What a summer!!

The past 4 months have seen unprecedented progress (and travel) in the extension program! I am excited to share some of the highlights with you.

After doing much of the preparation work at home, in April, I went back to Zambia in May to finalize all the details for the new school that will open Aug. 24 of this year. We were able to take care of legal and financial matters, as well as secure an outstanding location for the next 2 years. This facility exceeded all of our expectations! There is a lot of excitement about this new school!

Soon after returning from Zambia, I went to Katmandu, Nepal. This trip was two-fold in purpose: to check on and teach in our extension there AND to take some much-needed earthquake relief to our brethren. It was great to see Jerry and the students doing so well in the midst of a bad situation. In fact, they have all been instrumental in helping others!

Also, several of you sent money to help with relief efforts and I'm am happy to tell you that I delivered some of it in person and the rest has been sent to a church's account to be drawn on in Nepal, to avoid being red-flagged by the government and secured by the "Prime Minister's Relief Fund". This way we are confident that 100% of the funding is being used for the purpose of helping our brethren. Thank you!!

In June I was blessed with the opportunity to speak on a conference in Durban, South Africa where recent Bear Valley graduate, Joshua Ankiah is the preacher. My good friend and Bear Valley President, was also on the program and we travelled together. We dealt with “first-principles” topics in this city, which is very much a mission field.



From South Africa we made our way north to Lilongwe, Malawi, where we again had a two-fold mission: speak on another conference AND meet with leaders about the new extension that will begin in Feb., 2016 in the city of Mzuzu. The seminar was WELL attended (nearly 1,000!) and the meeting went very well. You will soon be hearing more about the Mzuzu extension.


In the coming weeks I will continue to work on possible extensions in Mexico, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and Liberia. A recurrence of Ebola may postpone my travel to some of those places, but much work is needed before then anyway. In September I will be back in Fiji to put the finishing touches on the school that is set to open in Feb. 2016.

There is so much good happening and I couldn’t do it without my partners! Thank you for your continued prayers, support, and confidence. God bless.



Posted on July 29, 2015 .