Directors Report 11/18

Warm greetings from Cambodia and the International Bible Institute of Siem Reap!

Our first trimester of IBISR's academic year ended on the 4th of November, 2018. Piseth Rin is one of our instructors and his course was about on Scheme of Redemption

Vannak Yeng is also one of our instructors and his course was about (How to study the Bible). We're having a break this week and we will resume on the 12th of November, 2018. 


On the 8th - 14th of October, there was a public holiday in Cambodia called (Pchum Ben festival). We were closed for that week. When the students returned we allowed them to share their experiences and how they felt between Christian and the people in their hometowns during that time. We truly received a lot of feedback about how our students had changed for the better, since having participated in the Bible school. 


Thanks to Wes Autrey our coordinator for regularly staying in touch with us. Especially, as we are studying during our chapel times on Friday mornings via Skype. It was very helpful for our school because of the experienced teachers from overseas sharing Gods words with us. It has improved our understanding and relationship with God and one another. Our new students were very impressed with all of the efforts to help them in understanding, even we were far away from each other. 


We are preparing for our annual Christian camp in Kampong Speu. We are exceedingly happy with the support help in getting some money to pay for the camp fees. If not for the support we could not take many people who want to learn about God in a friendly environment and influence them in a positive and spiritual way.  When we posted the camp logo on the messenger group, they were impressed and loved it so much

Last but not least, we would like to thanks for your support and kindness in helping out with the all of work in Cambodia. Without your help, we couldn't do all things. But we also surely know that God is the best one who made it happen.

God Bless His children,

Servants of Christ, 

Piseth Rin - Co Director

Pros Rok - Staff

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Cambodia Report August 2016

Cambodia Report 8/5/16

Wes Autrey

Greetings fellow servants from Siem Reap, Cambodia via Denver, Colorado.

It is our prayer that God continues to watch over all mission work whether it be in Cambodia or the U.S. or other parts of the world.

IBISR (International Bible Institute of Siem Reap)

  • The class of 10 has grown to a class of 11 as another soul desired to commit to studying and living God’s word until graduation!
  • We are almost done with our first year of classes and things are going very well. The past graduating class has helped tremendously in aiding the incoming students regarding studies, family issues of leaving, forming new Christian bonds, etc.
  • Last month Denny Petrillo (President of BVBI - Bear Valley Bible Institute) traveled over to IBISR and taught Hermeneutics for a week solid and then presented a mini course on animism and spirits.  Such a blessing for the students to gain from his knowledge in these area.  They are now equipped to study the Bible with accuracy and discuss the spiritual realm to Buddhists who are very curios about such matters.
  • In November Bruce Ligon will be teaching short courses on Homiletics and Leadership planing.
  • Our staff of 4 continues to teach through the bible in a fashion that allows for young Christian growth while sustaining maturing as they proceed.

Phanat Ouch (Director of IBISR)

  • Just this week Phanat and his wife Iya have decided to take on another challenge in God’s mission fields.  This new work will require them to move to the U.S. in the summer of 2018.  Phanat will remain director in this time frame.
  • Phanat and I had already implemented a plan some time back in anticipation of any kind of transition needed at the director level.  The most updated plan has been submitted to the Elders at Bear Valley and we will meet in early Sept. to further discuss this transition.
  • I believe we already have the correct men in place to fill the role(s) that will be left by Phanat in an administrative capacity.  Darat Run and Piseth Rin have previously been training to step up their leadership and are very capable men to do so.  They have exemplified great faith in becoming Bible teachers, leaders, caretakers of money, caretakers of souls and concern for the well-being of the church in Sieam Reap.
  • We want to encourage Phanat and his wife Iya in every way possible as they begin a huge change in life, but never changing in God’s biblical ministry.
  • I strongly believe the trip to Arusha, Tanzania that Phanat I took and spoke at had a great impact on how we can handle this transition moving forward.  The Andrew Connelly School of Preaching is now being run by native duel directors and after interviewing them and many of the staff we gained so much useful information from their experience in this process.
  • Prayers are needed for everyone involved, but we forge on with great confidence.

