A Message From The President

Life is filled with many challenges as well as tough decisions. Few decisions, however, can impact both the present life and the life to come. A decision to attend the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver is one of those decisions made by individuals ready and willing to invest themselves in a lifetime of service to the Lord. Attending Bear Valley will make a difference in one’s spirituality as well as provide the training to make a difference in the lives of others.

The program at Bear Valley has been forged through over 40 years of training preachers and Christian workers. Our faculty is made up of highly qualified, sound and experienced men who know what they teach and are skilled in their respective fields. They are men who not only have the experience, but are examples and mentors who care for others. Students who attend Bear Valley not only gain a superior education, but they establish lifelong friendships with both the faculty and their classmates.

The Bear Valley curriculum has few rivals, if any. It has been carefully designed to accomplish one primary goal: training Christians for ministry. The strong Biblical emphasis, coupled with numerous ministry subjects provides a complete and well-rounded education.

The Bear Valley Bible Institute is not an easy school. Only those who are ready to “put their hand to the plow” and invest in serious work and study will succeed. But upon completion, each graduate will know that the two years spent at Bear Valley were two of the best years of their lives.

Are you ready to meet this great challenge? If you are accepted to become a student at BVBID, it will be because you have shown yourself to be a person who loves the Lord and is committed to serving Him.

As President of Bear Valley, I can assure you that your decision to attend BVBID will be a wise choice. Don’t delay. Look over this website and you will see why Bear Valley is the clear choice.

Working together to make a difference,

Denny Petrillo, Ph.D.


Denny Petrillo, PhD., President

Denny Petrillo, PhD., President

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