman who finally requested to be baptized. He wanted to be baptized the very Tuesday night of 19th February, but his baptism was delayed until the next day. Brother Cephas asked some students and Brother Fred to accompany him to baptize this man. We are very grateful to God that another soul was added to the Lord’s Church. There are many activities like these that we hope and pray will yield positive results.

Our Institute has a program to interact with leaders of the churches of Christ here in Zambia which has begun to yield results, as a result of this program, we have received a request from one of the largest Churches in Livingstone requesting for two trained preachers from BVBI-Zambia to work with them. This will be on a fulltime basis. Livingstone is a town in Southern Zambia.

In another development BVBI-Z is gaining more recognition and her purpose is being realized; we have been invited to attend the annual national Youth Conference to be hosted by Lusaka Churches of Christ. Our Director, brother Fred Kanangu will one of the key speakers at the conference. The national Youth Conference starts on 19th April, 2019 and ends on 22nd April, 2019. The Institute will take the opportunity once again of showcasing to the congregants among other things, what the Institute is all about and what the enrollment requirements are. We look forward to being at this annual event. We continue asking for your prayers that all the operations of the school turn out to be successful. 

Thank you once again to Woodland Oaks Church of Christ for their financial support. We also thank you for your prayers and indeed moral support. We will be remembering you as well in our daily prayers.


Cephas and Fred   

Posted on March 12, 2019 .

Back to business in Accra


Thanks be to the God Almighty, who has made our living fruitful since last year to date. Peace be with you brethren, for the time spending on remembrance of us in your daily prayers, we are grateful to hear about you from time to time. Stay bless and long live.


Praise the Lord with us for His guidance through numerous challenges we had in the past year and mercifully made everything new in this year, 2019. Our hope is that everything continuous peacefully.

Praise Him!


On 11th January, 2019, the Degree in Biblical Studies, started with thirteen applicants. Orientation was organized by Mr. E. O. Larbi and students were introduced. Beginning of the programme, the students sat for an entrance exam in order to check exactly if they qualify and that they have varied entry requirements. In order for them to start the general course, series of assignments has been given to them to be completed and submit before or on the next school day. This will show if they will be capable for pursuing the program or not.


14th January, 2019, the Accra school resumed from Christmas holidays and classes commenced with the following courses: Hermeneutics 2, Life of Christ 3, Pastoral Epistles, Marriage, Inter-testamental Period, Communication Skills and Computer.


Currently, 13 students are for the full time department. 11 are present and seriously pursuing their regular courses. The 2, Daniel Agyei, one of the instructors in Tamale and at the same time a student at SIBS has not reported and hopefully, will come to Accra to complete his courses when he completes his duties in Tamale. Also, Joseph Boafo has not reported due to his job schedule and the board is yet to discuss the necessary action due a student who reports late to school or for class.

All teaching and non-teaching staff are present and warmly carrying out their responsibilities as per the schools’ time table for this quarter.


As per the schools’ quarterly activities, there are two (2) campaigns scheduled. One in Sekyi-Agyakwa School, Nsawam and the other at Nungua, Accra.

The Nsawam campaign has successfully completed with two (2) baptisms. In the full 7 days’ activities, the programme was held in three aspects; open air in the evenings, dawn and house to house preaching. All the students participated well as per those who were able to attend up. Two instructors were present to see to it that the activities went through well.

We are highly impressed with the effective of the students’ participation and eager to do the work.

We still ask that you keep us supported with your prayers, God bless you. Amen.

Posted on March 12, 2019 .

Outstanding progress in Harare, Zimbabwe



Harare Extension School is now into the second year of its existence and we always credit our being to the Almighty God who gives us life. Secondly we are mindful of the fact that Bear Valley Bible Institute International is always by our side; physically, spiritually and financially. This report will look at the work done by our students in their different locations were they serve. 


The lessons started in all earnest in January but we were disturbed by the events that unfolded that led to a national crisis after protest were met with a heavy military hand by the government leading to even the loss of life. Dzivaresekwa suburb was one of the most affected areas as this crackdown went on for about three weeks. This disturbed us as gatherings were viewed negatively. 
In February we continued with the lessons. The Second Years were doing Denominational Doctrines and the Books of 1 & 2 Peter and Jude; the First Years were taught Personal Evangelism 1 and Synoptic Gospels. 
Donnie Estep visited the school on the weekend of 23 and 24. He taught World Religions to the combined class. He also preached during the Sunday worship service at Dzivaresekwa church of Christ. We are so grateful for Donnie’s visit and as a family we are grateful for his stay with us. On behalf of the church and my family, thank you brother Donnie. Evans Nyamadzawo will take over from were Donnie left and complete the lesson. During Donnie’s teaching Evans was also part of the class.


