First quarter, 2015

The first quarter of this year has been incredibly busy and productive! There has been less travel than normal, but far more emails, phone calls, Skype sessions, etc. as I am transitioning into being fully involved in New School Development. It is challenging to juggle several opportunities at once, but very exciting!

In Oct. ’14 you might remember I made a survey trip to Luanshya, Zambia to check the feasibility of training preachers in that part of the world. After months of continual work since, I am happy to report that we plan to start the school in Aug. ’16! This is a strategically prime location, as it will serve most of Zambia and parts of the Congo. Please pray for its success.

                 Malawi teachers

                 Malawi teachers

I have been actively working on the new school that will begin in Feb. 2016 in Mzuzu, Malawi. After doing all the due diligence and making the survey trip in Dec. ’14, I have been actively meeting with all involved parties and putting together all the needed details. This always takes longer than you think it will, but we must ensure that we begin well, not just quickly.

Another ongoing project if the new school in Fiji, that will serve the South Pacific, or “Oceania” as it is known as in that part of the world. Things are coming together nicely and the plans are to begin in Feb. ’16. Additionally, I am actively doing due diligence regarding possibilities in Columbia and Mexico.

                 Students in India

                 Students in India

This month I was blessed to be able to visit our school in Visakhapatnam, India as the Regional Director for Asia. I am happy to report that things are going very well and 13 men are set to graduate in April. These evangelistic men are going to be serving in one of the most fertile fields in the world! Pray for them.

Please pray for the continued work, my safety in travel, and for my family’s well-being while I am away. Thank you for your continued support and partnership - I literally couldn’t do it without you!

In Him,



Posted on March 27, 2015 .