Wes Autrey (Coordinator of IBISR)

  • I have been in constant contact with Phanat and the staff on many items and will continue to do so.
  • I will be traveling to Myanmar (hopefully) and then on to Cambodia in early September.
  • Myanmar to teach a group of Christians there who study intensely for one week (twice a year).  I will be teaching the book of Esther and Phanat has been asked back (he taught there last year) to teach on Ezra & Nehemiah.
  • Cambodia to to meet with the staff for a lengthy period of time so that we cover as many items from every possible angle.  We want to have a complete understanding as to what is expected of us by God, Elders, students and one another to continue to make this an even better school than we already take pride in.
  • I have made a few personal reports to supporting congregations and will continue to do that this fall.  I would appreciate your prayers in all my travels and that I continue to work for the Lord with a good heart.


The Siem Reap congregation now fully supports two of our recent graduates as a full time couple of ministry near their local village.  This is a very strong showing of giving from a very low income area of the world.  The dependency on God and one another is obvious with this group.

We are experiencing some new difficulties within the church and ask that you pray for the men and women involved.  Generally speaking, souls who are saved then choose to look elsewhere for earthly comforts and then return to the church, etc.  These are things common to us in the U.S. but for these young Christians and leaders it is all a new experience and not always easy or pleasant to enforce God’s will.  But we strive on in love knowing that God’s plan is the priority.

Prayers For:

Please pray for these brothers and sisters in Christ in Cambodia and a few others:

  • Phanat (Pa-not) & Iya (I-uh) that they are encouraged and gain wisdom in their decision
  • Darat (Der-ott) and his wife Sarai as they will take on more responsibility in the school
  • Piseth (Pih-set) and his wife Ratana (Rah-ta-nah) as they also will be learning the English language and taking on new roles at the school.
  • Vannak (Va-nock) as he becomes a staff teacher along with his current role as Dean of Students.
  • Chann (the preacher at SR and also local evangelizer in the outlying areas).  He is man of great skills in this area and has been with us from the beginning.
  • The students at IBISR that they have a very close relationship to God and bond together as a family that is and will continue to undergo great scrutiny by their own relatives.
  • Hout (Who-it) Heng, who is one of our brothers and struggles (like the rest of us do from time to time) with discouragement.  Hout and his wife Sopen (So-pen) are the wonderful couple that I have mentioned to many of you in presentations about choosing God over family.
  • A special prayer for our brother and friend Cy Stafford (Andrew Connelly School of Preaching) who is battling cancer with the strength of our prayers.  A wonderful man an example of long term missionary dedication.


Never do the words “thank you” seem adequate as I type.  So many people have prayed and so many have sent support.  I do not mention names or congregations for multiple reasons, but you all have a special place in my heart as my family and I have reaped benefits that will last into eternity because of you.

Special Thanks:

At this point I must make a special mention to the 3rd and 4th graders at the Pea Ridge church of Christ who have been consistent in their support!  Their example of working to support missions is to be lifted up.  For many of you don’t know this little group of children has sent me money, school products, hand written encouraging notes to myself and also to the children at Hannah’s Hope Orphanage in Siem Reap and many other gifts of encouragement.  They literally have jobs of cleaning up the church building at the Pea Ridge, Arkansas church building an then give that money to the cause of saving souls in Cambodia!  What an example of unselfish giving and spreading the message of Christ!  So many of us as adult Christians can learn from you! You guys are awesome!

Wes Autrey

Cambodia Coordinator



Posted on August 5, 2016 .

Staff And Students At IBISR Continue To Grow In The Work...

Greetings to everyone who supports the work in Cambodia. I just returned from there two days ago but it feels like my body is still on a plane somewhere out over the ocean! I begin this report by telling you that the church and school are catching fire. Leadership is maturing as they enter new phases of church growth and take on the responsibilities with wise minds and loving hearts. 

We now have 9 new freshmen in our school that are eager to learn about how much their lives will change and the impact on God’s kingdom they can cause. I taught a short course on teaching methods and enjoyed every minute of it. We were able to engage in the purpose of “causing to learn,” while having fun and being excited about the prospect of teaching God’s Word. 

At the present time we now have 4 full time staff members at IBISR. Phanat the director, Darat and Piseth as teachers, and Vannak, our latest addition to the team, is the new Dean of Students. The staff has a plan in place for growth and it follows God’s Biblical format for success. Please pray for these men as they direct new Christians through the next three years of their lives in growing in depth to become the lights throughout Siem Reap and Cambodia. 

