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Church plants in Malawi

Bear Valley Bible Institute – Ekwendeni (Malawi)

July 2019 Report


Time flies so quickly! We are just one month after the middle of the year! The questions are; what have we done so far? Are we doing what we planned to achieve this year? Well, in this report we will just quickly give an update of what we have done. We have done a lot in teaching, evangelism and looking into the future of the school. We have had visiting teachers who came to teach the students and some just came to encourage us. In February we had Brothers Donnie Estep and Jim Kerns, in March we had Brother Navie Theu and in June we had Brother Richard Rogers and his wife Carol. Just in two weeks ago we had Brother Matthew Muchingami the Director of the Bear Valley School in Zimbabwe and also we were visited by Chad and his wife Rena. Chad visited lot of places, but he thought it good to come and say hello to the students and the teachers, this has been a year of visitors – what a blessing!


We are almost about to finish our curriculum and looking forward to the graduation in September. The time table has really been followed perfectly. The coming in of the visiting teachers has helped us move very quickly. We are thankful to all the brothers who came to help us teach.

Congregations established

Since February this year, we have been involved in establishing three congregations. One of our students, Brother Chisamba Tembo organised the two campaigns during the holiday time and end up establishing 2 churches namely; Kalema and chiporwa all in Ntchisi District. This is very encouraging to us as teachers and to those who support this work when we see the fruits of our goal in training faithful preachers – 2 Timothy 2:2! The time the students were on their holiday, the teachers and one former student organised a preaching campaign in the western side of Mpherembe and establish Emandhloveni church. We hope it will be a very fruitful year both in class and in the field. The total number of souls baptized in these three congregations started since February, 2019 is 61 and in addition to these baptisms, 21 more souls restored!


We are having two more campaigns before the student’s graduation in September. The major challenge we are facing so far is transport to take us to where we want to preach. This time we are thankful that the Lord has provided us with funds to hire the vehicle to take us where we are going this month end the Lord willing. 

We always appreciate Bear Valley International for the support. Your prayers and kindness mean a lot to us. We always pray that God continues blessing your families. Think Souls!

Yours fellow servants in the Lord,

Ephron and Clergynton

Posted on July 28, 2019 .

Campaign success in Malawi


May Report  


Bear valley Bible Institute Ekwendeni in Malawi is continuing doing a great job of teaching and preaching the Gospel. As we reported that the students are on holiday and yet not resting still preaching and winning souls to Christ! We are very thankful to God that the name of the school is also being known to many areas in Malawi through the work our students are doing.

More to this, we are also proud of our former students, who are still proving themselves that they really graduated for a purpose of winning souls to Christ. In this report, we have good news from one of our former student Saliwa Nkosi. Saliwa is a powerful teacher and preacher. He recently (15th to 19th May), conducted a preaching campaign and invited the Director and Instructors of the Bear Valley Bible Institute Ekwendeni to attend. It was great joy as we witnessed about 21 souls being saved. This is truly walking in the path  known to Jesus Christ, for He came to save that which was lost Luke 19:10!

Preaching Campaign

Brother Saliwa Nkosi organised a preaching campaign in his home area at a distance of about 7 miles away from his home village. The area is called Emadhloveni; it has lot of people but no congregation. It is now great joy to share the news that the church is now established in this area after the campaign brother Saliwa conducted. We arrived in this village on 15th May, which was the day of getting everything set for the campaign.

It was very interesting on Saturday, as we were going out house to house to preach, those who heard us preach in the previous days were following us asking more questions about Christ and His church. And still some wanted to be added to the Lord's church, this was amazing! The Lord used us as His vessel to lead lost people to Himself.

We want to express our gratitude to Bear Valley International for their support. Without your support this could have not been achieved. We want also to thank brother Saliwa for his zeal in this work of winning souls to Christ. Eternity Is Forever, Think Souls!

 Ephron & Clergynton

Note: We are eagerly waiting to see our students back in class on 3rd June!


Posted on May 28, 2019 .

