Paraguay end of year Report 2015

These last 12 months, 2015, have been a ground breaking year for the extension program in Paraguay using video conferencing technology. Along with the previous core of instructors this was the first year we were able to add native Spanish speakers to the list of instructors. This was something that took some time to plan and assimilate. With the input of the the director of the extension school in Paraguay Troy Spradlin and the technology was available to broadcast these courses over the internet we were very blessed that it worked effectively. What has been created is a portable unit with the equipment necessary to connect and transmit these short courses. A long list of protocols were created to assist the instructors in order to troubleshoot any technical difficulties that may take place during the course of instruction as well as training to use the software. Thankfully all that was done worked very well.


For 2016 Enrique Morales and Osvaldo Rodriquez, from the Dallas Ft. Worth area, are slated to teach more courses that will prepare the church in the years to come. Troy Spradlin informs us that the current student body was very grateful to be taught in their native tongue by these two faithful men.




In addition, we are also thankful for Dan Owen who taught a fundamentals course live from Paducah, KY earlier in 2015. Newcomer Zane Copeland from Oklahoma in late-2015 expressed interest in teaching in South America and is slated to arrive in Asuncion January of 2017.


Other news:

Flooding in Asuncion, Paraguay:

The latest media reports indicate that Paraguay and other parts of South America continue to deal with some of the worst flooding in recent decades. Tens of thousands have been forced to flee their homes and have set up makeshift wood and tin shelters in open spaces. The Paraguayan government has declared a state of emergency in Asuncion and in several regions. However, we have been informed that that church is doing well according to Troy Spradlin. However, it is those, not the church, that live in Asuncion along the river have been affected. Please keep these souls in your prayers.


Also, we want to thank all of our supporters and wish you a wonderful 2016!



Luis M. Camacho



Posted on December 31, 2015 .