Our students come from congregations were some of them are in leadership roles. In improving their congregational relevance we always advise them to be active and put what they are being taught into practice. We always urge them to be self-starters and actively work for the church. They are also supposed to have eyes outside their local congregation. 
1. Wellington and Shingirai Nyoni (Second Years) managed to visit Proton church of Christ, a congregation that was established in September 2018. The local preacher is Emmanuel Tsikada.
2. Charles Mugadza (First Year) also visited the congregation on 27 January 2019 and was given the opportunity to song lead. After the worship service the local preacher briefed them of the greater needs at the congregation including the need for manpower to evangelise the area.
3. Augustine Fata is a member of Highfield church of Christ and on the 24th of February 2019 he was invited to teach Sunday bible class at Mufakose church of Christ.


1. On the 23 and 24 March we will be going to Proton church of Christ for weekend evangelism programme. As alluded to above the report from our students led us to this decision and we will be going there on the said dates. Proton church of Christ is located at the outskirts of Harare, about 30km East of the City Centre.
2. Second Year students will be attached to preachers who are working with congregations commencing this February 2019. This will help the students to understudy thereby gaining experience from practicums.


It is our continued hope that God will help us fulfill all the plans ahead. We continually remember BVBII’s contribution in this great work, we thank you.

Stay blessed and be a blessing to all,

COMPILED BY: Howard Suwari

Posted on March 12, 2019 .

More printed material in Ukraine

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

In this report I'd like to share with you the news from Bear Valley Bible Institute.

Last month we printed the second portion of "The Commentary on the Book of Daniel and Intertestamental Period". We printed them 1,000 copies at a time. After receiving them from the printers we ship them to the Church of Christ congregations upon their request. The only expense that the local congregations have to cover is the shipping cost. I received a lot of thank you messages from Ukrainian brethren who got the book. They appreciate this ministry and rejoice that their congregations' library received such a welcomed addition of good quality book. We thank God and our brethren who support this ministry with their sacrificial donations.

Last month our first year students had 1 and 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles (taught by Vitaly Rodichev), Minor Prophets (Andrew Zhuravlev) and started the book of Isaiah (Denton Landon) while the second year students had Prison Epistles (Michael Underwood) and Hebrews (Dennis Sopelnik).

It's much warmer outside and our students carry on with the street evangelism. They usually take some Christian publications and a foldable table. We place it in places close to public transportation key locations and distribute tracts and invitations. Sometime people stop to ask questions and ask to gift them the Bible. We usually initiate a conversation about the salvation of their soul and invite them to come to Sunday services.

I request your prayers on behalf of our brother Sergey Omelchenko who is still hospitalized and most likely will have to continue receiving treatments for a few months. TB treatment procedures in Ukraine usually last over 4 months.

Our graduation this school year is scheduled for May 25 for both Bachelor and Master's programs. So it's double joy. We expect American and Ukrainian Instructors as well as Keith Kasarjian, the Bear Valley Bible Institute Director of International Studies. We will be glad to see everyone who has a chance to visit us and attend the 2019 graduation.

March 31 is the President election day in Ukraine. We ask you to join us in our prayers for reasonable choice of the new leader of the country. It's crucially important that the new government won't persecute Christianity and we will be able to freely share the Gospel.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support for the Institute.

God bless!

Your brother in Christ,   Dennis Sopelnik

Posted on March 12, 2019 .

Busy and productive in Nigeria

Beloved in Christ Jesus.

Greetings in staff and students of Bear Valley Bible Institute Nigeria & Southwest School of Evangelism, Ibadan and my fellow WBSFUW in Southern part of our great nation, Nigeria.

Below is the summary of our activities for the month of February 2019:


i)   Weekend evangelism in continue in Asejire town,Oyo and Osun state and Butubutu village,Ibadan in Oyo state

ii)  End of Second Semester Classes..

iii)  Vocational Weeks commenced on February 9.

iv)  Great Workshop 2019 at Owutu Village ,Imo state.

v) BVBIN & SWSE IBADAN 17th Annual Leadership seminar come up on March 25-29,2019 Lord’s willing.