A productive break in Malawi

Bear Valley Bible Institute – Ekwendeni

April Report

It has been a good and successful semester.  We started the school here at Ekwendeni the first week of February 2019. So far about 12 courses have been taught, we are thankful to all short-course teachers who sacrificed themselves to come and help us teach the students. In this semester, we have witnessed more than 10 souls being converted to Christ, and many other restored. We are happy to be part of them who love winning souls to Christ. Many thanks to the students; they have proved themselves to be here for a good purpose. Students have been preaching door to door every weekend and this has helped their experience in winning souls grow. Also, some of the students were invited to teach, preach and lead in songs one Sunday at “Katoto Church of Christ” which is one of a big congregation in Mzuzu city. We received a good report from the brethren that the students did a good job and that they will be asking them time to time to go help preach and teach the congregation. As school we are happy to hear this as it is part of our student’s practical work. We also have good reports from the congregations around Ekwendeni that the students are helping in serving on Sundays. We thank God that the school is a blessing to many.

School Plans for one month holiday

As the students are on holiday, we have planned to call some of our former student, to take them for a preaching campaign where the church will be established. This is one way to encourage them and see how they are progressing in their home congregations. The place we are going to start this congregation is called “Emandhloveni” which is to the north west of Ekwendeni about 40km away. This place there’s no Church of Christ, and we hope God will open the hearts of His people to heed to the saving message – the Gospel (Romans 1:16). Pray for us to be successful in this gospel campaign! 

Lastly, we want to thank all who support this work. Because without your support, we would not achieve all of this we are doing. You are the ones doing it, and we are part of you as vessels. God bless your families as this work still needs you to be involved. Your many prayers for this work are recognized, and your love for the lost souls has a greater reward hereafter – Eternal Life. Think Souls!

Yours fellow ambassadors for Christ,

Ephron and Clergynton

Posted on May 13, 2019 .

Souls saved in Malawi

Malawi 2.jpg

Bear Valley Bible Institute - Ekwendeni

March Report

 Great joy! We are glad to share the joy we have as a Bear Valley Bible institute – Ekwendeni (Malawi). The Lord is still using the school to keep the gospel reaching more souls. Within the period of one month, students have baptized 7 souls around Ekwendeni. We also have good news from Brother Saliwa Nkosi one of the former students from our school. He challenged one prominent member of Presbyterian who has been a member of this denomination since 1976. But when she met our former student, whom I nicknamed him as a weapon of mass destruction as far as preaching door to door is concerned, she didn’t resist the power of the gospel to save her. She is our sister in Christ now! This happened on Sunday as brother Saliwa was on his way to worship and the denomination member was also on her way to worship, it happened just as it was with Philip and the Eunuch in Acts chapter 8. Instead of proceeding to worship God unacceptably she changed her mind and was baptized, at the same time asked the preacher man to allow her go to worship with the Christian family, tthe Lord’s church. He, has baptized 3 souls in total this month. What a joy to share! The gospel truly is the power to save – Romans 1:16. As we are rejoicing, we know full well that there’s great joy in heaven, for one soul saved.


As we are cruising to the end of our first semester, many courses have so far being taught. So far 9 courses have been taught. In two weeks time, we are hosting Brother Navie Theu again to teach Hebrew History this time as short course. We are always happy to have him teach. He is such a good teacher. More to this we are very proud of our students who are always ready to learn and demonstrate a Christ like spirit. The student’s reputation is all over Ekwendeni congregations for their zeal to teach and preacher to the lost souls.


We are more than happy to share our joy over the saved souls this period of one month. Due to hard working spirit of our student, using their weekend time, have managed to lead 7 souls to Christ and some more restored to Christ, while brother Saliwa Nkosi our former graduate has shared us the good news that he has baptized 3 souls.  We give glory and praise to God for the job done. We are also reaching to some young congregations with communion cups, trays and Bibles in local language. Brother Dale Kastner a missionary in the central region of Malawi gave us Bibles in local language of Chitumbuka to be given to poor village Christians who could be able to memorize all the books of the Bible as a condition to have one for free. This has also helped to put the name of the school on the map.

We are very thankful to Bear Valley International for your many prayers and support! We still need your involvement. On our own, we could not reach where we are. Help us praying for transport, as we need a car of a van type to use it going preaching door to door as the potential is high. We have requested to go and strengthen young congregations in some areas in our district and beyond. We have one place where we have also been called to plant a church but transport is a challenge. We believe God is able and God will help us what we “need” not what we want!

