Logos Bible Software Resource


Logos Bible Software is a major investment for today's preachers, but it is one that we think is well worth the cost - if you take the time to learn to use the tool effectively. Our current students have the benefit of the Ministry Technologies course which dedicates a significant amount of class time to teaching this powerful tool. But even with all of that there is plenty more to learn. Hopefully we can offer some helpful resources here to aid you in learning and digging deeper - getting the most out of your investment and your study of God's word.

Purchasing the Software - Full-time Students only

Because we require the software for our full-time students in the two-year preaching program, we have worked with FaithLife to create a custom Bear Valley Library. This custom library provides offer $3600 worth of resources and is available to our students at over a 70% discount. The software can be purchased directly from Bear Valley here.

User Created Videos and Articles

In addition to the videos they have on their website, they have created a user forum wiki (editable website) that contains links to many user created videos and articles. These can be very helpful.