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65+ students in greater Accra


Report on July for the external and internal activities for the full-time school and extended schools.


We always thank God for the help and mercies He bestows on us throughout all activities in the benefit and progress of the schools. Praise is to God for the remembrance of our brethren, who support the schools in diverse ways and the brethren in Ghana who also gave out their resources for the progress of the school. Our prayer is that God continue to bless everyone.


This is to mention that the full-time students went on break and hopefully, resumed for the continuation of their programme. The school resumed on 14th of July and classes started on 15th July. The first instructor to teach was Amoo-Gyimah Emmanuel followed by Kojo, Gyan-Mante, Emmanuel Odeng Larbi, Samuel Sasu Ntim and George Osafo.  

We have thirteen students and they have all reported.  We are so grateful to see our students in good condition.


This is third quarter courses which include Denominational Doctrine, Life of Christ IV, World Religion, Epistle to the Hebrews, Galatians, Counseling, English Language and Computer Studies.

Br. Amoo-Gyimah has started teaching his course on Life of Christ IV and followed by the subsequent instructors.



The staff of the school has met to discuss on the school land registration and the preparation to start the building on the said plan. As per the directors’ comments, the registration is in progress starting with search and indenture.

Students Visitation to the congregations

The last quarter students visited assigned congregation to improve their practical ability and as per the order, there has been rotation which commenced on 18th August, 2019.

Activities for in August discussed

In our discussion the following were activities to carry out:

·         Evangelism (follow up) at Obeyeyie – Accra

·         Evangelism (follow up) at Ada Ngiresi – Central Region

·         Evangelism (Church Planting) at Ayaldu – Central Region

·         Attend up Seminar in Takoradi – Central Region

·         Attend up Graduation which would be held in Tamale – Northern Region  

It is the hope of the staff and students that the Lord sees us through successfully in all preaching and transportation.

We request that you pray with us as we embark these activities to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.


The regular attendance was 12 of the 13 students in each day in the month. The courses were The Scheme of Redemption which was handled by Kojo Acquah Beenyi and Old Testament II by Roger Asante.

Most of these students are preaching and teachers in their congregations and they are grateful to the school as they see how the school is being a blessing to them.

The school here was blessed with the visit to us by Keith, as he encouraged us and admonished us to be faithful to the work we have chosen to do.

Posted on August 26, 2019 .

Three "extended" schools in metro Accra



Koforidua, Kasoa, Nsawam

We are most grateful to the Lord for His hands on the schools, blessing the schools with regular admission and the love of the brethren, who always desire to support us for the truth. Bear Valley, Extended schools mentioned above started in January, 2019.

Koforidua is a Regional (State) Capital and the school is meeting in the meeting place of Ada Road Church, one of the six congregations in the city. Currently, the school has 13 students and is growing. Gyan Mante, one of the instructors of the school in Accra is the director.

The school in Kasoa, a District capital, meets in a congregation called Papaase No. 2. The school has 12 students. Kojo Acquah Beenyi is the director.

Nsawam is also a district capital. This is the first among the three and has 20 students. It meets in the meeting place of Adoagyiri Church of Christ.

These congregations have also given out all their facilities to the support and progress of the school. Their light bill as well. Basically, the instructors for the Accra school are the instructors and they teach base on courses assigned.

The school runs on weekends – Fridays, 4 – 8pm and Saturdays, 8am – 4pm. As part of the academic program, all students partake in the campaign programs, lectureship and other activities.

The fascinating character of the schools is that the truth is maintained and has yielded a positive influence all over the churches in Ghana, in which most of the churches are sending their men to study the Bible for the sustainability of the truth. With the help of the instructors, our students keep improving in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and the scriptures.

Our students have appreciated the consistent support of the brethren, especially our brethren at Riverside Church of Christ. Currently, with your help in finance, we’ve been able to afford 50 new folding study-chairs which is improving the comfort in the studies.


Posted on June 25, 2019 .