Progress in Paraguay

The future of the extension school in Paraguay continues to move forward. Troy Spradlin and his wife Andrea have returned to South America after a few weeks in the United States after raising the support needed to fund the up and coming Beta class of 2015. What that means is, incoming students that need the support will have the funding to be able to study at the academy in Asuncion and hopefully become an asset to the future of the church not just in Paraguay but Latin America. Brother Spradlin has informed us that there is funding for at least 5 full time students and that is good news. Please note that the cost of each student is $300 per month.

In addition to the funding we are hopeful that the proposed video conferencing system will be up and running sometime in the next 30-45 days. Once installation is complete, this will give us the flexibility to teach more classes through the internet. In order to complement this upgrade the extension school administration also has plans to improve the class room environment for the purpose of instruction to replace the plastic tables with something more suitable for each student. This is currently in the works and more information will be made public as it becomes available.

We have also been informed that an open house for the academy in Asuncion is slated for the week of August the 25th. The school will take this opportunity to invite potential students, explain the purpose behind the school and expectations. This is an excellent opportunity for members of the Lord's church to seriously consider growing in the knowledge of the Scriptures in order to teach others.

Please consider that all these areas mentioned play an important role to the future of the Lord's work in Paraguay. There is a lot of work that goes into each area in order for the school to be able to operate effectively. For that matter, keep this work in your daily prayers and consider being a part of this mission for our Lord and Savior.

We would like to thank two of our instructors that taught this summer in Paraguay: Gary Fallis and Denton Landon. May the Lord continue to bless both of you.

Luis M. Camacho
Extension Coordinator





Posted on June 21, 2014 .