Cambodia Coordinator Chronicle - Year End Report For 2014


It has been a great year for the students and myself support wise.  Many of you have stepped up beyond your usual generosity to help us continue  evangelizing the world in Cambodia.    We have never felt so loved, thank you all!


There were numerous people who visited Cambodia and helped teach in various ways.  These people included students on mission trips, wives, and teens who have a love for Cambodians with nothing but desire for the truth.  I am personally indebted to them for their encouragement in building up of a Christian culture in an otherwise hopeless country.

VBS at Orphanage

This year’s VBS was held at Hannah’s Hope where 37 orphans are being raised up as Christians!  The theme was based on Genesis 37-50 on God’s plan, provision, and protection of Joseph.  The students led the children by involving them in the skits and lessons bringing the accounts to life with enthusiasm.

New Mentor Program

Included in the new 3 year curriculum is a mentor program for the men.  This allows the male students to have a mentor to study under as they go out into the city and villages.

Preaching • Teaching • Evangelizing • Learning

This program is about learning to be leaders in the Lord’s church in various roles and methods.  Each staff member, of which there are 3 full time, will have men under their supervision for every quarter.  They will rotate every quarter so that all receive a well rounded sense of what good, Godly leaders do.

Local church Looking at Big Picture

The Siem Reap church of Christ now supports 10% of the school’s costs!  This is the giving spirit of the widow and her two mites.  Their lofty goal is to support the school with 50% by the year 2018.  I could not be more proud of this church and its example of giving!

IBISR Highlights

  • 13 Current Students, 11 will graduate in August of 2015.
  • 7 baptisms this year (not including those from outlying villages, of which there are more).
  • 6 Short courses taught by 5 Americans and 1 Cambodian including topics as 1st & 2nd Timothy, Marriage, Evangelism, James, John & Teaching Methods.
  • Gospel seeds are being planted in Kompong Kleang Village near Siem Reap.  The hope is to have 1-2 more churches established in 2015 where there are already some new Christians gathering for worship.
  •  Sambu Village - The students rotate each weekend to go out and help with Bible studies, preaching, teaching, and helping with the crops during harvest seasons.
  •   First “All Country church of Christ” Camp took place.  Very successful “Marriage and Family” encampment hosted by the University church of Christ in Phnom Penh.  There were 4 Bible Schools in attendance, IBISR, Cambodia Bible Institute, Cambodia Bible School and The BEST Center.  There was a total of 150 in attendance.  The theme was “Qualities of a Strong Marriage and Family”.  Camp was held about 4 hours outside of Phnom Penh.  The group from Siem Reap had the furthest to travel and brought the most (over 40!). Both Phanat and Chann were speakers and examples of what Godly men should be. Many blessings came from this experience, including: A new found love for sister congregations, and the maturing of brethren. “We got many comments from the other brethren about how special our (Siem Reap) marriages seem to be. Many wondered why our marriages were lasting so long in fact, becoming better!” - Phanat Ouch, Director IBISR. How exciting is that for a city that had no church prior to 2007 to having over 10 Christian couples today?  Your support has been instrumental in the development of these fine young Christian families, we all thank you dearly.
  • Curriculum revision from a 2 year program to 3 year program.  Many reasons for this, however the main reason being more depth for our students who start from a past of knowing only Buddah and nothing of Jesus or the Bible.  The pressure is great when they leave the school to return to Buddhism and the “family way”. The entire staff and student body agreed that this was a wise move for the spiritual wellness of each soul that attends our school.  Keep in mind that the safe “home-base” is the church at Siem Reap and needs to be a place of sound doctrine for all of Cambodia to look to for the truth and strength.  Ephesians 4: 14-16.
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Posted on January 6, 2015 .