The song of the month, “Lead me to some soul to-day; o teach, me Lord just what to say; friends of mine are lost in sin, and cannot find their way. Few they are who seem to care, and few they are who pray; melt my heart and fill my life: give me one soul to-day.” The one who wins soul is wise! Rise up and join us reach many. Eternity is Forever, Think Souls!

In His service,

Ephron and Clergynton

Posted on April 10, 2019 .

30+ baptized in Malawi



Bear Valley Bible Institute – February 2019

Ekwendeni – Malawi


We are glad to share the good news from Malawi for this month of February. The term started the first week of February, and many things have been accomplished. We were blessed to have Donnie Estep with us, and Brother Jim Kerns. Jim had a three days visit in Tanzania – Chimala, and Ephron was glad to escort him. Donnie taught a short course on the book of Hebrews. God has always been good to us as far as the progress for the school is concerned. In this month of February four courses have been taught already;

  1. Romans was taught by Ephron Mbano,

  2. Hebrews was taught by Donnie Estep,

  3. The Gospel of John was taught by Clergynton Harawa

  4. The letters of 1&2 Peter and Jude taught by Navie Theu

Students and their classes

We are thankful for the outstanding performance of our students. They have reported 30+ souls saved during their 3 month holiday last year, (November to January). Their knowledge is increasing daily. Their grades in class are excellent and the three congregations around Ekwendeni have already recommended their good presentation of the sermons when they ask them to preach. We are always encouraged by their Christian attitude.


We have planed to go to Ewombeni, where we have been invited to teach a three days leadership lessons and conduct a preaching campaign end of April. We are glad to go and help the brethren of this area, but we are challenged with transport. We pray that God may provide us with transport like a van to be used for evangelism at our school. We also have more than 3 invitations this year but we are reluctant to respond to their need due to this challenge of transportation. We don’t lose hope; we know God has many ways to help His people. He (God) will not allow people fail to be reached with the saving message of the gospel because of transport problem.

Vocation training

Bear Valley Bible Institute – Ekwendeni is planning to have Pig farming and poultry farming as vocation for the students in the near future. It is good to train preachers, but if they don’t have something they can do while preaching at their homes, they may end up thinking to quit the calling. Support is no where found these days, therefore, having handy skills apart of Bible knowledge is a better way to help the preachers. If there are well wishers to help in implementing this, we shall be grateful for the support.

We are always thankful to Bear Valley Bible Institute International for the support you give us. We also want to take this opportunity to ask for your prayers for one of our students who lost his father in the second week of February. Your love for this work means a lot to us! Think Souls.

In His Vineyard,

Ephron and Clergynton 

Posted on March 12, 2019 .

Expecting a "guest" teacher in Malawi

Bear Valley Bible Institute – Ekwendeni, Malawi. 

Quick – update!

We hope this finds you enjoying God’s blessings in this first month of the year 2019! We are glad to announce that the holiday is over and we are about to step on the battle line again. The past year of 2018, was a successful year to us. We witnessed many souls being saved, restored and churches established. We hope this year will bring us more good news. If Paul and other Christians in the early church did it, we can also do it.

We are starting receiving students on 2nd and 3rd of February, 2019 and the classes’ resumes on 4th of February. All students are eager to come and finish their 2nd year of their classes and look for graduation to the end of this year.

We are gladly waiting to see Brother Donnie Estep coming and teach the short-course on Hebrews. We are always thankful for his love of training men become faithful and strong vessels for taking the gospel where it has never been preached before! Brother Donnie will arrive on 9th of February, and start teaching from 11th through 15th of February.

We are grateful for those faithful brothers who always stretch their hand to support and pray for this work. Without your support nothing could have been done in the past years. We still need your involvement in this work. We also continue pray for your families, that God should keep on blessing you all. We appreciate, that you always think of winning souls to Christ, (2 Timothy 2:2). The Bible says “He who wins soul is wise”, (Proverb 11:30).

Christian regards!

