New Class Is Shaping Up For 2015 In Paraguay...

The future looks bright for the Asuncion Bible Academy in Paraguay, South America. Just recently we were informed of a dwindling first year graduating class and no prospective students for 2015. However, much of that has changed within the last 30 days. There were talks that if enrollment dropped the remaining students would meet for Saturday school. The good news is that the first year class will continue on the set course of meeting Monday through Friday. The first year class is small; there are currently three students that are part of the Alpha class. As for incoming students for 2015, there is the possibility that enrollment may double. After a conversation with the academy‚Äôs director, Troy Spradlin, there are now three confirmed students for 2015 with the possibility of three more. The three confirmed students for the following year consist of a Christian couple from Costa Rica and the daughter of a church member in Asuncion.  The other three students consist of a church member that is looking to retire and two souls that recently obeyed the Gospel in Asuncion. 

However, although there is progress on the horizon, it is not without some challenges. There is the possibility that one of the current missionaries in Asuncion may be returning home to the United States with his family.  As of yet, there is no commitment for 2015 which means that the academy quite possibly will be with one less instructor. Logistically speaking, every instructor teaches three courses. Therefore, brother Spradlin is requesting help in the form of instructors from the Bear Valley Bible Institute to teach some of these courses. 

One of the other challenges is the financial side of the academy. The academy currently is able to provide scholarships for each student to meet personal expenses at $300 per month. Therefore, with the possibility that there may be six students for the incoming class of 2015, the academy will need $1800 per month in order to financially help each individual student. 

What does this all mean? It is amazing how quickly the Lord is able to bless and now we face a different set of challenges. We are excited to hear of the number of students that have their sight set on attending the academy in Asuncion.  Brother Spradlin will be coming home to the United States to raise support for the work in Paraguay towards the end of April. It is our prayer that the instructors that are part of the Bear Valley Bible Institute will be able to teach the upcoming courses for 2015. Finally, we will be praying that the Lord will provide for the financial support that is needed to help the brethren gain the biblical knowledge to further the Kingdom at the Asuncion Bible Academy in Paraguay, South America. If you are able to financially support this work please contact the Bear Valley Bible Institute.

On a personal note, it is my observation that the time to evangelize Paraguay is now. It is my personal prayer that I will be able to spend 1-2 months out of the year along with my family to evangelize this country staring in 2015. I firmly believe that there is that much potential to invest the time to reach many souls for the Kingdom in South America.

Luis Camacho

Posted on March 23, 2014 .