Progress in Paraguay

One of the benefits of training students under the Bear Valley Extension Program in Latin America is that not only do graduates remain in their native country, but they can also relocate to other Spanish speaking countries to spread the message of the Gospel. Such is the case for Bro. Eliezer Perez a 2013 graduate from the Theological Institute of Latin America or I.T.L located in Guatemala city. During Eliezer's tenure at I.T.L a group of students had the opportunity in 2012 to form part of a three week door knocking campaign for the church in Ñemby (pronounced Nim-Buh) located 30 minutes south of Asuncion, Paraguay. Door knocking campaigns are not only an opportunity for students to sow the seed of the Gospel of Christ, but also a hands on training ground for future preaching students. As a result of this campaign Eliezer became familiar with the work in Asuncion and according to Bro. Troy Spradlin, “loved it”. A bond between the brethren formed and the men of the church offered Eliezer a position under a two year commitment to work in Paraguay as a full time missionary. Therefore, since this is only a two year commitment it is our prayer that Eliezer will be able to extend his stay in Paraguay to not only evangelize but to fulfill his desire to teach at the Asuncion Bible Academy on a full time basis. Contingent upon Eliezer being able to stay that would solve half of our teaching needs.

On the other hand, we are hopeful in the Lord that the other solution to our teaching needs at the Asuncion Bible Academy can be remedied by being able to teach via video conferencing. After a few email exchanges between Bob Turner, Director of Extension Centers, the equipment was approved and is being assembled by Craig Wisner. I am confident that this will be an efficient and smooth process with the help of Troy Spradlin since he also has professional experience in audio and video equipment installation prior to his preaching career. Once the video conferencing equipment is installed this will give all of the instructors in the United States one more avenue to train preachers.

In addition to our teaching needs, what started out as a grim outlook at the start of the year, we now have word from the Asuncion Bible Academy in Paraguay that there are now a total of eight prospective students for 2015. That is an increase of two from the last report.

Therefore, add to your prayers the need for instructors, the video conferencing equipment, and the prospective students for 2015. Lord willing this and the future class of graduates will be able to reach some of the 6.5 million souls that call Paraguay home.


Luis Camacho











Posted on April 7, 2014 .