When I asked the students about the first time they heard of Jesus, 8 out of the 9 said, “within the last 6 months!” That’s new Christians in the last 8 months at our school alone! Others are being added in the villages by the grace of God and the dedication of His faithful workers.

It is always a delight to have a meal with my brothers and sisters in Christ while visiting their hometown. This photo was taken at a local pizza place with the IBISR staff along with their faithful and loving wives.

Post Graduates
It was very good to visit with the past graduates. Phanat taught a short course on the Cost of Discipleship and many of the graduates in the area were able to come to our classes. It is great to report to you that almost all of the last class is remaining faithful and teaching the truth as they went out from the confines and protection of the school. 

Church & Children
The Lord’s church is growing in Siem Reap, but we also now have a new congregation in the village of Som Boum.Two of our top graduates,Tuk and his wonderful wife Doung will be evangelizing there. Their work ethic was unmatched during school and they will dedicate their lives to the work in their hometown. The Portal Way church in Washington state is proving the funding for a new building / house for them. It is wonderful to partner with such loving people all in the name of God’s kingdom. 

After teaching on “Teaching Methods” all week, my Sunday sermon utilized a book of colors with no words or pictures. The plan of salvation and its application to today’s life in Buddhist saturated Cambodia was understood by the children as well as the adults and hopefully remembered.

New Building
Construction is almost completed for the new building and home in Som Boum, a village about 45 minutes from Siem Reap. Two of our finest graduates will be working there as a full time ministry, Tsk and Doung who also have a new baby girl and are being supported by the church of Siem Reap!

Wes Autrey

To see Wes’ report with pictures, please click here.

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Cambodia Coordinator Chronicle - Year End Report For 2014


It has been a great year for the students and myself support wise.  Many of you have stepped up beyond your usual generosity to help us continue  evangelizing the world in Cambodia.    We have never felt so loved, thank you all!


There were numerous people who visited Cambodia and helped teach in various ways.  These people included students on mission trips, wives, and teens who have a love for Cambodians with nothing but desire for the truth.  I am personally indebted to them for their encouragement in building up of a Christian culture in an otherwise hopeless country.

VBS at Orphanage

This year’s VBS was held at Hannah’s Hope where 37 orphans are being raised up as Christians!  The theme was based on Genesis 37-50 on God’s plan, provision, and protection of Joseph.  The students led the children by involving them in the skits and lessons bringing the accounts to life with enthusiasm.

New Mentor Program

Included in the new 3 year curriculum is a mentor program for the men.  This allows the male students to have a mentor to study under as they go out into the city and villages.

Preaching • Teaching • Evangelizing • Learning

This program is about learning to be leaders in the Lord’s church in various roles and methods.  Each staff member, of which there are 3 full time, will have men under their supervision for every quarter.  They will rotate every quarter so that all receive a well rounded sense of what good, Godly leaders do.

Local church Looking at Big Picture

The Siem Reap church of Christ now supports 10% of the school’s costs!  This is the giving spirit of the widow and her two mites.  Their lofty goal is to support the school with 50% by the year 2018.  I could not be more proud of this church and its example of giving!

