Progress in Paraguay Part 2...

The extension program located in Asuncion, Paraguay has progressed very well over the last three months and more developments are soon to come. We hope that the information below will encourage everyone to keep this work in your prayers as we continue to work to reach the lost in Paraguay and neighboring countries. To God be the Glory!

The Video Conferencing system: We are very hopeful that the equipment necessary to teach courses from the US to Paraguay via the internet will be fully functional before the end of the year. Please note that sometimes things operate at a different pace in South America. However, having this capability will allow us to teach when the opportunity presents itself.

Incoming Students: The Bible Academy staff is looking forward to having 11 possible students enrolled for the 2015 Beta class. Two of these students is a married couple from Costa Rica who have spent some time in Paraguay getting acquainted with the church in Asuncion. The 11 students that are expected to be enrolled in 2015 is the result of a lot hard work and dedication from the extension school administration.

New Schedule: Troy Spradlin the director of the extension school is working on the 2015 class schedule. Since the start of this program in Asuncion the schedule included only 4 extension course lasting one week. For 2015 we hope to double that from 4 to 8 extension courses and include more Spanish speaking instructors to the rotation. That will allow us to teach in Paraguay's most commonly used language and make the most of the time spent teaching with out the need of a translator.

English Course: One of disadvantageous of the church in Latin America is the amount of theological literature written in Spanish. In the preaching schools found in the United States these institutions are equipped with publications such as theological periodicals, journals, commentaries, and lexicons.

Usually, the most common answer to this problem of not having sufficient literature in Spanish is having someone take the time to translate this information. Unfortunately, that takes time, resources, and practice to do a quality job.

It has been proposed to the Bear Valley extension program that in order to make more information available to the students to consider teaching English as a second language. We will update this information as it becomes available.

Other information:
There are three congregations located in the Asuncion area.

Asuncion: 70 members
Centro: 25 members
Ñemby: 20-30 members

Asuncion, Paraguay is located 5,426 miles from Denver and was founded in 1537 by Spanish conquistadores. The extension school in Paraguay is know as the Academia Bíblica located on Avenida Sacramento 650 c/España.

Please keep my family in your prayers as I will be traveling to Paraguay to teach an extension course, denominational doctrines, at the end of October.


Luis Camacho



Posted on October 10, 2014 .