The year-2 students are all busy in their respective congregation in fulfilling the marching order of Master Jesus through house-to-house evangelism while the year-1 students despite the fact that they are in a month Vocational Training are also busy every weekend in Weekend House-to-house evangelism in Oyo,Osun and Lagos state. Report reaching the school from both the year-1 and 2 students shows the conversion of nine souls and restoration of five .TO GOD BE THE GLORY!


The 2nd semester classes come to and end as scheduled on February 8,2019.Lord’s willing,3rd semester classes will begin on March 18 instead of March 4 due to ongoing elections in our country, Nigeria.

4. VOCATIONAL WEEKS :All our year-1 students are now in a four weeks Vocational Training in Oyo,Osun and Lagos State learning different trades such as Fashion Designing, Electrification, Motor Mechanic, Plumber, Art Design, Barbing, NAPPMEG, e.t.c.


This year Great Workshop for WBSFUW in Nigeria held at Owutu Village, Imo State was attended by over 600 brethren across the country. Bro. Chad Wagner was our guest speaker. Several books was freely shared during this spiritual exercise. Among the books shared were the remaining 3,000 copies of VOTI volume 99, tracts by Bro .Sylvester Imogoh, 5,000 copies of WBS introduction lessons from Bro.Joel Coppinger and Associates and 400 BVBIN & SWSE IBADAN 2019 Calendar.

6. 17TH ANNUAL LEADERSHIP SEMINAR: Lord’s willing, this year Leadership Seminar will centered on “Go Yee Into The World”. The program will commenced on early morning of March 25 and end with Agric Seminar on March 29 by Bro. Ebenezer Udofia of Healing Hands International, Kenya .Participants from the Western Nigeria and Middle Belt are expected to arrive on Sunday evening, March 24. 


 i) From the support from Bro. Chad Wagner & associates and from Bro.Steven Ashcraft and associates, we were able to print 5,000 copies each of our six local tracts for Weekend Evangelism and Gospel Campaign in the Western State of Nigeria.

ii) Also, the BVBIN & SWSE-IBADAN Staff quarter’s and that of SWI Staff quarter’s and Anuoluwapo’s Library painted

8. ABOUT A STUDENT: Bro.Okpachui Denis Ugim is one of our year-1- students.Born in 1992 at Obudu, Cross River State. He is presently our chapel prefect. His mission is to become one of the competent ministers of God in Cross River State and beyond after his study in BVBIN & SWSE-Ibadan.

9. BRO.CHAD WAGNER NOW OUR NEW SWSE-PATRON: Now that our able brother, Chad Wagner is now fully in charge of Nigeria evangelism ministry, the Foundation Members of the SWSE-Ibadan and our graduates on February 6 deem it fit to confer on him the position held by the faithful soldier of Christ, Bro.Doug Wheeler since the school inception in year 2003 till December 2018 on Bro.Chad Wagner, that is, SWSE-Patron. We therefore appeal to you all to make any enquiry concerning us and our mission from him. Big thanks for your usual cooperation.

11. OTHER COMMENTS: The Church of Christ , Onikokoro / Gbongudu , Ibadan  start her first Indoor Bible Lectureship in 2019 centered on “ Practical Christianity’ ….Studies from the book of James on February 3,2019 and I Introduce the book on the first class of February 3 and served as the admonisher  on February 10 .Average attendance is 48 with average collection of N4,600= 

CONCLUSION  : We deeply appreciates the supports from Bro .Joel  Coppinger  &  associates, Bro. Steven Ashcraft & associates , Bro.Chad Wagner & associates ,Dorman & Donna Lough, Bro. Doug Wheeler , Bro. Bill Pennell , Bro .John Branard & Oceanside congregation, Visalia community Church of Christ and you all for your partnership and support . May God continue to bless our works together in Jesus Christ name, amen.

Sincerely His & Yours……MAKINDE Ebenezer  Olufemi (Director of Studies, BVBIN & SWSE-IBADAN and WBSFUW)

Posted on March 12, 2019 .

A new school in Lima, Peru!

Dear brothers,

By means of this I am writing to you to extend my greetings and to report the progress of the institute here in Peru.