IBISR Highlights

  • 13 Current Students, 11 will graduate in August of 2015.
  • 7 baptisms this year (not including those from outlying villages, of which there are more).
  • 6 Short courses taught by 5 Americans and 1 Cambodian including topics as 1st & 2nd Timothy, Marriage, Evangelism, James, John & Teaching Methods.
  • Gospel seeds are being planted in Kompong Kleang Village near Siem Reap.  The hope is to have 1-2 more churches established in 2015 where there are already some new Christians gathering for worship.
  •  Sambu Village - The students rotate each weekend to go out and help with Bible studies, preaching, teaching, and helping with the crops during harvest seasons.
  •   First “All Country church of Christ” Camp took place.  Very successful “Marriage and Family” encampment hosted by the University church of Christ in Phnom Penh.  There were 4 Bible Schools in attendance, IBISR, Cambodia Bible Institute, Cambodia Bible School and The BEST Center.  There was a total of 150 in attendance.  The theme was “Qualities of a Strong Marriage and Family”.  Camp was held about 4 hours outside of Phnom Penh.  The group from Siem Reap had the furthest to travel and brought the most (over 40!). Both Phanat and Chann were speakers and examples of what Godly men should be. Many blessings came from this experience, including: A new found love for sister congregations, and the maturing of brethren. “We got many comments from the other brethren about how special our (Siem Reap) marriages seem to be. Many wondered why our marriages were lasting so long in fact, becoming better!” - Phanat Ouch, Director IBISR. How exciting is that for a city that had no church prior to 2007 to having over 10 Christian couples today?  Your support has been instrumental in the development of these fine young Christian families, we all thank you dearly.
  • Curriculum revision from a 2 year program to 3 year program.  Many reasons for this, however the main reason being more depth for our students who start from a past of knowing only Buddah and nothing of Jesus or the Bible.  The pressure is great when they leave the school to return to Buddhism and the “family way”. The entire staff and student body agreed that this was a wise move for the spiritual wellness of each soul that attends our school.  Keep in mind that the safe “home-base” is the church at Siem Reap and needs to be a place of sound doctrine for all of Cambodia to look to for the truth and strength.  Ephesians 4: 14-16.
  • Follow Phanat’s blogs at:    



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Timeline Perspective Of Cambodia...

Greetings to all of my faithful supporters who give to the cause of Christ in Cambodia. I am excited to bring you the latest news from the beautiful souls in southern Asia. In this report I would like to look back at where we started, where we are and where we are now going. It is exciting to realize much has been accomplished that might otherwise go unnoticed. Our journey together has already seen dividends in souls being added to the Lord’s church. It has also provided us with new perspectives and directions for the future.

Perspective Timeline ‘09
• IBISR Extension School Established
• Director Appointed - Phanat Ouch
• Building Purchased to supply place of worship, school & housing for male students
• First Class of students begins
• Siem Reap Church of Christ begins worship at this location
• First trip to Cambodia for myself

• 15 Souls added to the church in Siem Reap
• Students enrolled: 8 men, 4 women
• Second Trip to Cambodia
• Congregation in Takam Village established
• 45 Souls added to the church in Takam

• First graduating class
• Over 75 attend
• Graduates assist in teaching next class
• 11 new students enroll
• Preachers sent out to 4 new villages
• Personal support trips made

• Phanat travels to the U.S. to meet with BV Elders, BVBID and preach
• Taught first full 2 week short course
• Taking classes at BVBID to educate myself more to teach in Cambodia
• First trip as coordinator along with 6 others to teach.

• Second Graduating Class
• Over 100 Attend
• 4 full time teachers on staff
• 11 New Students enroll
• 2nd and 3rd trips as Coordinator

Phase 1 Complete
Phanat Ouch, the director of IBISR has completed what he calls the Foundation Period. In those 5 years we have seen a Bible school established in a land where the Lord’s church didn’t even exist before 2007. We have graduated 2 full classes of students and are in the middle of our third class of 12 students. We have sown the seed and given God the glory as over 150 souls have been saved and are a part of the Lords church.

I have now been the full time coordinator for over 2 years and am just now catching my breath it seems. I have made 6 trips to Cambodia and hopefully will be going twice this year. I have tried to establish a good relationship between the new young Christians in Cambodia and the Christians, Elders, churches and members that support the work. Since leaving the secular world in 2011 I have experienced much more fulfillment and realize what faith in the Lord will provide. For that support I say thanks to each and every one of you who have trusted in my small part in the saving of souls and training of young men to teach and preach in Cambodia.

The teaching staff at IBISR is at a very solid 3 full-time men and 1 part time man. This does not include the short course teacher we arrange to teach on a regular basis from all over the world. The expanded staff includes a full time cook and a part time secretary.

There is now a sound body of about 50 Christians in the village of Leang Dai, a similar sized congregation in Takam village and our growing and stalwart congregation of about 55 in Siem Reap. In all of these places we have students and staff preaching and teaching. We also have established graduate workers in to smaller villages with ongoing studies.

Enter Phase 2 - The Growth Period
At this point I am just now feeling like I’m beginning to understand what I am trying to help accomplish. There are many pieces to this cause and I am doing my best to adjust, help and keep it moving in a forward fashion. Keeping the school running smoothly is a great challenge in which I always want to be a part.

