Update: Paraguay Sept. 6, 2017

After Troy and Andrea Spradlin arrived in Paraguay in February 2010 to serve as missionaries, they began to access the work to see where they would best be able to serve. Troy soon identified a need for comprehensive discipleship training among the Paraguayans. A plan was soon put into motion to open a Bible school in order to teach the brethren in their native language and culture. Bob Turner and Donnie Bates with Bear Valley Bible Institute were essential in assisting with the process, logistics, and participation for opening the school. On March 11, 2013 the Asuncion Bible Academy opened its doors and began with five eager students. Three of those students went on to graduate in February 2015. The school continued with a second class of five students and four of them graduated in January 2017. Over the course of four years, Bear Valley provided numerous teachers, support, and materials for the operation of the school. The Bible Academy closed its doors after the last graduation and in February the Spradlins returned to the USA where they are now serving at the Margaret Street church of Christ.

However, the work that was accomplished through the Bible Academy continues to bear fruit for the Lord. One of the former students has relocated to a town in Southern Paraguay and has planted the church there. One of the recent graduates has relocated to Brazil and is currently serving as a missionary intern (with plans to serve as a full-time missionary afterward). The other five graduates have remained in Asuncion and are preaching and/or teaching in either the Avenida Sacramento, or San Lorenzo, congregations. The materials and supplies that were acquired and used during the four years the Bible Academy was in operation are now being used for training disciples in a Saturday school hosted by the San Lorenzo church of Christ. It is our hope that the Asuncion Bible Academy will open its doors once again when the Lord deems it necessary and more disciples will be trained in their native language and culture of Paraguay.

Troy Spradlin

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Posted on September 6, 2017 .