West Africa Happenings: May-June

Greetings once again from your coworkers and brethren throughout West Africa. We pray that our Lord is continually showering His blessings upon you as we strive together to please Him. The year so far has been a busy one with four of the last six months spent traveling throughout West Africa. We have held seminars and workshops, and numerous evangelistic campaigns during this time with more to follow in the upcoming months. This year is one for graduations for the schools where I work with many students completing their studies in Takoradi, Tamale, Kpalime, and Ibadan. I have been blessed to be able to participate in many of these occasions so far this year. There have also been efforts to establish a new school in the country of Liberia, however my plans to visit there are being hampered by the recent reoccurrence of Ebola. The challenges are great but the accomplishments that we are making with your help are monumental. My reports throughout the year will highlight many of these events. Please keep all of our graduates and the new Christians that have been added to our Lord’s kingdom in your prayers. Please pray for traveling mercies for myself as I journey from place to place edifying and encouraging all of these wonderful works. I would also ask that you keep my health in your prayers, as I continue to battle with occasional bouts of malaria during my travels. 

Now I beg you, brethren, through the Lord Jesus Christ, and through the love of the Spirit, that you strive together with me in prayers to God for me, ... (Romans 15:30) 

Let us now look at some of the happenings at the various schools in the previous period. 

Preaching School Synopsis 
The Center for Biblical Studies in Kpalime Togo continues their labor of love as they train preachers and bring souls to Christ. The new Gospel Chariot is getting a continual workout with evangelistic campaigns taking place in numerous locations as noted in their recent reports. One entire denominational congregation came to an understanding of the truth and decided to begin worshiping according to the pattern we find in the New Testament. We are actively preparing for the graduation of eighteen students in September of this year, and the beginning of a new class of twenty students at the same time. The school has appealed for the funds for a motorbike. If you can assist in any way, please let me know. The West Coast School of Preaching in Takoradi Ghana is moving forward after celebrating another graduation during the previous period. With nineteen students presently enrolled in the program, and many others who have already passed through, this school is having a tremendous impact on the church in southern Ghana. One of the challenges at all of our schools is the feeding of students while they attend, and the support of them and their families when they embark upon their ministry. Todd Clippard and Andy Kizer from the USA visited the WCSOP to help with this problem by implementing an agriculture, poultry, and animal rearing program. Eggs, animals, and vegetables will be used to help feed the students, and skills will be taught that can be utilized after their graduation to provide for their families. We pray that similar programs can be established and implemented at our other schools of preaching. We would also ask that you continue to keep Daniel Ampadu Asimah in your prayers as he recovers from his stroke. 

The Southwest School of Evangelism in Ibadan Nigeria has successfully made it through another year as they prepare faithful Christians to work in the Lord’s vineyard in this part of the world. Nigeria now has a new president but the country continues to face many difficulties with dire poverty, over population, radical Islam, and other significant challenges. The SWSE in Ibadan and their satellite programs in Lagos are training over 35 men, and are considering another satellite school in northeastern Nigeria where a number of new converts from World Bible School reside. The schools vocational training program is proving successful with all of their students studying some income generating trade such as computer systems, poultry farming, welding, or electrical works. We are now preparing for the next graduation which will take place in August of this year. The Southern Institute of Biblical Studies in southern Ghana is striving to fulfill their mission as a beacon and propagator of the truth in this part of the world. The school has now been formally registered with the government and they are attempting to locate a permanent place to relocate when the initial four year rental agreement is completed. I had the opportunity to spend a week with the students teaching them Biblical Geography and can honestly say that these are a devoted, zealous group of Christians who will greatly benefit the work around Accra. Brother Gary Fallis once again traveled to Accra to train numerous brethren at the Masters level, and we thank him greatly for his sacrifice. The school continues to face problems with water, and electricity so we ask for your prayers in this regard. May our Lord continue to bless this effort! The Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies in Ghana is diligently attempting to face the challenges of working in a predominantly Islamic poverty stricken part of the world. We recently held a well-attended workshop of preachers where we actively analyzed the problems of evangelism and edification in this part of the country and attempted to come up with solutions. We divided the northern part of Ghana into regions, and we are developing evangelistic plans for each region. The school in Tamale continues to face water problems, and there is the need to consider drilling a well. We are also looking for a missionary who would be interested in living in Tamale and assisting with the work there. Accommodations are available, and there may be assistance with limited support. We continue to recruit students and twelve have applied for the upcoming class. Ten students graduated a few days ago, and more on this graduation will be in the next report. The Cameroon Bible Institute in Wututu continues bringing many to Christ through their significant evangelistic efforts. We now have our third class at the school in Wotutu, and by the grace of God a new campus has been established in Mbanga which is located in the French speaking portion of Cameroon. Fifteen students have applied, and five have already showed up for classes. We pray that more shall follow. Both of these schools are now operating under the name of Bear Valley Bible Institute International – Wotutu/Mbanga. Many of our other satellite schools will be changing their names in the months to come. The Institute in Wotutu was also able to acquire a school van during the period which will be a great help to the work there. Please keep both of these schools in your prayers. 

More information on all of these Bear Valley Bible Institute schools can be found on their website! 

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Posted on July 11, 2015 .