Ephron V Mbano. (On-half of the staff)


Posted on January 29, 2019 .

A change of location in Malawi


Greetings from Malawi! I hope this finds everyone while enjoying God’s blessings. We, the Bear Valley Bible Institute - Malawi, want to inform all people that the school has been relocated from the Mzuzu Bible campus to Ekwendeni which is 21km north of Mzuzu. This has been done in order to allow both schools work much more effectively. It has been a good partnership with Mzuzu Bible College, and as we are moving out from the campus, only the place has changed, but we still remain united in the same purpose. This move is with effect from the 31, October, 2018. Saving souls and training men to be faithful preachers is what both schools are aiming at. This news has been gladly received by the whole staff of Mzuzu Bible College and all the students. 

Student’s classes and Holiday!

The calendar of the school is always February to May being in class, and the whole months of June they leave for holiday. This is the first semester, which end up with a gospel campaign in the last week of May. From the holiday, July to October we are in classes, but still having campaigns in the last week of August and last week of September. We do the campaigning work as part of student’s practical work while at school, and this is part of their credit while they receive their training at the college. Right now our students are on holiday until the first week of February, 2019.  The next enrollment will be just after the graduation next year October.

The classes were very good and lot of courses has been completed. About 19 courses have been accomplished. We are looking forward to our Malawi school second graduation next year. Many things have been achieved this year; registration of the school, the new bank account opened under the BV constitution, the salvation for about 193 souls and many more. We thank God for everything. We are asking you brethren to put us and the Lord's work in your prayers as the apostle Paul also wrote to the church of Thessalonians; 2 Thessalonians 3:1-2.

We thank all those who are always willing to support this work. You need to understand that we value your support and many prayers you offer for this work. Without you, nothing would have been accomplished. Eternity Is Forever, Think Souls!

Ephron Vincent Mbano (Director) - On behalf of Bear Valley Malawi staff.

Posted on October 30, 2018 .

41 baptized in Malawi!

Glory is to God for the souls saved this last preaching campaign for the year 2018! We are always thankful for the zeal our students are having in sacrificing themselves to be part of winning souls to Christ. They are really doing a wonderful job. It takes a loving spirit full of pity to win souls to Christ.

We have travelled in all the 3 regions of Malawi from Southern, Central and Northern. As usual, we divide ourselves into two groups. This time, some went to Pharombe and some in Karonga. Souls are being added to the Lord’s church daily. The soil (hearts) of the people of Malawi is fertile. We are thankful again for the support you give for this work to be effective and successful.  

Preaching Campaign in Karonga and Pharombe

Karonga - This place is to the North of Malawi, and the weather is very hot this time of the year! The Lord gave us strength and He opened the hearts of the people to hear His words. The end result was that 14 souls were baptized and 3 souls restored.

Pharombe – This place is far South of Malawi bordering Mozambique, many people there are welcoming people and they gathered in a large number to hear the word being taught to them. The students went out preaching door to door, while teachers had a lectureship on Marriage Divorce and Remarriage (MDR), Church Leadership and the Worship of the Lord’s Church. About 40 leaders attended from more than 6 congregations around the district. The result was that 22 souls were baptized and 2 souls restored.

This campaign, we have witnessed 41 souls being saved for all the two campaigns. We praise God for the harvested souls! We will sum up the totals of souls saved this year at the end of November.

Classless for the Students!

We are also thankful to God that our school calendar has not been disturbed. We have managed to teach all the classes for this year as they were tabled. The last class will start on 8th to 19th of October whereby Brother Clegynton Harawa will be teaching them first Corinthians. After this class of first Corinthians the next class will be 2019 February.

Words of Thanks

We send our gratitude to all brethren who contribute to this work of training men to be faithful preachers. Your kindness and many prayers are highly appreciated. Without your support, we don’t think these many souls we are reporting to be saved would have been saved. We still continue praying for your families as the work still needs your involvement. Eternity is forever, Think Souls!

On behalf of Bear Valley Bible Institute – Malawi

Ephron Vincent Mbano (Local Director).

Posted on October 16, 2018 .

