West Africa Happenings: July - August 2013

Greetings from West Africa to all those throughout the world who are walking that path of righteousness that is leading to our heavenly home. We pray that you are continually overcoming all the obstacles that you encounter along your way. Jesus is coming! The prize is in sight! Stand fast in the faith, and our Lord will reward you bountifully. This year has been a busy one with continual travel throughout West Africa and the USA. After a quick trip to the States for a few meetings, I am now in Ghana again. We are planning campaigns over the next few weeks in Ghana, Togo, and Burkina Faso, and we have another graduation scheduled in September for our extension school in Kpalime Togo. We completed graduations during July and August in our schools in Tamale and Nigeria, and we will tell you more about these in our next report. We thank God that many are being trained to teach and preach the gospel. Life is busy, but very fulfilling.

Reporting and Special Needs
The time is approaching when I will be doing annual reporting to the congregations who are helping to support this work. I will be contacting many of you in the next few weeks to attempt to set up a time to meet with you later this year. We must consider a number of special needs. We have a desire to begin a couple of new schools of preaching in West Africa. We are ready to train additional men if we have the opportunity! Some of our existing schools need to renovate or complete their buildings. We also have some brethren who need assistance due to undue hardships. We have other preachers who are requesting help with materials, evangelism, and other special needs. Please be considering how you may help with any of these, and keep all of these brethren and schools in your prayers. I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

West Coast School of Preaching - Ghana
Everything is going well at the Bear Valley extension school in Takoradi Ghana. The final term for the year began on May 13 with five second-year and fifteen first-year students. These twenty men have the ability to have a significant impact upon the church in Ghana. There are many in the school, both students and instructors alike, who are dealing with health issues and need your prayers. Please lift up some special prayers for our director brother Daniel Ampadu Asiamah, who has been encountering some health challenges of his own. May our Lord give him the strength to continue this wonderful work! With your help, we gave the school three laptops during the period bringing their total computers to six. They need ten computers to complete their computer room. The school also needs funds for structural repairs on their dormitory building. We would ask that you keep our Liberian brother Jerome Tohr in your prayers as he attempts to raise the funds needed for him to return to his home in Liberia. We thank God for all the wonderful works taking place in Takoradi.

Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies, Ghana
The preaching school in Tamale took a scheduled break in May and June as our second graduating class ended, and a new class begins. Before closing in May, they completed a well-attended special leadership training seminar in their new building. Thirteen students graduated in July, and there will be pictures of this ceremony in our next report. Our recruitment efforts continued during May and June, and we now have over sixteen new students who began their training in July. Both students and instructors participated in evangelistic efforts during this period as we continue to labor to bring souls to Christ. The school has been preparing a school farm to help with their feeding during these campaigns. Please keep this wonderful work in your prayers!

Cameroon Bible Institute of Wotutu
We are presently training twenty-seven men at the Bear Valley extension school in Cameroon. The students and instructors are bringing many souls to Christ through their evangelistic efforts, and have experienced great success with their open-air radio program, and personal work. The school welcomed Bill Stewart from Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver during June to teach on Marriage and the Home, while David Ballard the Bear Valley coordinator came a week later to teach on the New Testament Church. We thank both men for their great sacrifice for the kingdom. Praise the Lord!

Center for Biblical Studies - Togo
We have fifteen students scheduled to graduate in September from the preaching school in Kpalime Togo. They are continuing to embark on campaigns and spread the gospel in this French-speaking country. They baptized a Jehovah Witness during the period and the principal at the school has now started a class for fifteen of his denominational friends. We pray that they will all come to a knowledge of the truth, and be added to our Lord’s kingdom. There has been much evangelistic success in other areas through their radio and personal work. As they spread the good news, the kingdom is expanding throughout the country of Togo. Let us pray that many more souls will be saved through the efforts of these men!

Southwest School of Evangelism - Nigeria
The Southwest School of Evangelism continued their labors to train preachers throughout the present period. They engaged in numerous evangelistic campaigns over the last few months especially utilizing World Bible School and personal work. The thirty-seven students from both campuses along with six of the instructors gathered for a joint session in Ibadan Nigeria at the end of May. The two-week meeting began with a study on leadership followed by a visit from Bill Stewart of Bear Valley Bible Institute to teach on Marriage and the Family. The highlight of this conference was the dedication of their new building to brother Doug Wheeler for his outstanding contribution to the work throughout Nigeria. Although they still have some final additions, the SWSE has realized their dream of occupying their own space as they are now utilizing both structures on their property. May our Lord continue to bless the efforts of these faith Christians!

Bear Valley Bible Institute Website
You can read all the up to date information about each of our extension schools on the Bear Valley Bible Institute website at the following address:


“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek,” Romans 1:16.

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Posted on September 1, 2013 .