Short Courses are under way in Paraguay

The short course schedule for the Academia Biblica in Asuncion Paraguay started mid-April for the extension program in South America. Short courses consist of 30 hours during a five day period in which instructors are able to teach via video conferencing or travel to Paraguay. One of our newest instructors is a 2012 Brown Trail graduate Enrique Morales who resides in the Dallas Ft. Worth Area. Bro. Enrique was able to teach at our video conferencing Texas site at the Rylie St church of Christ building located in South Dallas. Enrique commented that being able to teach through video conferencing was a great opportunity to teach the Scriptures without the cost of having to travel.  The Director for the Brown Trail School of preaching Spanish department Bro. Willie Alvarenga expressed his deep confidence in Enrique without any reservations, saying that he is a faithful gospel preacher and teacher of God's word. He has a passion for teaching and will always take advantage of opportunities to teach and preach sound doctrine.

Also, we are thankful to the Lord for the elders of the Rylie St church for allowing us to use their facilities and internet services in order to teach our extension students in Paraguay. Bro. Morales taught a short course on the cost of being a disciple and is the Spanish speaking preacher at the Waterview Iglesia de Cristo located in Richardson, TX.  

Darvin Alvarez from Guatemala just finished teaching the second short course of the year.  We look to have the latest report in the next few days.  

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Luis M. Camacho

                                                                                                         Enrique Morales


Posted on May 8, 2015 .