The staff at IBISR and myself believe at this point that we should move on from a 2 year program to a 3 year program. Some of the reasoning includes a deeper root system of Bible knowledge and wisdom before going back into a Buddhist saturated land. It also helps establish a richer Christian brother and sisterhood among the Christians while being persecuted by their families and previous friendships. Satan pulls very hard at them with other denominational short term rewards. We want to do our due diligence in protecting while teaching and preparing them for the time when they will be sent out.

We are very excited about a new mentoring program that has been established. With 8 students and 4 staff members, each team consists of 2 students and one mentor and will all go out and evangelize, learn in the field, and mentor on a daily basis for a quarter, then rotate so they all get a different angle of education.

Another item of success is that of the work program which allows the student to pay for much of his own way after he has completed their first year of study with good grades. Because of this we are seeing quite a difference in the maturity of our students in their view of responsibility and maturity by giving them opportunities to lead.

So many other ideas we hope to implement in the near future. I will keep you posted as we all move forward.

From a Personal Perspective
The Lord has blessed me and the work in Cambodia immensely. I can only dream so big and then the Lord shows me bigger. At this point in my very short “career path” I cannot imagine

doing anything else. I could not have imagined taking classes at the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver and studying the word as part of my occupation! I never imagined teaching classes to so many eager, young Cambodians and doing it with a language barrier. Love indeed can be communicated in many ways. The example of Christ holds us to a higher standard. I must give credit where credit is due and that is to the people who first believed in me to be successful. Obviously I give credit to God, who heard my prayers while making a comfortable living to doing something that truly matters. His timing was spot on and I had a willing heart, not totally unafraid, but willing. My wife Teri was the first to support me with the encouragement to run with this self- employed business, even though I had never done anything like it before. We have 3 dependent children and I know her faith was huge and she never waivered. My children who encouraged me to work for the Lord instead of man. I thank Bob Turner, the director of the Extension program who thought I could handle this position, even though this was a new and unique place for us to be. And to thank the Cambodians for allowing me to work with them seems like a “no-brainer”. I know I make mistakes along the way, but I also am as transparent as I can be so they know that my heart and interest are with their souls. I love them dearly. Lastly, I want to thank my loyal supporters. Obviously the Holy Spirit has spent much time asking for our hearts to serve God. Each of you has done that and much more by sending money to the cause in Cambodia. I am grateful beyond words and hope that the partnerships that we have will continue on for many fruitful years.

Siem Reap is truly my home away from home and every time I arrive it is with a youthful exuberance (even though I’m about to turn 52). When I leave it is as one who leaves a younger brother or sister and has had their cup filled to the brim with a thirst for Christ and a knowledge for the Word of God. I get emotional just typing this because my heart has been moved in a direction I never, ever, would have thought. My prayers are filled with petition to the Lord for the protection from evil as they go from milk to meat and from foolishness to wisdom. I realize that I fall short of bringing any remote idea of what the church in Cambodia is like and what it goes through on a daily basis. However, I will continue to strive to bring a connection that will span the globe, culture, language and history to achieve a better One Church for our God. The brothers and sisters in Cambodia only know you through people like me and I do my best to let them know how precious they are to you and vice versa. If anyone has questions or comments regarding the work I welcome them. As some of you know I call from time to time just to chat and touch base. However, I do not have that relationship with all of my supporters and I would like to very much. Please call me on my cell phone at 720-626-2077 or e-mail me at

Peace in Christ,
Wes Autrey Cambodia Coordinator

To see Wes’ report with pictures and the timeline, please click here.

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Cambodia Coordinator Chronicle 11/1/2013

Cambodia Report

Fall Trip October 2013

Wes Autrey


To all of my dear supporters I humbly say thanks for helping.  I just returned from another trip to Siem Reap Cambodia with my wife and daughter.  Here are the highlights of our 2 weeks there.

My Class

It was pure joy to return to see how much my students had matured since my last class in March.  A lot of work went into pulling them out of their natural shyness and ignorance of the word last time.  This time we knew each other better, the Bible better and it was a great education process for all of us.  Class this short course was about “The Character of God”.  Now I know what it’s like to see light bulbs go on and have a sense of pride as they ask, search and accept the truth that God has revealed in His word.  3 hours a day for 8 days just flew by because of their alert attention and respect they show while studying.


