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Student Involvement Produces Fruit In Honduras...

The following report is from Neri Irias. He shares news from each of the students who are preparing themselves for the work. 

Enrique Figueroa
I am collaborating in the church in Coyolar where the opportunity is afforded me to preach the days of assembly. Together, with the preacher, we are working hard in evangelism and have baptized this month five people, the names of whom are:

Edin Rafael Rodriguez

Felicia Danubia Vazques

Rixy Hernandez

Justa Rufina Chacon

Geferson Chacon

All these were baptized July 23. We are studying with nine people. We are teaching them about baptism now that they wish to know more about this theme so as to obey the Gospel. We ask your prayers for our new brethren and for the contacts that we have so that they can obey the truth. God bless.  

Jose Cruz Lopez
During this month I was assigned to work with the youth of the church together with brother Hector (Viera - djb). We are meeting every Friday. We invite the other youth to the youth meetings. Also I was assigned themes to preach. The themes are related to the church and its work. Also, I am going out to do evangelism each Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Sundays I participate in different things, whether it be leading singing, preaching, leading prayer, directing the communion service or collecting the offering.  The brethren keep me active in the work of the church. Also, together with a brother, we are visiting a sister that was baptized last month, but who has not attended the assemblies and this even though the church has visited her and other brethren, as well. The problem is that her mother exerts influence over her and does not permit her to go to the assemblies, but we are working on this. Sundays in the afternoon, together with brother Nery, or other brethren, we go to visit the brethren who are sick, for prayer and they also participate in the communion. 

Jose Antonio Caceres
God bless you all, brethren. I appreciate your help and the opportunity that you give me to be able to study at IBH. I am very happy with all that I have learned and am sharing with my brethren of the church. I am helping brother Oscar Morgan (IBH graduate - djb) in the place of Empalme de Trojes. There on Saturdays we go out to evangelize and we have many studies with people. We are following up on some studies, but so far we do not have baptisms since the people of this place are very hard of heart. Sunday I help the brother (Morgan) in the preaching and the songs. Also, we visit the brethren to encourage them and study with them in their homes. 

Gustavo Reyes
Greetings, dear brethren. The first Sunday in the congregation of Cuyalí the opportunity was given to me to direct the first prayer and serve the fruit of the vine. In the afternoon I went together with a brother to visit a sister who is sick to pray for her and encourage her and serve her communion.  

The second Sunday the opportunity was given to me to teach the Sunday class of the children.

The third Sunday I was assigned to lead singing, the first prayer and direct the Lord’s Supper. Later I went to the community of 24th of December of El Paraíso to help brother Porfirio where I preached the theme: Things that Cause Division.  

The next two Sundays I directed the communion and the songs. Also, I went to visit the sick brethren that could not assemble to pray and encourage them. The days of the week I cannot assemble since by night I go to school to receive classes. God bless.  

Porfirio Gonzales
I am helping the church (congregation) of El Carmen in the assignments that they have given me, collaborating in the preaching. On Sundays in the afternoon I go to the community of 24th of December where there are six brethren and we always have six visitors and five children; in total we assemble 17 on Sunday afternoons. Saturdays I go out to evangelize and have had several studies with people. 

Jairo Irias
May the Lord bless you, brethren. In the church at El Zarzal (where IBH is located - djb) where I am collaborating, we go out each Saturday to do the work of evangelism. I have had some studies with members of the denomination “United Pentecostal Church.” I am studying with a youth over the deity of Jesus and we have clarified certain wrong things that they believe about baptism and the gift of speaking in tongues. We go, also, to visit discouraged brethren with the youth of the church. I have preached some themes related to the church according to the schedule of preaching at the church at El Zarzal. I am visiting the brethren that live in Los Robles and I solicited the help of the congregation so as to be able to there whether on Wednesday or Friday, teaching the brethren and holding meetings in that place.


Posted on August 26, 2012 .

Honduras Campaigns Bear Fruit...

Good evening, brother,

I hope this finds you well with your wife. During this week of the month of July the students have been helping the congregations, and they have also been involved in different evangelistic campaigns. Their presence has been of much help, since there have been positive results.

In the campaign in La Villa de San Francisco there were 18 baptisms and one restoration. In the campaign in Talango there were 14 baptisms. All of the students put into practice the knowledge acquired and achieved as seen through the people who were baptized. At this moment brother Jose Cruz and I are in La Esperanza Intibuca in a campaign. We hope for the same results of the previous campaign.

