Summer 2014

I hope that this report finds you doing well. We have had a great, if not busy and quick, summer and are getting back into the swing of things. I try to not travel during the summer to maximize our increasingly rare family time, but the administrative side of my job never misses a beat.

Just before summer began I had the privilege of teaching “Sermon Preparation and Delivery” to our students in Cambodia. What a great experience! The students and faculty were very complimentary and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Teaching this to the first generation of Cambodian preachers was a great joy and honor.

I was doubly blessed to be able to take our oldest son, Kyle, with me. Kyle spent his days with the children in the Hannah’s Hope children’s home. We both had an extremely productive and enjoyable time.

With summer past, my travel schedule will pick up in full force. Next week I will be at Polishing the Pulpit, speaking on the program and talking to anyone who will listen about the extension program J . From there I go directly to Denver for our annual retreat and in early October I will be making a survey trip to Zambia, as we look at starting a school in that country.

Many good things are already in the works and more good news is on the way. Thank you for your continued confidence, support, and partnership in this great work!



Posted on August 20, 2014 .