Last Saturday we finished the redemption plan with Yens Nima, with 10 students. There were 2 absent, due to health problems, Eyton and Lizandra, they had a baby, but there were complications which caused her to return to the hospital, two weeks ago they have already returned home, but Lizandra is still recovering. I think they are planning to start the next course. Both are very good students.

Regarding the other students, they are doing a good job with the lessons, although for several the academic level is finding it a little complicated, both to assimilate the lessons and to fulfill their tasks and exams. But we are sure that they will do much better.

As co-directors and teachers, we are seeing the best way to ensure that they are instructed and grow, but that they also approve the courses. Here I add the averages of the first 3 courses dictated by (A.T 1 - Juan Abanto, How the Bible came to us - Abraham, Evidences - Alejandro).

On the other hand, as part of our 2019 calendar of activities we will have an evangelistic activity in the area of the church where I am preaching, we will do it this Saturday, March 2. Since March and other months have 5 Saturdays, we decided to use them to take the group to do evangelistic work in different areas. I attach the 2019 calendar of activities. In our plan of activities we have included:

1.       Biblical Conference. We will have one in the month of April presented by the teachers of the institute and another one in November as invited by the IDC America.

2.       Evangelistic activity. We will have them in March, May, August and October.

3.       Recordings. We want to involve students and teachers to make audio and video recordings of different biblical themes for the benefit of our local congregations.

4.       Recreation. Both students and teacher will have one day in the year for recreational activities.

5.       Camp for Preachers (CPP). It will be a night and a day of retreat in which different preachers will be invited to spend time for instruction, feedback and fellowship.

6.       An evangelistic mission. The students and teachers will have a missionary activity next year, for which we are already preparing ourselves, mentally, physically and economically speaking (PERSONAL BUDGETS).

We appreciate the spiritual and financial support we receive from you, thanks to all the people involved in this beautiful project. May God continue to bless you!

We'll keep in touch! A hug from a distance!

For more information you can visit our website:



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30 students in Arusha

Arusha 1.jpg

The ACSOP Monthly Report

Dear Co-Laborer,

We hope that things are going well with each one of us, and that we are all working hard in the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. The gospel is being preached and taught by the faithful servants in this part of the earth. This is only possible because of the ability that our God supplies through His faithful sons, that is you and us. At ACSOP we can see things going well. We have started our first quarter since February 11, 2019. We have enrolled 12 more students for the first year; these are the men from Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

We started teaching them Writing Skills and the book of Genesis, both being taught by Losotwa Michael, “How We Got the Bible” taught by Peter Kamatula. “Biblical Interpretation (Introduction to Hermeneutics)”  is being taught Ahimidiwe Kimaro., and Spiritual Disciplines are being taught by Charles Herbeth. We are working hard to mold and strengthen these fellows by imparting to them the skills of the word of God. The 18 second-year students are in the first quarter of their last year of being in ACSOP for studies. They are expecting to graduate on November 30 of this year.

We really appreciate this great effort which is being undertaken here because of your prayers, and your great financial support that you gave to make these things happen. May our God of our Lord Jesus Christ supply all your needs as you do to us. Amen.

Your servant in Christ Jesus,

Losotwa Michael
Dean of Academics,

Andrew Connally School of Preaching

A Bear Valley Bible Institute International extension school

Arusha, TZ





Posted on March 12, 2019 .

Reaching French-speaking Cameroon

Evangelism is our mission and our mission is evangelism. We must go into the world and make disciples in every nation. Greetings from the people of uncommon transformation. The church, students, and staff send their greetings. We search for the lost souls everywhere and the Lord adds to the church daily such as are being saved.

As we are rounding up with the last quarter for this 2017-1019 batch, the students are greatly occupied with a lot of traveling. This is a mission work on an excursion trip to some villages around the central regions were some research was been done on African Traditional Religion. It was good to take them to some palaces where they can meet some custodians of the land such as the chief and some notables. They were to ask questions on some areas of their tradition and customs and most especially areas that do not correspond with Christianity. One of the reasons for this excursion, is to learn a bit about the kind of person you shall be taking the gospel too so as to know how to appropriately approach them with the word of truth. It was a successful trip and everyone enjoyed it. The chiefs and the notables were very happy to receive the school of preaching staff and students. We pray for another trip next year.

These souls were added into the kingdom of light in the church in Mbanga. We continue to pray for their active participation into the kingdom of God. They are sister Evangeline and sister Treasure. Commit them into the hands of the almighty God.

