What a busy and productive summer! I’m not sure that I’ve ever had one like this, but so many good things are happening in so many places. 

You may remember that I was in Haiti in June, looking at a possible Bear Valley extension there. Those plans are still a possibility, but while I was there I met Roberta Edwards who runs Sonlight Children’s Home and takes care of 19 children as her own and feeds another 150 a day. I was so impressed by what she was doing, I cashed in a bunch of Sky Miles and took my family to serve there for our vacation. We were blessed greatly!

Shortly after returning it was time to head off to Polishing the Pulpit, where I had to opportunity to talk to brethren about the work we are doing in the extension program and to make some contacts that may prove to be beneficial in the future. 

From there, I flew to Denver for our annual Bear Valley Faculty Retreat. This is always a great time, though it is much more working than retreating. J We report on our various works and have several meetings to discuss future opportunities and to discuss solutions to challenges. 

I have just returned from attending the annual Bear Valley lectureship, where I enjoyed hearing many good lessons and was honored to have been asked to speak. 

Tomorrow (9/26) I leave to teach in our school in Cambodia. I will be teaching The Godhead, which is an extremely important subject, especially in a predominantly Buddhist country. I appreciate your prayers. I will be in touch with a report when I return.

Thank you for your continued partnership in this great ministry! 

In Him,


Posted on September 25, 2013 .