West Africa Happenings: September - October 2012

Greetings from West Africa! We pray that this newsletter once again finds you in good health and sprits. We pray that God grants you the courage and the boldness to speak up for our Lord as we encounter a world that seems to be turning away from the truth. We face many challenges in West Africa as we empower men and women to speak up but with your help the work is flourishing throughout this part of the world. We thank you for your fellowship in the gospel! In this newsletter, we will bring you up to date on some of the happenings during this period.

Working with the Graduates
We love Good News and it keeps coming! Precious souls are baptized into Christ and new congregations are established as a result of evangelistic campaigns at our Bible colleges. As our schools impart Biblical knowledge to the students, they put this knowledge into action! Personal evangelism and public preaching are the norm rather than the exception at our schools. We want our graduates to continue to evangelize and reach their full potential after they complete the program. We are developing methods to track our graduates’ progress and evaluate their needs as they enter into the field. Many are working with minimal support and resources. With your help, we are offering assistance by providing them with preaching equipment, tracts, transportation, Bible study material and Bibles. At times we can travel to their villages or cities to help them achieve their evangelistic goals. During the present reporting period, we had the opportunity to personally work with graduates of our schools on evangelistic campaigns in both Togo and Ghana.

A New Congregation in Cinkasse Togo
We thank God that a new congregation is now worshiping in the city of Cinkasse in northern Togo! Surrounded by mosques and Muslims this small group of Christians are attempting to worship our Lord in Spirit and in Truth. The gospel light is shining bright, and we pray that many others will come to know and obey the truth. In some parts of the world, it is not easy to become a Christian. There is significant pressure from family, friends, and other members of the community to follow Islam or their traditional religion.. Those who do decide to obey our Lord will often suffer economic, social, and even physical persecution.

With your assistance over the years, we have planted numerous congregations of the Lord’s church in northern Togo. In our last report we highlighted the birth of a congregation in Basaar Togo, and we have now moved further north to the Burkina Faso border. The campaign in Cinkasse was a joint effort between the Togolese and Ghanaian brethren with both graduates and current students of the Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies joining forces with their Togolese counterparts. We worked in this predominantly Islamic trading city by sharing the word of God from house to house and preaching the Gospel publicly at night as we showed films about Abraham and Jesus. We had large crowds each evening as many heard the truth about Jesus, and were given the opportunity to learn more. We have teachers from both Ghana and Togo who are traveling to Cinkasse regularly to edify this new group of Christians. The latest reports indicate that this congregation is continuing to grow in numbers and maturity. Please keep the work in Cinkasse in your prayers!

Five Baptized in Apam Campaign
Karen and I visited, encouraged, and edified many congregations and Christians as we traveled through Ghana and Togo over this period. We were blessed with the opportunity to work with graduates from the West Coast School of Preaching while we were in southern Ghana. Five precious souls were baptized into Christ during a short campaign in the city of Apam in the month of September. During the day, we moved from house to house to study the word of God with all who would listen. It is easy to begin a Bible Study in Ghana. Many times after you sit down to study with one person, others will join you before the study is complete. In the evenings, we showed films to draw a crowd and then preached the word of God to those who had gathered. Numerous studies were set up during this campaign, and the Lord’s Kingdom was expanded. The graduates from our schools of preaching are having a significant impact on the church throughout West Africa!

Tidbits from the Schools
The Cameroon Bible Institute evangelistic campaigns during the period resulted in 15 souls being baptized into Christ and 53 restorations in one week, and another 17 baptisms during another week. A new congregation was established in Ntesah village with plans to plant another new congregation soon in a nearby village. The fifteen students at the Center for Biblical Studies in Kpalime Togo are continuing to evangelize. They have recently planted a new congregation and have 32 prospects with whom they are studying. They are looking forward to their upcoming graduation in 2013. The Liberia Bible College in Monrovia Liberia began classes in September with 15 full time students. These students have been actively involved in evangelism through personal Bible studies, and radio preaching. As a result of these efforts, 7 Christians were restored and 3 new souls were baptized into Christ during the month of October. In October, the Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies planted a new congregation in the city of Bimbila in northern Ghana. Twelve precious souls were baptized into Christ with others continuing to study God’s word. The first worship service of the Bimbila church of Christ had 35 in attendance. The Southwest School of Evangelism in Nigeria has been busy during the period with a number of evangelistic campaigns and a youth lectureship that was attended by over 400. The gospel is being preached and our Lord’s Kingdom expanded. The West Coast school of Preaching student body has increased significantly. Seventeen full time students have been attending classes, and they are expecting three more full time students at this evangelistic school.

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Posted on December 30, 2012 .