Even at the final stage of the training we do not relent our efforts on evangelistic mission. Our door to door methods is still helping us even though some people may say it is obsolete but is also more effective as we meet the prospect in person. We are still traveling to other localities during most weekends to carry out the Macedonian call. This was in Bonadale. It is a young congregation whose members are all displaced persons but we are planning to make a huge congregation in that locality. May God be our helper.

Our next and last target will be the campaign evangelism in Sancho that will commence on the 1st of March. So, immediately after they finish their exams that early morning, all shall travel to Sancho for a serious evangelism mission with some brethren in the western regions. We shall begin with our last short course come next week with elder Todd Crayton from Frisco, Texas USA and he shall be teaching on “Marriage and Family.” Please commit us into your prayers.

From your fellow worker in the vineyard. Remain blessed.

Ititi Benedict


Posted on March 12, 2019 .

30+ baptized in Malawi



Bear Valley Bible Institute – February 2019

Ekwendeni – Malawi


We are glad to share the good news from Malawi for this month of February. The term started the first week of February, and many things have been accomplished. We were blessed to have Donnie Estep with us, and Brother Jim Kerns. Jim had a three days visit in Tanzania – Chimala, and Ephron was glad to escort him. Donnie taught a short course on the book of Hebrews. God has always been good to us as far as the progress for the school is concerned. In this month of February four courses have been taught already;

  1. Romans was taught by Ephron Mbano,

  2. Hebrews was taught by Donnie Estep,

  3. The Gospel of John was taught by Clergynton Harawa

  4. The letters of 1&2 Peter and Jude taught by Navie Theu

Students and their classes

We are thankful for the outstanding performance of our students. They have reported 30+ souls saved during their 3 month holiday last year, (November to January). Their knowledge is increasing daily. Their grades in class are excellent and the three congregations around Ekwendeni have already recommended their good presentation of the sermons when they ask them to preach. We are always encouraged by their Christian attitude.


We have planed to go to Ewombeni, where we have been invited to teach a three days leadership lessons and conduct a preaching campaign end of April. We are glad to go and help the brethren of this area, but we are challenged with transport. We pray that God may provide us with transport like a van to be used for evangelism at our school. We also have more than 3 invitations this year but we are reluctant to respond to their need due to this challenge of transportation. We don’t lose hope; we know God has many ways to help His people. He (God) will not allow people fail to be reached with the saving message of the gospel because of transport problem.

Vocation training

Bear Valley Bible Institute – Ekwendeni is planning to have Pig farming and poultry farming as vocation for the students in the near future. It is good to train preachers, but if they don’t have something they can do while preaching at their homes, they may end up thinking to quit the calling. Support is no where found these days, therefore, having handy skills apart of Bible knowledge is a better way to help the preachers. If there are well wishers to help in implementing this, we shall be grateful for the support.

We are always thankful to Bear Valley Bible Institute International for the support you give us. We also want to take this opportunity to ask for your prayers for one of our students who lost his father in the second week of February. Your love for this work means a lot to us! Think Souls.

In His Vineyard,

Ephron and Clergynton 

Posted on March 12, 2019 .

Growth in crisis

Dearest in Christ,

It is another time to say hello to you and many people around you who are doing all in their ability to serve our God in many different ways. We bring sincere greetings to you from this part of the globe, Cameroon. We are happy you are doing great in all that you do.

Please, thanks for your prayers for us and the situation in our beautiful country. We are still in the crisis because no one among the actors are ready to surrender, neither the government nor the Amba boys. Insecurity is still high but our God is watching over His own and we are ever grateful to Him. We keep trusting Him because he is trustworthy.

Our Bible students keeps gaining knowledge and their performance in our weekly church activities is convincing us that they will do well even after they leave school. Keep them in your daily prayers.

Our early morning program and weekend evangelism with these new students are making waves as many are listening to the message and have access to our students during house to house evangelism as well as reading different topics from our mission printing tracts. He is a denominational pastor and this is the second time he is visiting our congregation during Sunday morning. He asked reasonable questions and when it is answered using the Bible he said, ”I LOVE THE CHURCH OF CHRIST PREACHING BECAUSE IT IS ALL SCRIPTURAL.” I told him we are just simple Christians who depend solely on the Bible for all our teaching and learning. That is why I gave him a copy of The Dickson Teacher’s Bible. It will help him more. Keep him in your prayers as we continue to study with him.


