June/July 2013

I hope that your summer has been as great as mine! It seems like every summer goes by faster than the one before, but it has been outstanding to this point.

Since the last report a lot of things have been happening; mostly behind the scenes. Several months ago we received a request from Larry Waymire, of Caribbean Ministries, to consider partnering with them to start a Bear Valley extension in Haiti. Larry’s work is overseen by the church in Lexington, Tenn. and he has done mission work in the Caribbean for more than 20 years. 

In the past three years, Larry has focused his efforts in the country of Haiti and in the same time period, the church has grown rapidly. It is this growth that has increased the need to train Haitians to preach to, and reach, Haitians in their own culture and language. Having done all the necessary due diligence, Bob Turner and I decided that this was an opportunity to take a closer look at.

So, in early June I went to Port-au-Prince, Haiti and met with Larry to see things firsthand and conduct a survey trip. I was very impressed by Larry and the others who have been serving in Haiti. There are some exciting possibilities there and we are hopeful that things will work out to have a school there. I will keep you posted and ask for your prayers about this opportunity.

But not everything always goes the way we want in this great work and sometimes it is challenging. During this past month, due to an unresolved issue, we severed the partnership that we had in Liberia. We are also trying to work through similar issues with another extension. We feel the responsibility to be good stewards of the resource that have been entrusted to us, and that sometimes requires difficult decisions. 

I also continue to be blessed with opportunities to preach and teach, having recently preaching gospel meetings in Highland Home, AL and Yucaipa, CA. 

Our family has had an enjoyable summer, which we believe will be highlighted next week when we all go to Haiti to work in a children’s home for a week! We are very excited about this opportunity! 

Thank you for your continued support and confidence. I could not do it without your partnership! 

In Him,


Posted on July 24, 2013 .