West Africa Happenings: March - April 2013

Greetings from Africa to all those who have a love for the truth and a longing to spend eternity with our merciful God. It is our prayer that our Lord is blessing you during the current year. It is also our prayer that you are holding fast to the truth found in the word of God. As the world seems to be drifting farther and farther away from God, we pray that you are walking in the light, and seeking His guidance in all that you do.

All Over West Africa in 2013
Another blink of our eyes, and we are now moving through the year 2013 at lightning speed. There are so many throughout the world who need to hear the Good News about Jesus Christ, and especially what they MUST DO to be washed by HIS BLOOD! The beginning of 2013 was spent visiting six of the schools of preaching throughout West Africa where we are training leaders. My travels took me through Liberia, Ghana, Togo, Cameroon and Nigeria as we discussed and planned how to best utilize the resources we have available through your support to bring as many to Christ as possible during the current year. There is much happening at all of the schools, and regular up to date reports are continually being posted to the Bear Valley Bible Institute extension school website. You can read about the evangelistic campaigns, the congregations that are being planted, and the souls that are being saved. You can read about the challenges of the work, and how God is helping our brethren throughout the world to overcome these trials. You can read about how we are implementing programs to train preachers, elders, deacons, and other church leaders throughout West Africa. In this newsletter, I will give a brief recap of some of the happenings.

Liberia Bible College – My journey began in Monrovia where we met with the staff and students at the Liberia Bible College as they continue to train leaders to labor in our Lord’s kingdom. Brother Richard Renfro with Mission Printing in Texas was traveling with me to Liberia and Ghana to discuss sending ship containers of Bible tracts to help build up the church in West Africa. All of your brothers and sisters send their greetings. The brethren said they are in dire need of books to build up their library and are requesting special assistance in this area. May our Lord continue to bless this school!

Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies – From Liberia, we moved to Tamale Ghana. The brethren are excited about the recent move to their new premises which are now nearing completion. Plans were being made for the different ways the facilities can be used to build up the church in northern Ghana. In addition to preacher training, they are discussing indigenous leadership training, programs for women and youth, and special lectureships and seminars to deal with specific topics and problems. Funds will need to be raised to assist our brethren with some of these programs. We thank God for the sacrifice of all those involved with this work!

West Coast School of Preaching – Our journey then moved us to southern Ghana where our brethren are training men to preach in the area around Takoradi. There was much elation over the recent renovations to their administration building which included a new roof, an expanded library, and an enlarged classroom. With the increase in their student body the facilities are being fully utilized at the present time. There is presently a need for additional computer equipment to assist in the training. Please keep this work in your prayers!

Center for Biblical Studies - From Ghana, I moved across the border to Togo where I had the opportunity to meet with our brethren in the city of Kpalime. I participated with the brethren in an evangelistic campaign, and also spent time with the staff planning the activities for the upcoming year. The school has been very instrumental in building up the church in this area of Togo. Congregations have been planted and many denominational leaders have come to understand the Bible more perfectly. With your support, fifteen students will graduate this fall, and we are actively recruiting for their next class. May our Lord continue His wonderful work in this area of Togo!

Cameroon Bible Institute of Wotutu – My journey continued into the country of Cameroon where I had the opportunity to visit the wonderful work taking place there. Each morning began at five a.m. with a morning devotional and public preaching through their open air radio program. I spent time interacting with the students, instructors, and staff as we discussed the way forward for the rest of the year. There are numerous needs at the present time to facilitate the training of preachers in this West African country. We pray that God will provide all of these needs!

Southwest School of Evangelism - My journey finally took me to the country of Nigeria where I had the opportunity to visit our school in Ibadan. We are currently training 32 men at this evangelistic Institute. With your help, we were able to assist with the purchase of some computers and other equipment that will facilitate their training program. The brethren are excited to move into their new facilities even though they are still in the construction process. Funds need to be raised to finish their auditorium and classroom facilities so they can fully utilize the new premises. We know that God will provide for their needs!

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen. (Ephesians 3:20-21)

Need for Coordinators
Are you a preacher who would like to become involved on a part-time basis in training church leaders throughout the world? We have a need for short course teachers at our schools in West Africa! Can you make a short term trip for one or two weeks per year to teach? We are also in need of those to work part-time to help coordinate some of our schools in West Africa. Can you spend a few hours a week in communication (i.e. emails, Skype, telephone) in addition to an annual one or two week trip? If so, you could help us coordinate one of our preaching schools. Working together we can do even more than we could ever imagine. Please let me know if you can help in this way!

Financial Support
We want to thank all of the supporters for their contributions to this exciting work in West Africa. Without you, this effort would not be possible.

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Thanks So Much, With Christian Love
Steven Ashcraft

To see Steven’s report with all the pictures attached, please click here.

Posted on May 5, 2013 .