Upon my return to Danlí, I will send you a personal report for the month of July for each student.  For the moment all are well. We are looking for new prospects for the next years. Here in Intibuca, brother Carlos Herandez has a group of 4 prospects to whom he is sending the books:  What Does the Bible Say? and Biblical Fundamentals.  We hope to have a major group for the next promotion.

Have a good night!

Nery Irías

Posted on July 30, 2012 .

Honduras Student Report...

I hope this finds you well together with your wife in your new home. To continue, I present to you the report of the work of the students: 

Porfirio Gonzales
The brother is visiting a town called “The 24th of December” with the purpose of establishing a congregation. This place is located in El Paraiso. Some brethren live there who have left the church. He, along with Yoni (his son and graduate of IBH) are visiting these brethren and 4 were reconciled this Sunday. All of them participated in the communion. There are at least 10 brethren more that are in the denominations and the brother is visiting them to get them to come back to the church. He has been distributing literature, giving classes and preaching house to house. 

Enrique Figueroa
The brother is collaborating in Coyolar together with the preacher. He is visiting a place where he is preaching the Gospel. He has studied with some sectarian pastors over the necessity of obeying the truth and to seek the restoration and unity of the church. Each Saturday and Sunday he collaborates in the preaching and classes in the church. They have realized two weddings and four baptisms.  

Jairo Irías
He is collaborating in El Zarzal in the preaching, evangelism, songs and direction of the Lord’s Supper. He continues attending on Wednesdays Los Robles to teach the Bible to people. Also, he has visited the brethren who have left (the church) and to encourage those who are discouraged.  

Jose Cruz Lopez
The brother is collaborating in El Zarzal. The past week he was collaborating in a campaign that was realized in La Villa de San Francisco where there were 10 baptisms and 4 restorations. I have contributed and one person was baptized. Also he is active in the work of evangelism, the songs and the preaching. For the moment he takes charge of the youth group of the church, together with Hector (another graduate).  

Jose Antonio Caceres
The brother is always helping brother Oscar each weekend in El Empalme de Trojes. This month a gentleman was baptized and they helped him since he has problems of paralysis. Brother Oscar is very satisfied by the work that Antonio does since he helps in every aspect of the work. 

Gustavo Reyes
The brother continues helping the church of Cuyali, El Paraiso. The preacher does not give him much participation in the services of the church. Each Saturday he leave together with another brother to give studies and encourage the brethren. The preacher feels jealousy toward Gustavo because the brethren like the way in which he teaches in the classes and sermons. Gustavo spoken to him about it, saying that all he is doing is so as to affirm the church and help in its spiritual growth.

We are preparing ourselves for the campaign that will begin July 8 to July 14 in Talanga.  Brother Donnie, I want you to please do me a favor and send me the program of studies of the Beta Class, since I did not make copies and one day cleaning the office with the students, I believe it was lost among the papers of the trash. I will appreciate it very much if you send it to me and I will make sure to make some copies.

With that relating to the wall, we still do not have an answer on the part of the authorities, only a backhoe came and deepened more the creek and I believe that that is not sufficient, but our authorities are negligent. I just hope to pay the taxes so that later, if possible, to interpose a demand for the possible damages that the creek causes to the property of the church.

God bless you and have a happy day!


Posted on July 2, 2012 .

Church Is Assisted By Students...

Yesterday, brethren Luis Camacho and Jerry Bates accompanied us in the evangelism and were able to have a panorama of Danli and of the people. Below is a report about the activities of students at BIH.

Jose Cruz is helping the church at El Zarzal, the congregation where the school is located. He helps with the songs and the preaching. Also, on Sundays he gives classes to the people. Saturday, he went with me and gave a Bible study. 

Jose Antonio is helping brother Oscar at El Empalme de trojes. He is evangelizing each Saturday and helps with the singing and preaching. 

Jairo Irias is helping the congregation at El Zarzal. He is going each Wednesday with Jose Cruz and Jose Antonio to preach the gospel at a place called Los Robles. Saturday he went with Luis Camacho and Jerry to Los Robles to give a Bible study to a contact. 

Enrique Figueroa is helping the church at Coyolar. On Saturday he leaves together with the preacher to preach the gospel and they have realized four baptisms, one wedding, and he is helping the preacher with the singing and preaching.

Porfirio Gonzalez is preaching in the church at El Carmen. There he helps the local preacher in evangelism. Also, he visits the church of Christ in La Union and helps brother Yoni (his son and a graduate of IBH) in the preaching and the evangelism.

Gustavo Reyes is helping the church in Cuyali. Saturdays he is going to a school to take classes in mechanics. When he leaves there he visits brethren and Sundays he helps the preacher there whether in singing or in preaching. His wife is pregnant and he is very happy.

