The beginning of the year until now has brought a lot of progress and opportunities for the Bear Valley Extension program. 

The New Kenya extension

The new extension in Kenya is the project that has kept me the busiest, but all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together nicely for that school. The elders at the local congregation of Ahono will oversee the school, the good eldership of the Charlotte Ave. church in Rock Hill, SC will be the sponsoring congregation, and, as is always the case, the doctrinal and academic standards will fall under the oversight of the Bear Valley elders. Charles Ogutu will serve as the Director of the school and Mike Reese (Mannington, WV) will be its US coordinator. Brandon Kerns has been instrumental in a number of ways, including helping to raise support for the building of a dorm and school facility. Currently half the money needed has been raised. A tentative start date of September 3 has been set. 

Plenty of opportunities

Since the first of the year I have had the opportunity to talk to 5 churches, or elderships, in 4 states about the exciting things going on at Bear Valley. Next week will bring our annual extension staff meeting in Denver and on Mar. 23rd I leave to teach at the extension in Arusha, Tanzania.

Thank you for the prayers and support that make this possible!

Keith Kasarjian



Posted on March 7, 2012 .