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Nearing commencement in Fiji

Graduation is a Week Away!

It has been a long process to get the Bible Institute at Raiwaqa up and going. From spending more than two years raising the funds to move to Fiji to jumping through all of the government hoops necessary to enter into Fiji and get the school registered with the local government, our efforts to establish a school for training preachers, teachers, and evangelists in the South Pacific has certainly seen plenty of challenges. But, all of those challenges are finally about to bear their first fruits! On Saturday, November 3 we will be celebrating our first graduation! Lord willing, we will have five students who will be graduating next week. By then, these students will have completed two years of full-time instruction in forty-eight different courses that have covered the books of the Bible, Bible backgrounds, and ministry related courses. They have worked hard, made great sacrifices, and proven their love for God’s word and kingdom time and time again. We are so proud of each of these students, and we cannot wait to see the great works that they will do in their future service to God’s kingdom! Please join me in praying for these graduates as they complete their two-year training and begin applying the things they have learned in their service to God! 

Campaign to Samoa

From August 3 to August 11, our students participated in a campaign to Aleisa, Samoa. Ten of our students were able to make the trip! They were joined by Rocco and Debbie Pierce (who led the campaign), four local members from the Raiwaqa church of Christ, and Devan, Austin, and Cory Pierce. The Samoa brethren had requested that our students conduct a workshop on the Old Testament book of Job. While our initial reaction was concern for our students being asked to speak on such a difficult topic, the students themselves were not the least bit concerned about it. By all accounts, the students did an outstanding job speaking on the workshop. The Samoan brethren were very pleased with the workshop. Perhaps the greatest thing to come out of this workshop is the knowledge that we have an absolutely outstanding group of students in this program. They are great teachers and leaders. But, more importantly, they are great Christians who love one another and love the Lord! 

Third Term of 2018

It is so hard for me to believe that the third term has already come and gone. Unfortunately for me, most of the third term was marred by sickness that made it difficult to teach and keep up with all of my other responsibilities. But, things worked out and the classes turned out to be some of our most popular classes yet. This term, I taught three classes: 1) 1-2 Timothy and Titus, 2) New Testament Foundation for Missions, and 3) Greek Grammar II. The students did an excellent job in all of these classes. Dad (Rocco) actually ended up teaching four classes this term: 1) Revelation, 2) Church History (A History of Preaching), 3) World Religions, and 4) Introduction to Critical Thinking.

A special note should be mentioned about the Greek and Critical Thinking courses. After two terms of offering Greek, we decided that some of the students might be better served with an alternative class. So, seven our students continued with a third term of Greek, while four students took the class on Critical Thinking. For those electing not to continue in Greek, if they thought they were choosing an easier option, they were mistaken! While the Critical Thinking course was challenging, all four of the students greatly enjoyed it. In fact, the course was successful enough that we have chosen to add it to our regular curriculum for all of our students to take in the future! I really appreciate Dad taking on the extra course load this term. In the future, we have been able to rework the schedule so that he will not have to take on so many classes while also trying to keep up with his responsibilities as the school’s director.

Jason Pierce

Posted on October 30, 2018 .

Short courses in Fiji


We finished our third term on Friday, the 13th of July.  The students are in the tougher second year of our program, but are very much up to the challenge.  The second term saw our students completing courses in Bible Geography, Acts, 1 Corinthians, Greek, Expository Preaching, and the Minor Prophets.  We then took a week break before beginning our short courses.  

We had Brother Paul Merideth, from Temple, Texas conducting one of our short courses.  Paul is imminently qualified to teach and is currently writing his dissertation for his PHD. More importantly, he is a faithful gospel preacher with a love for God’s word.   Paul taught the course on the Cost of Discipleship and was well received by our students.  Jason and I co-taught the second short course on New Testament Worship.


We finished up our short courses on Thursday, the 2nd of August.  Part of the class on New Testament Worship was used to get our students prepared for the campaign to Western Samoa.  We had been invited by the Goodwill Church of Christ in Aleisa, Samoa to conduct a workshop on the Old Testament book of Job.  10 of our 11 students committed to the trip.  (The one who was unable to attend had just returned from a 6 week mission effort in the neighboring country of Tuvalu.)  

