The West Coast School of Preaching (WCSOP)

Takoradi, Ghana

The school was established in 1997 in the basement of the church building at Kweikuma, a suburb of Takoradi.  Don Tarbet of Denison, TX USA and Toby Soechting, who was preaching for the South Haleyville church of Christ in Haleyville, AL USA, provided the funds for its establishment. The school operated at the Kweikuma location for 7 years. In 2005, the students moved into a new administrative and educational building and a story building dmitory located in Ituma which is on the outskirts of Takoradi.  The school of preaching is overseen by the Howe church of Christ elders in Howe Texas USA.  In 2009, The WCSOP and Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver (BVBID) joined forces in teaching faithful men to preach the gospel of Christ in West Africa. The purpose of our newly combined efforts remains the same for both schools – teaching the whole counsel of God for the glory of Christ and the salvation of men’s soul. This new partnership has strengthened the Lord’s work in Ghana.  Students have access to a rich curriculum and a greater variety of instructors. An average of 8 students each year has graduated from the two-year program during its fifteen years’ existence. The majority of students are from Ghana, but some also come from Nigeria and Liberia.  We are ready to help prepare you to teach others the will of your Master more perfectly.  Are you ready to sacrifice part or all of your life for Christ?


The Teaching Staff


All of the staff at the WCSOP are presently enrolled in the BVBID Master’s Degree program.

Matthew Ackah is the Director of WCSOP. He was baptized into Christ in 1982.  He obtained a Diploma in Biblical Studies from Ghana Bible College.  He has over twenty five years preaching experience with the last 17 years as the preacher of the Asanta church of Christ.  Brother Ackah was a full time instructor at the Western School of Biblical Studies from 1990 – 1998, and has been teaching at the West Coast School of Preaching since it began in 1999.

Charles Mensah was baptized into Christ in 1983.  He obtained a Diploma in Business Studies from Takoradi Polytechnic Institute.  Brother Mensah has over ten years experience as a leader and a preacher in congregations of our Lord’s church and is currently the full time pulpit preacher at the Effekuma church of Christ.  He is the Secretary of the WCSOP.

Charles King Arthur was baptized into Christ in 1979.  He obtained a Diploma in Biblical Studies from Ghana Bible College in 1988 and and Advanced Diploma in Biblical Studies from South Africa in 2000.  Brother Arthur has established and preached at many congregations since 1980 and has been the full time preacher at the Funkoe church of Christ since 1997.

Joshua Aidoo was baptized into Christ in 1997.  He attended the WCSOP and received a Diploma in Biblical Studies upon graduation.  He has about fifteen years leadership and preaching experience and is currently preaching for the Mpintsin church of Christ.  He has been an instructor at the WCSOP for the last five years.

Other Instructors – Throughout the year instructors from the USA and West Africa will be brought in to teach at the WCSOP.  All of these instructors are well qualified and are either working on their Master’s Degrees or have already obtained them.

For more information about the school, you may contact Steven Ashcraft at

Steven Ashcraft

U.S. Cell Phone971-270-8535

Ghana Cell Phone (233)(0)24-614-6022

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