The first mission work for these epsilon batch students will come in March. Keep us in your prayers as we make findings to send our students to places where they will be safe as they serve communities and congregations.


God bless you and keep you strong as you continue to stand with us. Many are facing big challenges here. Some lack basic necessities because of the crisis. Many are sick and many are homeless. We have accommodated some in what was the dormitory addition of our church building as the students are now in the new campus. It is not easy with me to make sure all of these challenges are under control.

Keep us in your prayers.

Elangwe and family

By His grace director BVBIC-Wotutu

Posted on March 12, 2019 .

Evangelism in Guinea

Guinea 1.jpg

The 2018 year-end holidays carried us up to the 13th of January so that we started our second year activities on the 14 of the month. There were some obstacles during the month in the areas of illness on the part of one student and that of the breakdown of our copier. We managed to cope up any way. On the other hand, we had 5 conversions to the Lord. Here are the details of these activities under subheadings.

Classroom: One of the 17 students on roll has been bordered by an illness which rendered him unable to meet up the regular academic and field requirements. All others went through the month’s activities while student Nicolas Millimono was undergoing medical attention. He has just returned from Conakry where his parents had taken him for treatment and is now in class though required to settle for the courses conducted in his absence.

Evangelism: Indeed classes started by the middle of the month, but some of our students had made some effort even during the holidays to evangelize. Together with the air time radio gospel broadcast and other evangelistic efforts during the month we converted 5 persons to Christ. These are some of the people who had been held in denominations and were encouraging us to be patient.

Personal Profile: Student Jeannot Makete Sandouno, one of the 17 students at Gueckedou Bear Valley Bible Institute is 65 years of age. He came into the faith some 2 years age through the effort of bro Saa Nestor Millimono, one of the 2 initial 19 students who on account of illness dropped.

What is interesting about Jeannot is that during the period all the 63 years before his conversion he was not a member of any religious body and had never step foot in a church building for any reason even though he had “Christian” friends not only in his home country of Guinea, but both in Liberia and Sierra Leone where he had adventured in live. Some of his former friends were pastors that I knew; in fact one of them the late Pastor Tamba Kpalu of the Assemblies of God church, Bomi Hills, Liberia was my uncle. Jeannot had no interest what so ever for any religion for which reason those who knew him labeled him ‘’the chief pagan”. 

According the report, his conversion was not a few days business, but since the evangelist himself is an elderly man with a special gift of motivation, the several months of his effort resulted to Mr Sandouno’s baptism directly in the church of Christ. This man benefited that special grace of God as referenced in 2 Peter 3:9. He then agreed a year later to enroll at the Gueckedou Bear Valley Bible Institute from where he will be graduating by the close of this year.

Today, Mr. Sandouno, the former “chief pagan” sometimes preaches in the assembly where he worship at Carriere, Gueckedou town.

May God be glorified!

Conclusion: There were only 2 weeks of class for this month, but we were involved in evangelism of the entire month for which the Lord blessed our effort with the 5 souls converted. We also faced serious challenges when our copier was broken down, but we managed to cope up till another was purchased. Details of this will be soon in our February report.


Francis Sahr Musa

Director, BVbI-G

Posted on March 12, 2019 .

Great course offerings in New Zealand

As I write this, it is the morning of the final exam for my The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit course. The students have been great. I wonder what they would say about the instructor?

We have enjoyed the zeal of some new part-time students who have picked up some extra courses. One in particular has gained much confidence and has been placed on the preaching roster in Wellington. 

BVBINZ Courses This Quarter:

  • The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit (Lance Mosher)

  • Public Speaking 2 (Rod Kyle)

  • Life of Christ 1 (James Cammock)

  • James and 1, 2, & 3 John (Kent O’Donnell)

  • Christian Evidences (Trevor Major)

In Christ,

Lance Mosher

Director, BVBI-NZ

Posted on March 12, 2019 .

Two special guests in Cambodia

Fellow Servants of Christ, we are delighted to be a part of God’s work in Cambodia!

After a short break from “Application Week” and Short Courses we have resumed class and begun our new courses.  This trimester involves 4 courses, two of which are Christian Evidence and the Fundamentals of Church.  Both are taught by our co-directors and much needed for our first year students.