Students attending the workshop: Asher, Alphonsus, Emosi, Kitione, Lency, Movono, Peter, Samuela, Semi, and Va

There were regular classes and services on Sunday, the 5th of August, with our students doing the teaching and preaching.  Monday through Wednesday we had classes at 9:00, 10:00, 2:00, and 7:00 each day.  The afternoon sessions were broken down with a men’s class and a ladies’ class.  In the evenings we also had classes for the youth and the children and a key note speaker from our students for the adults. 

Each of the students taught at least one class.  Our second year students taught two classes.  It was a real joy to see these students take what they have been learning and use it in the field.  The lessons were well organized and utilized material they had gotten from their text course on Job, Expository Preaching, Biblical Interpretation, and General Homiletics classes.  Many of them also drew from personal experiences in their lives to bring to life the message of Job. 

I was also able to talk with Paulo who is a school principle in Samoa.  He is interested in attending the school.  He is looking at starting the program in 2020.  He is active in preaching and teaching at the Vaimoso Church of Christ and comes highly recommended by the local leadership.


We are now well into our third term.  This is the most challenging yet.  Jason is teaching our third course in Greek.  4 of our students have opted to take a course I am teaching on Introduction to Critical Thinking instead of the Greek class.  The other courses being taught this term are Revelation, Bible Basis for Missions, History of Preaching, World Religions, and Timothy and Titus.

Vinaka vaka levu for your prayers, words of encouragement, and financial support.  May the fruit born from our efforts together be credited to your account!

Rocco Pierce, Director

Posted on September 10, 2018 .

Fiji students being challenged academically

Bula from Fiji!

It’s hard to believe that the year is passing so quickly. We have just passed the halfway mark for 2018! At the Bible Institute of Raiwaqa, we have just completed our second term of classes. Our students are now beginning two weeks of short courses next week, which are being taught by Paul Merideth and Rocco Pierce. As soon as short courses are finished, our ten current students will be joining Dad on a campaign to Samoa, where they will be taking part in a workshop centered around the book of Job. Before you know it, we will be starting our final term of the year. Which means that our first graduation is just around the corner (November 3, 2018)! In this report, I will be sharing some news about the last couple of months with the work here in Fiji. As always, your prayers and support for our work are greatly appreciated!

School News

The last eight weeks have been a rush for us at the Bible Institute at Raiwaqa. Our students have participated in what I believe was their hardest term yet. Over the last eight weeks I have taught courses in Old Testament Prophets II (Hosea-Malachi), Expository Preaching, and Greek Grammar I (which focuses on nouns and adjectives). Dad taught courses in Bible GeographyActs, and 1 Corinthians. While the courses were very demanding, I was amazed at how hard all of our students worked. It seems like the more challenging the course, the more the students enjoyed it. Throughout the term, I asked different students which classes they were enjoying the most. The leading answer was Greek, followed by Bible Geography and Expository Preaching. Even though these were the three classes that required the largest amount of homework, they were also the classes that they enjoyed the most – primarily because they covered things that our students had never studied.

I was especially pleased to see how well the Greek course turned out. Learning Greek is never easy. But, in this case, it was made more difficult by the fact that they are learning to translate Greek into English – which is not the first language of any of our students! But, they have all worked so hard at doing it. Some students have really struggled with it (especially all of the memory work it requires), but other students have shown a real talent for it. While we are only able to give our students an introductory level understanding of the language, it is our hope to be able to identify some students who have a talent for learning the language and provide them with additional resources to advance their knowledge of the language in the future. Several of our students will be taking Greek Grammar II (which focuses on verbs) next term, while the other students will be taking a different course that will be taught by Dad. Currently, the plan is for him to teach a course on Rhetoric and Argumentation.

Student Evangelism

The goal of this program has always been to train our students in church leadership, public teaching (preaching and teaching Bible classes), and especially evangelism. We want to not only help them build their own faith, but we also want to teach them how to share that faith with others. One of the most rewarding experiences in teaching is when you see your students applying their knowledge in sharing it with others. Currently, Devan and I worship with the Raiwaqa church of Christ where several of our students attend. Because the Raiwaqa congregation uses a preaching rotation among the men of the congregation, we regularly have the opportunity to hear our students preach. I can truly say it amazes me each time I hear our students speak – to see how much they are learning and growing. While I do not get to hear our students at other congregations preach as often, we have often received reports from members of their congregation speaking about how much their preaching and involvement in the church has improved. We truly have a great group of students in the program.

