Cambodia Coordinator Chronicle 11/1/2013

Cambodia Report

Fall Trip October 2013

Wes Autrey


To all of my dear supporters I humbly say thanks for helping.  I just returned from another trip to Siem Reap Cambodia with my wife and daughter.  Here are the highlights of our 2 weeks there.

My Class

It was pure joy to return to see how much my students had matured since my last class in March.  A lot of work went into pulling them out of their natural shyness and ignorance of the word last time.  This time we knew each other better, the Bible better and it was a great education process for all of us.  Class this short course was about “The Character of God”.  Now I know what it’s like to see light bulbs go on and have a sense of pride as they ask, search and accept the truth that God has revealed in His word.  3 hours a day for 8 days just flew by because of their alert attention and respect they show while studying.


Ladies Class

My wife Teri and 17 year old daughter Natalie taught a ladies class each and every afternoon on “Personal Relationship with God”.  I received so much positive feedback from their class.  The young ladies have never studied so deeply with just women only and it allowed them to ask questions and open up as they had never been able to do before.   You could see the  actual growth each and every day.

Mens Class

Phillip Woolley, a member from Bear Valley and past teacher in China and Thailand taught a mens class on World Religions.  Phil did a good job at bringing the other religions to view along with Buddhism and compare many aspects to Christianity.  Appreciated his time and work greatly.


After class each afternoon, Teri and Natalie would go to the nearby orphanage and teach Bible lessons to the 35 children using crafts, songs and other classroom or ‘vbs” methods to teach the young caretakers how to teach the children. What and exhausting and rewarding endeavor to behold.


The church at Siem Reap has grown steadily while some have fallen away to denominationalism.   The church at the village of Leang Dai continues to grow slowly but steadily as well.  The floods before we arrived prevented us from being able to visit with them or the church at Takam village because the roads were washed away.  After listening and asking about the church in Takam I believe they are in need of our prayers in.  This is a hot spot for many denominations that are coming in and teaching error.  We still have a graduate named Chouey Chouen preaching there but the influence and material promises are difficult to resist.  Never the less, we have local Christians aware and working to not let the sheep be led astray.


There is absolutely no way to give a detailed report in such a short letter.  Suffice it to say that I love my work.  At first (2 years ago) I wasn’t sure about how all of this would work out having a wife and 3 dependent children, leaving my secular work,, I still have no idea how it will work out, but the difference is I can at least see the Heavenly possibilities.  I love my brothers and sisters in Cambodia and would do just about anything for them in accordance to God’s will.  I hope to be able to visit most of you soon and share the excitement of our labor.

Peace in Christ,

Wes Autrey,  Cambodia Coordinator

International Bible Institute of Siem Reap, Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver

Posted on October 26, 2013 .