Ladies Class

My wife Teri and 17 year old daughter Natalie taught a ladies class each and every afternoon on “Personal Relationship with God”.  I received so much positive feedback from their class.  The young ladies have never studied so deeply with just women only and it allowed them to ask questions and open up as they had never been able to do before.   You could see the  actual growth each and every day.

Mens Class

Phillip Woolley, a member from Bear Valley and past teacher in China and Thailand taught a mens class on World Religions.  Phil did a good job at bringing the other religions to view along with Buddhism and compare many aspects to Christianity.  Appreciated his time and work greatly.


After class each afternoon, Teri and Natalie would go to the nearby orphanage and teach Bible lessons to the 35 children using crafts, songs and other classroom or ‘vbs” methods to teach the young caretakers how to teach the children. What and exhausting and rewarding endeavor to behold.


The church at Siem Reap has grown steadily while some have fallen away to denominationalism.   The church at the village of Leang Dai continues to grow slowly but steadily as well.  The floods before we arrived prevented us from being able to visit with them or the church at Takam village because the roads were washed away.  After listening and asking about the church in Takam I believe they are in need of our prayers in.  This is a hot spot for many denominations that are coming in and teaching error.  We still have a graduate named Chouey Chouen preaching there but the influence and material promises are difficult to resist.  Never the less, we have local Christians aware and working to not let the sheep be led astray.


There is absolutely no way to give a detailed report in such a short letter.  Suffice it to say that I love my work.  At first (2 years ago) I wasn’t sure about how all of this would work out having a wife and 3 dependent children, leaving my secular work,, I still have no idea how it will work out, but the difference is I can at least see the Heavenly possibilities.  I love my brothers and sisters in Cambodia and would do just about anything for them in accordance to God’s will.  I hope to be able to visit most of you soon and share the excitement of our labor.

Peace in Christ,

Wes Autrey,  Cambodia Coordinator

International Bible Institute of Siem Reap, Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver

Posted on October 26, 2013 .

Cambodia Coordinator Chronicle


Last February and March I went to Cambodia and taught 11 wonderful young Cambodian Christians in a two week short course about “OT Lessons for NT Christians”.  Michael Hite, a teacher at the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver went with me and taught a 2 week course on James. At one point while teaching it dawned on me to just ask them when the first time these 17-23 yr. old students had seen a Bible.  All except one said “three months or less”! This is the “window of opportunity” I continue to challenge myself and my supporters to understand and take advantage of. The students, 6 boys and 5 girls, did remarkably well on their tests and assignments throughout the 2 week course.  Of course this is just a small sampling of the intense 2 year program that we are running in Siem Reap.

Also while over there we conducted the first ever IBISR / Bear Valley Youth joint Devotional.  We skyped from half way around the world, sang songs in native language, some with recognizable tunes and some pure local.  Young men from both churches gave about a 5-7 minute talk, introductions were made so everyone said there name and the other side of the world repeated it.  I know all the kids from both sides of the globe and it was a real thrill and joy to get to know one another through the wonders of electronics. 


At the current date the students are now 1 year into the program and all are doing well.  They are excited to go to their homes and villages during breaks to help their families farm or work.  However they are more excited to share the good news with their Buddhist families and share the past year.  It is a remarkable transformation that takes place and most students realize that they would prefer to be with their Christian family and friends while trying to convert their families.  It is at this point that many families disown or “blacksheep” their own children for following Christ. We sometimes lose an occasional student during these breaks but they all came back for another year of study, evangelizing and Christian family growth.  It is safe to say that their is now a small Christian culture and community in Siem Reap that is changing Cambodia.


One of our biggest challenges is developing leadership, especially among the men.  We are very pleased with our young Christian men who are preaching, teaching, holding Bible studies and leading their families to Christ.  Chann, Phanat, Piseth, Darat and Sokchea are our main men and continue to be leaders by example.  A couple of important notes here:  Piseth and Darat have been teaching without support and therefore have taught that faith in God is the most important thing.  Other men in Cambodia chase denominations that offer “greener grass” but not the truth.  Another important note here is that you are supporting the work of brand new Christian families!  Less than 4 years ago there was only one Christian couple in Siem Reap.  Now we have 10 Christian couples as a direct result of the school and work.  Most, if not all have had a baby or babies and are raising them up in the church.  So the church community in Siem Reap continues to be the stronghold in the area.  This does not include all of the other villages who are raising their children in the church.  I will be able to give more info on Takam after my next trip if the rainy season will allow us to travel that road.