What is even more exciting than seeing our students preaching  and teaching is seeing them involved in personal evangelism. I mentioned in our last newsletter that the Raiwaqa congregation had recently seen several baptisms as a result of studies with some of our students. In this letter, I would like to highlight the additional works of a couple of our students. Brother Peter Lee has recently begun traveling with his wife, Moira, to the other side of the island to work with the congregation at Ba. They travel up to Ba every two or three weeks to the congregation to help with the work over the weekend before returning home for Peter’s classes. Another student who is heavily involved in personal evangelism is Brother Emosi Sailo. Brother Emosi and his wife, Nancy, have always been evangelistic. Brother Emosi is regularly involved in visiting the homes of people he knows or meets to study the gospel with them. He is also one who travels to other villages and towns from time to time to preach or teach the gospel. These are just two of our students in the program. The truth is, all of our students are heavily involved in teaching and serving their home congregations. In spite of their heavy school load, many of them continue to not only be involved in the work of their local congregations – they are actually taking on more responsibilities within those congregations!


Jason Pierce

Posted on July 30, 2018 .

Student campaign to Samoa


Things are going well with the Bible Institute at Raiwaqa in Fiji.  This term we have 10 students in the program.  One of our students from the first term has taken a sabbatical to go to Tuvalu on a mission effort to help the church there.  He returns to Fiji on the 28 of this month.  

We are halfway through our second term.  This term has been challenging for our students.  They are in their second class in Greek and I just finished teaching a class on Bible Geography.  I am now teaching Acts of the Apostles for the last half of this term as Jason continues to teach them Greek.  Additionally, Jason is teaching Expository Preaching and the Minor Prophets, and  I am teaching 1 Corinthians.

The students really enjoyed the study on Bible Geography which was the first time any of them had studied this subject.  The students just had their 1st major exam in Jason's Greek class.  The good news is that most them are doing very well with the Greek language.  Interestingly, these two classes are the ones that the students say they have enjoyed the most and gotten the most out of.


Terry Pafford, one of our short course teachers, sent each of our students two books: Forgiven, Forgiving, and Free by Dan Winkler, and Paul's Letters to Timothy and Titus: Before I Die, by Wayne Jackson.  One of our goals of the school is to put useful resources in the hands of our students to benefit them in their preaching and teaching.  We are thankful to brother Pafford and the brethren at Midland, Texas for contributing two excellent books to our students' personal libraries to help them in their studies.


The students have been invited to conduct a workshop in Samoa on the book of Job.  We have ten students signed up to go on this trip.  The students and a few members from the Raiwaqa Church of Christ will be conducting this workshop for the brethren at Aleisa, Samoa.  This is a study that they just completed under Terry Pafford, so they will be able to use some of the things they have learned in school.  Lord willing, we will be flying from Fiji to Samoa on the 3rd of August and returning on the 11th.  There will be a total of 25 classes taught and the majority will be taught by our students.  This will serve as our evangelistic effort for this term. 

There are a total of 18 people traveling to Samoa for the workshop.  Jerry, a member at Raiwaqa, plans to leave on the 8th of July and stay for 3 months working with the Samoan brethren.  He will also help with the workshop.  We have five ladies from Raiwaqa planning to attend the workshop.  They include Debbie and Devan and one of our students, Va.  These five ladies will be conducting the children's and ladies' classes.  Also, two of my grandsons, Austin and Cory, will be attending the workshop.  They will be working with Jerry and helping to teach the youth classes during the workshop.


Please continue to keep us in your daily prayers as we strive to serve God in the Pacific Islands! 

We continue to thank God for you and your partnership in this work.  May God credit the fruits of our labors together to your account.

Posted on July 5, 2018 .

Another term completed in Fiji


Bula Vinaka from Fiji! We hope that our latest report finds you all doing well. Things are going great with work of the Bible Institute at Raiwaqa here in Suva, Fiji. We have completed our first regular of classes of the year, participated in the Fijian Workshop, and are winding down the last week of our short courses. Even as I write this report, our students are busy taking their final exams for the short courses.

The last couple of months have brought us plenty of excitement! We have been visited by two tropical cyclones (Josie, a Category 1 storm, and Keni, a Category 3 storm). But, we have also enjoyed some much more pleasant visitors who have come to help with the work! We look forward to sharing more information with you in this report!