Donnie Estep report

Southern Africa (Zimbabwe & Malawi)  Report

October 2017

I recently returned from a very fruitful and enjoyable trip visiting our schools in southern Africa, beginning with Zimbabwe, then  finishing up the final week in Malawi. During my visit (September 29-October 23) I had the privilege of teaching in and meeting with our directors and staff at each of these schools. What a blessing it is to be a part of this great work and see firsthand all that God is doing through us to accomplish His purpose in saving souls and training men to preach. 

Ishmael a teacher at BVBI-Zimbabwe along with a brother from one of the churches in Bulawayo (Hailey Mlangeni) met me at the airport to take me the 2 hour trip to Gweru where the school is located. I was carrying with me 3 months of financial support (October/November/December) given to me by the brethren at Woodland Oaks to be delivered to the school in Zimbabwe. 

I enjoyed my time teaching the students and witnessing their progress as they continue to mature in their knowledge and experience as preachers! They have come a long way over the last year and a half. I taught the book of Romans and each of them did an outstanding job as they seemed to grasp this most challenging study in the short time I was with them. I look forward to attending their graduation in June of 2018.

These brethren are always planning and working to improve the school and find innovative ways to help fund the various projects as well as involve the local churches in helping to train these young men. They continue to do an outstanding job and I appreciate Matthew and the staff who in spite of the challenges keep moving forward! 

While there I was blessed to stay with a wonderful family (Raradza family) that not only provided me with a comfortable place to sleep and do my work but prepared delicious meals every evening along with great conversation and fellowship! They are an amazing family and a blessing for the church and school in Gweru! I am thankful for their gracious hospitality.

My final stop was in Malawi where the director Marc Veary and Bear Valley coordinator Ephron Vincent Mbano was there to meet me. I arrived in Lilongwe about 6 pm Sunday evening. We drove north to Mzuzu where the school is located arriving some time around 11 pm that night. I had to begin teaching the book of Ephesians Monday morning. This was the final class that the 15 BV students would need to complete as they would graduate the following Saturday along with the other 25 Mzuzu students. Although I was tired from traveling, seeing the students and all the staff at Mzuzu Bible college always refreshes me. It is exciting to be around faithful Christians that are so enthusiastic as they work, study and evangelize!

Marc and Christine are such great hosts, it is always so good to see them and enjoy their company, fellowship and hospitality. They could not be any more accommodating and gracious than what they have shown me over the last few years. Marc along with his able staff do an outstanding job in running the day to day operations of the school and in their training these men to be  effective Gospel preachers! They have (and will have) approximately 45-50 students including the Bear Valley students for the new school year beginning February 2018. 

I have enjoyed teaching these students the last 2 years and I am confident in their ability and potential as they return to their homes, towns and villages. The church in Malawi will reap these benefits for years to come. I have seen firsthand the positive affect the school is having on the local churches and the communities as a whole. Please continue to pray for these brethren and the great work that God is doing through them!  They  are  not  just  reaching the northern part of the country where the school is located but they are evangelizing even the southern and middle regions as well. They continue to do an outstanding and effective job.

The potential is great in Malawi and all of southern Africa including Zimbabwe in fulfilling God's mission, saving souls! There are many other things I could say and would be happy to share with you if you are interested.  If you are wanting to learn more or have an interest in supporting this work, or for that matter any of the Bear Valley extension schools please feel free to contact me or Bear Valley at  

I am grateful to have a small part in this work and I am most thankful for all the wonderful supporters we have who pray daily and support these schools financially. I am especially thankful for Woodland Oaks and their commitment to world evangelism, also the congregation at Williamson Area that not only "puts up with me" but also so graciously allows me to travel twice a year to visit our brethren in Africa. "Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen" (Ephesians 3:20-21).


Donnie Estep

Po Box 313

Ragland WV, 25690

Cell Phone (304)784-5416

Office (606) 237-4673






Posted on November 27, 2017 .

Southern Africa report

Donnie Estep is our outstanding and capable Regional Director for Southern Africa, which includes the schools in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. Donnie just returned from a 3 week trip where he visited and taught in each of the 3 schools. (can you imagine?!)

You will enjoy his through report, with pictures, by clicking HERE

Posted on September 12, 2016 .