Adding your Posts to the BVBID Facebook Page

A new feature of the website is the ability for content creators to add their blog posts to the BVBID Facebook page automatically. Pushing this content out to our Social Media sources can help more people see it and read it. And it is easy to do:

When you have written your post click the SOCIAL link tin the upper right corner of the Edit Post window.

Social #1.jpg

When you click this link you will see a list on Connected Accounts. NOTE: The one for Facebook is named Michael Hite, but only because I am one of the Administrators of the BVBID Facebook page. Turn the switch from OFF to ON and when you Save & Publish the article a link will automatically be posted to the Facebook page.

Social #2.jpg

This will post to the BVBID Facebook page, not my (Michael Hite) personal page even though my name is listed.

Twitter to follow

By the time you read this, there may be additional links to our Twitter feed as well. To post the link to Twitter follow the same instructions. The more tools we use, the more people we can get the word to. Use these links to spread the word about our work.

Posted on December 9, 2013 .