Term One is in the Books

Over the last couple of months we experienced what I believe was our best term yet. Last year, we ended the school year with eight full-time students. This year, we began the term with twelve full-time students! Three of those students are new students: Asher Abraham from Pohnpei in Micronesia, Alphonsus Rickimae from the Solomon Islands, and Samuela Tupou from Suva, Fiji. Our fourth addition is a returning student, Brother Kitione Salinadrontini. Brother Kiti is from the Naila congregation in Fiji. He began the program last year, but he had to withdraw in the middle of the year due to a work commitment. We are glad to have all of these students with us.

The first term has been a very challenging one for our students. Dad taught Sermon on the MountCongregational Development, and Introduction to Greek. The students were especially engaged during the Congregational Development class, where they asked a large number of questions about how to develop leaders in the church. They particularly asked challenging questions about how to appoint elders in the church and what is their role in the church. They were also asked to complete a group project in which they had to design a year-long Bible class program for a local congregation. The students took the project very seriously and turned in some excellent programs. We hope to encourage them to implement some of their ideas in their own local congregations in the future. But, the most challenging of Dad’s courses was Introduction to Greek. It is never easy teaching a foreign language, but it is especially difficult when teaching it to students who speak English as a second language. But, Dad did a great job in teaching the course. While the students definitely found the class to be challenging, they worked hard and did a great job with it. I taught Old Testament Prophets I (Isaiah – Daniel), General Epistles (Philemon, James, 1-3 John), and Christian Evidences. By far, the most challenging of the courses was Christian Evidences. But, as it is with the U.S., it is a very important topic for Christians living in the South Pacific. In recent years, there has been a strong push to introduce evolution and atheism into the local schools and universities. Our goal is to equip our students with the information they need to answer these challenges. Overall, our students had an outstanding first term!

Visits from Short Course Teachers

We are just finishing up our first round of two-week short courses. This month, we have been blessed to have brother Terry Pafford teach a course on OT Poetry I (Job-Psalms). Brother Pafford lives in Midland, Texas, where he serves as an elder in his congregation. His congregation has been a generous supporter of the Bible Institute. Brother Pafford has done an excellent job in covering his topic. He has also been known to share a few of his jokes with my sons during his stay! We have really enjoyed having him visit the work.

Our second teacher this term is Randy English, who is teaching Preacher and His Work. Brother English has spent twenty-nine years working full-time in the South Pacific, so he is no stranger to the work. We were really excited to be able to get him to teach the course on Preacher and His Work, because his experience working in the South Pacific has given him a great insight into what the work of preacher in this part of the world really involves. We were also blessed to his wife, Sharon, and their daughter, Cassie, with him on this trip. Randy and Sharon were my parents next door neighbors for five years while they worked in American Samoa, so it was great to be able to visit with their family.

We had an additional special visit during the short courses this year. Aaron and Cindy Baker spent seven years working as missionaries in Vanuatu. They were traveling back from a two week trip to work with the church there when they stopped over for a few days in Fiji. Aaron was especially interested in visiting the school to see what our program has to offer. It was such joy to be able to spend a few days visiting with Aaron and Cindy.

Our New Library has Arrived

In our last report, we mentioned the fact that our school library had just shipped from the U.S. I am excited to announce that our library has arrived in Fiji and cleared customs! The delivery was delayed about a week and a half due to the two cyclones, but it arrived safely. We were just finishing up our last day of final exams when they contacted us that it was ready to clear customs. So, Dad and I loaded up and headed to the customs office to pick up our shipment. After a couple of hours of processing the customs paper work, they released the shipment to us. We had just over seventy boxes of books for our school library! We hired a truck to deliver them to the school, where we were met by some of the students to unload all of the boxes. Over the next couple of days, my oldest two boys (Austin and Cory) unpacked and shelved all of the books. We still have to catalogue all of the books and organize them, but we hope to soon be able to give our students full access to this valuable resource. Again, let me offer my sincere thanks for all who made this possible!


Jason Pierce

Posted on May 13, 2018 .