During the week of January 21-25, we had brother Wayne Burger from the Bear Valley Bible Institute come and teach us on Hermeneutics.  Brother Wayne has so much knowledge in the bible and vast experience in many areas.  For one of our Sunday services we asked Wayne difficult questions in which he answered with God’s voice from scripture.  We appreciate him very much and his willingness to travel and share with us this wisdom.

During the week of January 28-Feb 1 brother Wes Autrey, who is our coordinator, teach us “How We Got the Bible” in the mornings and “English Pronunciation” in the afternoons.

We are very grateful to brother Wes who puts in the effort for us to grow in God’s kingdom.  Wes engages us with a Skype chapel every Friday morning to bring us a lesson.  Our staff and students learn a lot about our God’s words.

We continue to thank all of the overseas teachers that Skype or come over to teach us to be better Christians through God’s word. Without these men, without all of you who pray and support us we would not be able to God’s work as effectively.  Thank you for your kindness and love. We do know that with God all things are possible.

Please pray for two men and one woman who have recently dropped out due to family responsibilities, pressures of Buddhism or simple lack of confidence and faith.

During the month of January we attended two seminars. One took place at the Best Centre in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, (6 hour drive from Siem Reap). During the month of February we attended another seminar  in Battambang, Cambodia (3 hour drive from Siem Reap). This seminar’s theme was “Listening Lab” which taught about the 11 skills to improve our communication as leaders of the church. We desire to learn as much as possible and contribute when we can at these seminars.

Last but not least, we would like to thank you for your support and kindness in helping out with the all of work in Cambodia. Without your help, we couldn't do all things. But we also surely know that God is the One who made it happen. Don't forget to pray for our work in Cambodia. 

Servants of Christ,

Piseth Rin - Co-Director

Pros Rok - Staff

Posted on March 11, 2019 .

19 more baptized in Liberia


Dear Brethren,

Greetings come to you all from your fellow laborers in Liberia, West Africa and hoping that this report meets you in good health and sound mind. We also want to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year as we anticipate to accomplish great deal of work for our maker this year.


During the close of the last year, on the 14th of December 2018, our students and the staff vacated for the Christmas holidays. During the break, our students were actively involved into serious evangelistic work with their local congregations and in other communities that haven't heard the gospel. When they all came back, I made them to write a comprehensive report on their vacation, addressing the following:

  1. Where did you spend your vacation?

  2. What work were you involved with?

  3. Which church did you work with?

  4. How long did you stay at one Location?

  5. Who did you work with? Please give their contacts.

  6. What did you achieve?

  7..What do you recommend?

We are thrilled with the results from their very first vacation. We called back to their congregations and communities and it was confirmed of their hard work and good examples. In all, they led nineteen (19) precious souls to the Lord.. Most of their recommendations are request to take the campaigns to most of the towns that need the gospel. Meanwhile, we are very grateful to God for bringing all of us back to school safely to continue our academic first quarter for the new batch of students.


It is very amazing how very zealous these our new batch of students are in terms of house to house evangelism. The campus ministry is doing very well right now from their efforts. Since they came, they have in all baptized 34 person. To God be the glory.. Amen!!


With the burning quest to spread the gospel speedily to the lost in so many communities that have never heard the undiluted word of God or known the Lord's church, the staffs and students have decided to carry out ten (10) campaigns in all this year including our required four (4) campaigns according to Bear Valley Curriculum. We are cutting down our vacations to make sure to accomplish this set goals of ours.


We appreciate highly your continued support and prayers for this work in Liberia. With all the economic challenges in this part of the world, we are still grateful that with your help we are able to do the Lord's will. We won't have don't this work without your involvements. Thank you so much for your love for God and your desires to see His will on earth be done.

Thank You,

Your Brother For Christ Sake;

Robert P. Dahn, Jr.

Director-Bear Valley Bible Institute- Liberia

Tell: +231888838918 / +231775161235

Email: robertdahn@yahoo.com

Posted on February 19, 2019 .

Prayers requested in Togo

May the grace and peace of our Lord be with each of us all!

The students' work:

December marked the end of the Biblical Teaching Center's program to prepare candidates to access the appropriate Biblical training at the Bear Valley Bible Institute. The first two weeks were marked by evangelization activities in AVETOUNOU. A vehicle was not available, so two motorcycles were used as a means of transport for the students.  Currently, there are a total of six (6) baptized. The church of Christ in AVETOUNOU is the work of the students. Wednesday evenings are reserved for personal studies with people to whom they have made appointments either at their homes or at other places. The end of the second week was marked by the duties of memorization, practice, and writing. They have all evolved in their work compared to the other quarters.

