Paraguay 2014 December Report

We are very grateful to our Lord for all the progress that has taken place in 2014. Troy and Andrea Spradlin operate at a very efficient and high level to meet the needs of the church in Paraguay. In addition, as 2014 comes to an end and a new year approaches we strive to improve in the efficiency and effectiveness of the extension program in Asunción, Paraguay to glorify our Savior.

The current class is composed of three students.
26 year William Arzamendia from Argentina. He is involved in numerous Bible studies and has the aspirations to return to his country and serve as a youth minister. During the week he has three personal studies.

Ramon Paredes is a native Paraguayan who recently married Elvira Dominguez earlier this year. His native language is Guarani which give the church another demographic in order to be able to reach souls for the Kingdom. Ramon is 27 years old.

Karen Giminez is a the only female in this first graduating class. She is a member of the congregation located in Centro. Missionary reports state that her mother was among some of the first converts in Paraguay. She is quiet and intensely dedicated to her studies. She is 26 years old.

Note: graduation for this first class is slated for February 2015

This years core of instructors for the Bear Valley Bible Institute Extension program consisted of the following:
Donnie Bates – Denver, Co - Regional Director
Luis Camacho – Sulphur Springs, Tx - Extension Coordinator
Gary Fallis – Richland Hills, Tx
Denton Landon - Greensboro, NC
Lindell Mitchell – Livingston, Tx

Video Conferencing:
We are looking forward to the upcoming year due to the most recent upgrade. Instructors for the extension program will be able to teach stateside through the use of the recent installation of a video conferencing equipment in Paraguay. Fifty percent of the short courses will be taught over the internet and the rest of courses will be taught in Paraguay. The advantage with this technology is that this gives us the opportunity to step in at a moments notice in the event of a cancellation by an instructor.

Incoming Students: The Bible Academy staff is looking forward to having 11 possible students enrolled for the 2015 Beta class. Two of these students is a married couple from Costa Rica who have spent some time this summer in Paraguay getting acquainted with the church in Asunción. The 11 students that are expected to be enrolled in 2015 is the result of a lot hard work and dedication from the extension school administration.

2015 Short Course Schedule: Troy Spradlin the director of the extension school has completed the 2015 class schedule. Since the start of this program in Asuncion the schedule included only 4 extension courses lasting 5 days. For 2015, the count has doubled from 4 to 8 extension courses and will hopefully include more Spanish speaking instructors to the rotation. That will allow us to teach in Paraguay's most commonly used language, Spanish, and make the most of the time spent teaching with out the need of a translator.

Area Congregations:
There are three congregations located in the Asuncion area. The following numbers are approximations.

Asuncion: 70 members
Centro: 25 members
Ñemby: 20-30 members

Asuncion, Paraguay is located 5,426 miles from Denver and was founded in 1537 by Spanish conquistadores. The extension school in Paraguay is know as the Academia Bíblica located on Avenida Sacramento 650 c/España.

Evangelistic Efforts:
Paraguay is reporting thirteen baptisms for 2014 seven of which the students were actively involved in over the past eight months. There is no count as to how many total personal Bible studies each or all students were involved in 2014. As for gatherings and various activities there is a total of thirty. Finally, there were also a total of four campaigns composed of one door knocking campaign around Avenida Sacramento, two survey trips for future church plants, and one service campaign.  

Luis M. Camacho
Extension Coordinator – Paraguay







Posted on December 7, 2014 .