Classes resume in Fiji


17 February 2018

By: Rocco Hugh Pierce

Things are shaping up for a good year.  School starts back on Monday the 19 of February 2018.  We are looking forward to a great year.  Debbie and I arrived back in Fiji on February 10th and have been very busy settling in and trying to get ready for the coming school year.  

We have two new international students enrolled for the 2018 school year.  Alphonsus comes to us from the Solomon Islands.  He brings with him his wife, and two children ages 9 and 5.  Alphonsus has been preaching for the Honiara Church of Christ and comes to us highly recommended by Rod Kyle, a missionary to the Solomon Islands.  We have been busy helping him to find a place to live and started the process for his student visa. 

Our second new student comes to us from the island nation of Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia, Asher, is a single man in his fifties and an active leader in the church in Pohnpei.  Debbie and I are headed to Nadi this weekend to pick him up from the airport, along with Wayne Parker, the missionary to Pohnpei who is traveling with him.  

We should have 7 returning students from last year.  We also expect to have 2 students readmitted to the program that had to drop out last year due to family or personal issues.  All total, we are looking at 11 students for our first term of 2018.

In this first term, I will be teaching three classes: The Sermon on the Mount, Congregational Development, and Beginning Greek.  Jason will teach, Old Testament Prophets 1, General Epistles, and Christian Evidences.  The subjects this year are upper division and may serve as a bit of challenge for our students, especially those who are entering the program this year.  I know our students would appreciate your prayers! 

I just got word from Healing Hands International, that our books for our library have been picked up from their warehouse in Nashville, for their journey to a sea port in the U.S.A (either New Orleans, San Francisco, or Los Angeles).  The shipment contains nearly 2,000 pounds of books in 72 boxes.  Cargo ships leave the U.S. every two weeks heading for Fiji.  Once the books are stowed in the cargo hold of the ship, it will take another 45 days for the transpacific voyage.  Hopefully, they will arrive by the end of April or 1st of May.  Our students are very excited about having access to the resources that these books will provide.

We are so grateful to God for the opportunity to serve in this work.  We are also thankful to Bear Valley for their support and encouragement.  We appreciate the dedication of our students to learning Gods word.  Truly, God has been gracious! 

Posted on February 22, 2018 .

Summer break in Fiji


Bible Institute at Raiwaqa, Fiji


The school is currently in their summer break.  Seasons are reversed south of the equator.  In the words of one of the Fijian ladies to my wife, on a particularly hot day, “If is so hot, it feels like Christmas!” 

Our students are enjoying their summer break.  They have been staying very busy.  Movono has been able do some work in his plantation.  He also continues to preach for the Delaidamanu Church of Christ and teach a weekly Bible class.  

Some of our students were asked to speak on the Aliesa Lectureship.  This workshop was held on the island of Upolu in the neighboring country of Samoa, a little over 700 miles from Suva, Fiji (as the crow flies).  Three of our students (Emosi, Vili, and Va) and one of our teachers (Jason) along with four other members of the Raiwaqa Church of Christ flew to Samoa for the workshop which was held December 29 to 31, 2017.   The Theme of this Lectureship was “Being Approved By God” taken from 2 Timothy 2:15.  Emosi, Vili, and Jason taught classes during the workshop.  Sister Va taught the ladies’ classes.  

At this same time, Peter Lee, another one of our students, traveled by ferry to the northern island of Vanua Levu, Fiji.  He and his wife Moira worked with the Buca Church of Christ in Savusavu.  They passed out tracks in the city during the week and Peter preached for the church on Sunday.  

Lency, our first international student from the Solomon Islands, flew back to Honiara, Solomon Islands.  He then traveled to his home island (four days by boat) to spend time with his family.  During his stay, he is conducting Bible studies with his relatives and friends.  He sent the following text to my son, Jason:

"Hi brother,

l'm still in the village, here in my village they are all members of aglican church.  Only few individuals are from different religious groups. My family and I, we are all fine.  At the moment what I'm doing I'm easily teaching some of my relatives to understand the new testament church and the faith that we have in Christ.




I flew to Denver to pick up 7 boxes of books, from Bear Valley Bible Institute at Denver to jumpstart our library.  These books along with another 7 boxes donated by John McCain, (Jason’s father-in-law) and 3 boxes donated by Tony and Cathy Duncan (from Cathy’s late father’s personal library) are being prepared for shipment to Fiji.