The students:

Many times the student TOSSOU FOFO is seriously threatened by his former denomination (Pentecost Unit International).  The leaders want him to leave Adeta where he was the pastor before coming for training at the Center of Biblical Study CBS (Church of Christ). They closed the denomination (Church) at Adeta, and they withdrew his support because he teaches the doctrine he learns at CBS. Despite all this, he has persevered.  He planted a Church of Christ one km away in KPELE-KONDA. Please Pray for him.

We send students to work on churches every weekend, especially on Sundays to preach, teach, lead songs and do the Last Supper. They are well prepared for the two (2) year program of BVBI.

They have not only studied the Bible, but they are also learning to work on the computer.  They continue to learn, and within the next two (2) years they will be able to work proficiently on the Internet.

Saturday's classes:

Ten have attended the courses in the Saturday program since January 05, 2019. Classes start in the morning at 8:00 am and end in the afternoon at 2:00 am. Fourteen courses are scheduled for this one year of training. The teachers are: evangelists OMOU KOKOU JEAN-MARC, HONKU KOFFI, and NYEMANTA CEPHAS.

May the peace and grace of our Jesus Christ fill all his blessings for the support you bring to the Institute.


Your brother


Posted on February 19, 2019 .

Progress in Lagos

Agege 1.jpg


Number of present students: 30

The school went for evangelism in which six (6) souls were saved and 2 brothers were restored and their pictures were attached.

Brother Ezekiel Okoro taught in all 3 schools during the last quarter. The topic of his teaching was the Life of Christ which he taught in Agege, Ikorodu, and Ibadan. 

Many congregations have requested the school to support them in their evangelism or a gospel campaigns. 


All of the lessons of the last quarter have been taught to all the students and all the distance teachers who are from Ibadan and Ikorodu schools came to teach their subjects.  All of us from Agege who was assigned to teach in the other schools at Ibadan and Ikorodu went there to teach.   We can see that the rotation of teachers is very good and the students love it.  All of the students were given the handouts for each class.


Four congregations have invited the school to help them with their evangelism.  This includes the congregation at Iyana Iyesu in Ogun State from 25 to 20th April 2019, the church of Christ in Iju Ogun State on the 20th of April 2019; the congregation at Orisumibare Lagos state on the 

9th of April and the church at Ijaye Lagos will hold their own campaign in June of this year The school has resumed for another semester, and Okohrougou is the teacher for Life of Christ 2, The school is preparing to hold a lectureship this year and all the churches in Lagos state shall be invited Some of the students were sick in the last quarter and visitation was made by the director of the school, Abiola Joseph.  The school is now growing evangelically and academically more than before.

Posted on February 19, 2019 .

The first year in Ibadan is complete

Beloved in Christ,

Greetings from staff and students of Bear Valley Bible Institute, Ibadan. 

1.    Overview: Glory to God for the successful completion of the first year program of the weekend school at Ibadan; 12 courses has been taught and graded. The gospel campaign that ought to be for 2nd and 9th of February as been shifted to February 23 and break on 16th of February and 2nd March because of the Nigeria National election slated for those days. Brother Oladokun will be teaching Personal Evangelism 1 on February 2,9 and March 9and 16th.

2.  Special Accomplishment: The hosting congregation where the works records a baptism during December; moreso, Bro Olalekan Olajide Joseph one of our student presently work with kute Church of Christ, Ibadan. 

3  Evangelism:   the school intructors and students continue in the work of Evangelism with our hosting congregation (Gbongudu/sooko Church of Christ, Ibadan). The students are prepared for the forthcoming Gospel campaign being equipped with the undiluted word of Christ to reach lost souls.

4.  About A Student: Sister Esther Makinde is one of our student giving all her strength for the cause of Christ, building up and teaching the children and teenager the way to God and laying down her time for personal Evangelism and follow-up work. She's inspiring many soul with her zeal for the cause of the Gospel.

Conclusion:  We  appreciate you effort thus far to promote the work of Christ here in Ibadan. The school has been a blessing enriching students and congregations here in Ibadan.

May God continue to bless our work in Christ AMEN



Posted on February 19, 2019 .