Staff And Students At IBISR Continue To Grow In The Work...

Greetings to everyone who supports the work in Cambodia. I just returned from there two days ago but it feels like my body is still on a plane somewhere out over the ocean! I begin this report by telling you that the church and school are catching fire. Leadership is maturing as they enter new phases of church growth and take on the responsibilities with wise minds and loving hearts. 

We now have 9 new freshmen in our school that are eager to learn about how much their lives will change and the impact on God’s kingdom they can cause. I taught a short course on teaching methods and enjoyed every minute of it. We were able to engage in the purpose of “causing to learn,” while having fun and being excited about the prospect of teaching God’s Word. 

At the present time we now have 4 full time staff members at IBISR. Phanat the director, Darat and Piseth as teachers, and Vannak, our latest addition to the team, is the new Dean of Students. The staff has a plan in place for growth and it follows God’s Biblical format for success. Please pray for these men as they direct new Christians through the next three years of their lives in growing in depth to become the lights throughout Siem Reap and Cambodia. 

When I asked the students about the first time they heard of Jesus, 8 out of the 9 said, “within the last 6 months!” That’s new Christians in the last 8 months at our school alone! Others are being added in the villages by the grace of God and the dedication of His faithful workers.

It is always a delight to have a meal with my brothers and sisters in Christ while visiting their hometown. This photo was taken at a local pizza place with the IBISR staff along with their faithful and loving wives.

Post Graduates
It was very good to visit with the past graduates. Phanat taught a short course on the Cost of Discipleship and many of the graduates in the area were able to come to our classes. It is great to report to you that almost all of the last class is remaining faithful and teaching the truth as they went out from the confines and protection of the school. 

Church & Children
The Lord’s church is growing in Siem Reap, but we also now have a new congregation in the village of Som Boum.Two of our top graduates,Tuk and his wonderful wife Doung will be evangelizing there. Their work ethic was unmatched during school and they will dedicate their lives to the work in their hometown. The Portal Way church in Washington state is proving the funding for a new building / house for them. It is wonderful to partner with such loving people all in the name of God’s kingdom. 

After teaching on “Teaching Methods” all week, my Sunday sermon utilized a book of colors with no words or pictures. The plan of salvation and its application to today’s life in Buddhist saturated Cambodia was understood by the children as well as the adults and hopefully remembered.

New Building
Construction is almost completed for the new building and home in Som Boum, a village about 45 minutes from Siem Reap. Two of our finest graduates will be working there as a full time ministry, Tsk and Doung who also have a new baby girl and are being supported by the church of Siem Reap!

Wes Autrey

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Posted on April 17, 2016 .