West Africa Happenings: November - December 2012

Greetings to all those throughout the world who have a desire to spend eternity with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We pray that our Lord is continuing to bless you as we attempt to faithfully follow our Master. The Good News is that through the shedding of His blood, we have the opportunity to stand “Holy and Blameless” before God forever and ever. The choice is ours! With your help, we are attempting to bring this message to many throughout West Africa! In this newsletter, we would like to recapture some of the major events of 2012. A photo gallery that includes many of our favorite photos for the year is included at the end of the email version of this report.

Another Year Has Passed By
We blinked and another year passed in front of our eyes. However, God has truly blessed the work during 2012. Many preachers were trained, many souls were brought to Christ, and our Lord’s body was edified throughout West Africa. We continue with evangelistic efforts in numerous areas as I also fulfill my role as Regional Director of Extensions in West Africa for Bear Valley Bible Institute. This position requires a lot of travel as I have just returned to the USA after visiting six schools of preaching in five different countries over the past six weeks. You can read all about this trip through the individual reports of the schools that are placed on the Bear Valley Bible Institute website. I would like to spend a few minutes now recapping some of the major events that have taken place throughout 2012 at each of the schools in West Africa where we are working. Please keep all of these works in your prayers!

TIBS – Tamale, Ghana
The Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies had an exciting year during 2012. Brother Tony Johnson graduated from Bear Valley Bible Institute and moved to Ghana to become part of the team who is operating this school. His leadership, Biblical knowledge, and administrative skills have been a wonderful blessing, and we are certain that many will spend eternity in heaven due to his efforts. We are already seeing results through the students and staff in Tamale who were responsible for planting two new congregations during 2012 and over fifty baptisms. Our Lord is certainly blessing this work! At the end of 2012 there were 12 students who were studying God’s word at the school as we prepare for a new class in 2013. The work on the new building was continuing at the end of the year and the move has now been scheduled for February of 2013. It has been a long project that is nearing completion! Please keep all the Christians in this part of the world in your prayers.

WCSOP – Takoradi, Ghana
The West Coast School of Preaching has also had a thrilling year during 2012. Dozens have come to Christ as the students, graduates, and teachers continue to proclaim the gospel to all those who will listen. The school reached a major milestone during 2012 with six students who graduated with Bear Valley Master’s degrees in November of 2012. This was a first for the school! Bear Valley has been taking an active role in edifying the instructors so they can build up their students even more. These six graduates were accompanied by two who graduated with Bear Valley Bachelor’s Degrees and six who received Bear Valley Certificates. There are currently twenty students at the school who are studying God’s word as we move into 2013. Through your support, we were also able to put a much needed new roof on the administration building at the end of the year. We thank God for all those who are sacrificing to make this work possible.

CBS – Kpalime, Togo
The Center for Biblical Studies in Togo is continuing to labor in this French speaking country. At the end of 2012, there were 15 students in this unique full time program. We say unique because this school has been built upon an evangelistic design. Not only are the graduates preaching the gospel, baptizing souls into Christ, and planting churches, but the school itself is designed to bring leaders to Christ. Many of our students were pastors in the denominational world who came to learn the truth at the school and became members of our Lord’s body. These faithful Christians are now studying God’s word so they can preach the truth throughout western Togo. We thank God for giving us this wonderful opportunity!

CBIW – Wotutu, Cameroon
The work in Cameroon is flourishing! The numbers speak for themselves with over 170 baptisms and 120 restorations during 2012 through the evangelistic efforts of the school. Four new congregations were planted, and many heard the word of God preached through their daily radio program. They are not only studying and learning the Bible. They are applying what they learn! Seventeen students graduated from this full time program in December of 2012 as twenty nine new students were preparing to begin in early 2013. The impact that this school is having upon the church in Cameroon is amazing! We thank all those who are sacrificing throughout the world to make this work possible. May God have the glory!

SWSE – Ibadan, Nigeria
If you want to see an example of self-sacrifice for our Lord then you need look no farther than the Southwest School of Evangelism in Ibadan Nigeria. This school became the dream of the local brethren in 2003, and they have been laboring diligently since that time to create a quality school. During 2012, Bear Valley Bible Institute joined hands with our Nigerian brethren to help build up their program. This is another school that spends a lot of their time applying what they learn outside of the classroom. Over 110 souls were immersed into Christ during the year 2012 as a result of their efforts. At the end of 2012, there were 32 students who were enrolled in the full time program in Ibadan, and another ten students were studying at a part time extension school in Lagos. All of these faithful Christians have the ability to make a significant difference in this troubled part of the world. We thank you for your fellowship in the gospel in Nigeria!

LBC – Monrovia, Liberia
The Liberia Bible College in Monrovia received a wonderful boost during 2012 when it became involved with the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver. This full time program which had trained many of the preachers who are working in Liberia today was resurrected from the dead! Fifteen students started classes in September of the year after significant renovations were made to the building. This was all made possible through the benevolence of a brother from Texas who perceived the potential impact the school could have on the church in Liberia and acted upon those convictions. We are already seeing results as the students are continually involved in personal and public evangelism during their studies. There are plans to start a new class in September of 2013 with the hope of bringing the total enrollment up to 35 students. Please keep this wonderful work in your prayers!

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Posted on March 3, 2013 .