Churches of Christ in Cambodia

We continue to have three strong churches in Siem Reap, Takam Village and Leang Dai Village. None of these churches existed as of 5 years ago. Even though the growth has slowed some from the past 4 years they continue to grow and set themselves apart from Buddhism and denominations by teaching the one and only pure truth of the Bible.  All of these churches have been brought about by the works of many, but especially those who have graduated from IBISR.  We have graduates teaching and preaching and leading in all three of these congregations. 

New Methods

Recently the young men who lead decided to conduct “Saturday School” in the Siem Reap area as well as some of the outlying villages.  This has is a great way to introduce the locals to The Word by having a series of lessons beginning with creation and ending with the steps to salvation. They have printed up thousands of flyers and are passing them out while raising awareness to these studies conducted by the teachers and students.        Note: currently the government has discouraged our brothers and sisters from passing these out due to the upcoming elections.  However, like any good Christian they persist and glorify God in the process.

Other News

There is always more news about the people there and the work, however as I stated before I wish to focus on the school mostly this report and will offer more personal information in the next report.

I love this work.  I am continually thanking God for giving me this opportunity to coordinate the work while in Denver but travel to Cambodia to teach, preach and encourage these fine young brothers and sisters in Christ.  It is my hope that I will be able to continue and please God as well as my supporters and family in this path.

I will be taking my wife Teri and my daughter Natalie on the next trip in October.  They will teach children and ladies classes while I teach adult classes and men in their specialized classes.  Most classes last about 3 hours per session for approximately 2 weeks.  If you know of anyone who might like to support my “girls” on this trip please have them contact me and I will be glad to let them know what we will be doing.

Peace in Christ,
Wes Autrey
Cambodia Coordinator
Posted on July 26, 2013 .

Cambodia Coordinator Chronicle

It is with great excitement that I am able to report to you the good news from Cambodia and the plans for this next year.

We had 8 graduates this past year, 5 men and 3 women. The men have already been teaching and preaching in various parts of the country with success. Each of them now has 2 years of intense Bible study under their belts while maintaining certain benchmarks to pass. We currently have 8 students in their first year of studies.

Church Growth
During 2012 we have seen continued growth in our main congregation of Siem Reap. More male leaders are stepping up and taking leadership roles, with the intent on becoming elders! The membership has increased to about 50 souls. Takam Village continues to be a place of growth and one of our most potential filled sister congregations. We currently have 3 of our past graduates engaged in the work there. This congregation continues to grow and there are plans to start some other congregations in the nearby area. Leang Dai is a place that we have 2 of our graduates working and taking care of those members. This is a farming village and smaller in size but has steady growth. Even though Svay Reng is near the Vietnam border and is small we continue to see maturity and have hope for them.   

New Work 
Two of our recent graduates currently live on a large pontoon boat in the Bos Krolan area on Tonle Sap Lake. These young men will evangelize, study and hold worship services on the boat while also providing purified water with their filtration system to those in the area. This is very exciting and we ask for you prayers in this area.

Future Plans 
In February I will be traveling to Cambodia for 2 weeks to teach a short course for the students.  Another instructor from the Bear Valley Bible Institute will be traveling with me to teach I & 2 Peter as a short course as well. We are already scheduling others to go and teach on the Godhead, Christian Evidence, 1 & 2 Timothy, Evangelism and the Preacher and his family. I am excited to go and report back to you upon my return my personal viewpoint how things are going. Plans also include working to make the students self sufficient, marketing the school locally and establishing a solid Saturday Bible Study program. I will bring more details to these in the next report.

Thank You

2 Thessalonians 1: 3-5
I cannot stress enough how grateful I am to each of you for your support and faith in this work. I believe that training preachers in their native culture is the best way yet to further the spreading of God’s Word. Your actions have brought many to salvation and honor to the Lord by your giving character.

Wes Autrey
Cambodia Coordinator for IBISR
Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver Extension Program

Posted on July 26, 2013 .