In addition to these books, we have had three more laptops and one desktop donated for our computer lab.  These resources will be invaluable tools for our students to use in completing their class assignments.


Normally, Jason and I have been writing and printing our own textbooks. Because of the technical nature of the subjects, Jason and I felt it important to use some commercially published books from our upcoming classes on Greek and Bible Geography.  Due to the generosity of several congregations and interested individuals we were able to purchase 20 copies each of Basic Greek in 30 Minutes a Day, by James Found The Basics of Biblical Greek, by William D. Mounce, and The History and Geography of the Bible, by Bob and Sandra Waldron

Rocco Pierce, Director

Posted on January 10, 2018 .

A successful first year in Fiji

As of Friday, November 3, 2017 we have successfully completed our first academic year of the Bible Institute at Raiwaqa. The students have done extremely well this year and are ready for a break. But they are also looking forward to the next school year, beginning February 19, 2018! See some of the highlights HERE

Posted on November 7, 2017 .

An encouraging update from Fiji

We finished up our first full eight week term with 9 students.  Jason and I are in the process of grading assignments and final exams and hope to have a report on how well our students have done soon.  

Each year during the Easter weekend the churches of Christ in Fiji get together to have an All Fiji Workshop.  This year the workshop was hosted by the Church of Christ in Nabouwalu.  There were representatives from at least 8 out of the 17 congregations of the churches of Christ in attendance. 

Nabouwalu is a village on the northern island of Vanua Levu and required a four and one half hour journey by ferry.  The workshop was a three day event that started on Friday evening.  Jason and I were both asked to speak for this workshop. Debbie and Devan were also asked to help teach ladies’ and children’s classes.  There were a total of 17 speakers with classes for men, women, and children.  All classes were combined in the evenings and for Sunday morning and evening worship. The Lord added 3 precious souls to His kingdom on Sunday morning and one came forward requesting prayer.  Another woman was baptized into Christ on Monday morning.

Since the All Fiji Workshop fell at the end of our first term we decided that this would be a valuable experience for our students’ first evangelistic campaign. Eight of our students were able to attend the workshop and six of our students spoke at this event.  On Monday, we had a door knocking campaign in the Nabouwalu community.  We passed out tracts, conducted Bible studies, and invited people to attend worship services at the Church of Christ.

Lord willing, this morning will begin our short courses.  Semi Matalau will be teaching a class in the mornings on the History of the Church of Christ in Fiji.  Jason and I will co-teach a second class on wisdom literature.  I will be teaching on Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.  Jason will take Song of Solomon. 

Vinaka vaka levu (a big thank you!)

Rocco & Debbie Pierce

Posted on April 25, 2017 .

New School Starts in Fiji


A Bear Valley Bible Institute - International Extension

The Bible Institute at Raiwaqa is off to a good start.  Jason Pierce and his oldest son Austin left for Fiji on August 29, 2016.  Jason began teaching the first class of the newest BVBI-I extension school in Fiji on Monday, September 5.  They had seven students to show up for the first day of class.  At the end of the first week, they have had perfect attendance.  Several of these students are interested in the full time program that is scheduled to begin on February 20, 2017.   Jason’s first class is entitled “More than a Shadow” and is a study of the New Testament book of Hebrews.   

Lord willing, Rocco and Debbie Pierce will be leaving for Fiji on September 15, 2016.  Rocco will teach a second short course on the Sermon on the Mount.  It will go for one week, six hours a day.  The school will then host two teachers, Tony Duncan, from Tennessee, and Lance Mosher, from New Zealand.  They will teach short courses on Proverbs through Song of Solomon and the New Testament church respectively. These classes will be taught October 3 to 14.   

Jason will return to the U.S. on September 20, to continue fund-raising.  He will teach two classes from the U.S. via Skpe from October 17 to November 18.  The classes he will teach are Timothy and Titus, and Christian Ethics.  Rocco will teach classes on the Christian home and English Composition I on the ground in Fiji.  

The school has open enrolment for this fall term to introduce the school to Fiji brethren.  This fall term will be used to help recruit the first class that will start the two year program in February 2017.  As an incentive, those who pass these classes with a B or above, will not have to repeat them during the upcoming school terms.  These fall classes are a sampling from across the board of the two year program to begin in the spring.  

In Christ,

Rocco Pierce

Posted on September 12, 2016 .