March/April 2013

In the time since the last report, I have been very blessed (and busy!) with a number of opportunities to preach and to share the extension work with others. In March I spoke on the Recharge program in Monterey, CA. and enjoyed being with the good brethren there. Later that week I traveled to Rock Hill, SC to meet with several of the folks directly involved with the Kenya School of Preaching. By that time, the school had been operating for 6 months and the Charlotte Avenue elders wisely called the meeting to discuss and plan. I’m happy to tell you things are going great in Kenya!

The first day of April began the annual extension staff meeting in Denver. This is an important time for those of us in the program to get together for a couple of days and discuss the work, work through some of the challenges, and plan for the future. This year’s meeting was a complete success! I am blessed to work with some outstanding people.

I also preached a gospel meeting for the Point Pleasant congregation (near Cincinnati) and was able to take our youngest son (Blake) with me and really enjoyed that. After a little time at home, I went to Visalia, CA. to speak 4 times on the West Visalia Spiritual Growth Expo. As you would imagine, I was able to share the extension work with several people while I was in these places. I am constantly encouraged by how many brethren are excited about us training preachers around the world, in the mission field.

We constantly receive partnership requests and currently I am working on a couple of those. When, and if, things materialize, I will certainly tell you more. Until then, please keep the current and future opportunities in your prayers.

Thank you for partnering with me in this great ministry. Your support, trust, and prayers are greatly appreciated! 

In Him,


Posted on May 9, 2013 .