Everything is very well and the brethren are very motivated. 

God bless

Posted on May 20, 2012 .

Challenges In Honduras...

Report from Danlí, Honduras 

What follows is an edited excerpt of a report received from brother Nery Irías, who is the director of the Bible Institute of Honduras (IBH).  Porfirio and Enrique are our two oldest students and while they struggle with their studies a bit more than their younger classmates “they are punctual and the brethren that they help have nothing but good things to say about them; such as their cooperation with the church with studies, preaching and evangelism.”

Antonio, Jose Cruz and Jairo work together on Wednesdays and visit a colony called Los Robles to meet for studies of God’s word.  Gustavo married and he works in the evenings at the congregation since Saturday and Sunday he is studying at a secular automotive institute.  He requested that I give him the opportunity to finish and that this would not affect his Biblical studies."

We are sad to report that three of our students have chosen not to continue in their studies, and to make matters worse, their parting was not on good terms.  While we are saddened by the events that transpired, we believe that the six men who remain will continue to do well with their studies and the work they are already doing in the churches in this area.

God bless you all! 

Donnie Bates
Latin American Coordinator
Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver

Posted on April 1, 2012 .

Beta Class Prepares To Begin...

The report below is the most recent from Nery Irias about the new class of students with the Honduras Bible Institute in Danli.

The Beta class at the moment is maintaining their excitement. Each one of the brethren is motivated in continuing to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Each one of them strives to complete the demands of the teachers, up to this moment all goes very well.  

We are taking advantage today, in the morning we head out to evangelize and this afternoon we are going to give out the Manna Rice (food supplies) to the poor people of the community. Each student will be involved in this effort, giving out a bag of food and also giving literature from the church of Christ. Brother Luis David spoke with sister Yorleny about the class on Spanish. She has agreed to give 2 hours of Spanish and 2 hours of English to the students, but she needs $90 monthly for expenses and food. If you are in agreement we can tell the sister if she can begin to give these classes next Friday. I will be awaiting your answer. We hope that you are well together with your wife.

Nery Irias

Posted on August 21, 2011 .

Opportunity And New Class Potential...

Thank you, brother. My mother has been left very affected with the loss of her mother. I took advantage to preach the Gospel to all the people that had come together, all my mother’s family are sectarian and they gave me the opportunity to speak, so that without losing time I spoke the truth of the Gospel to more than 60 people united, including 20 “pastors” who only bowed their heads before the truth.

We have a total of 8 students, 3 married and 5 single. I still do not have confirmation of the two in Olancho but this week I will have their confirmation. If they confirm there will be 10 in total. I don’t know if I have overlooked anything, but I will keep you informed.

Well, with respect to the vocational training; there has always been the idea. The problem is that we do not have teachers in Danli that impart those classes, since there is much pride in the people and they do not want to teach because they say that they would have less work there being more competition. I had been speaking with the brethren of Hillcrest if it was possible that brethren who are experts in those areas such as welding, electricity or small engine repair could come to teach during some period, but there was no confirmation with respect to that. It was just a talk that we had. I don’t know what you think.

We are praying that you will be successful in gathering all the funds necessary and have an abundance. 

God bless you for your effort.

Posted on July 24, 2011 .

Numerical Growth Through Evangelistic Campaigns...

The following note was sent from Cesar Tabora who works as an instructor with the school in Danli, Honduras.

Hello brother Bates: I was in Costa Rica. I spoke with a preacher there, looking at the possibility of, in the future, sending students to Danlí to the institute, God willing. This brother was a teacher one time in his country. His name is Ricardo Alvarez, preacher in Liberia, Costa Rica. This brother is interested in sending from his congregation brethren who would come to prepare themselves here. I was in two evangelistic campaigns; 11 were baptized in one, and 4 in the other. 

God bless you
Cesar Tabora

Posted on July 17, 2011 .

Fruit Born In Honduran Campaign...

Recent campaign news from Danli, Honduras:

The campaign of the village of San Francisco was on the dates of June 18-23 and there were 10 baptisms and 5 restorations. A group of approximately 35 North Americans and about 15 Latins worked in the campaign. Your servant was helping translate and evangelize. After that campaign we went to the glen of Valley of Angels. We had 5 baptisms with 2 restorations. Your servant was working as evangelist and translator also. Brethren Yoni and Oscar were not able to come on this campaign.

Hector Viera

Posted on July 10, 2011 .

Charges Acquitted In Honduras...

Thanks, brother, for your concern and for all the brethren who have been praying for me. I give thanks to God that I presented myself to the court and the charges of “kidnapping” that had been against me were removed because brother Nasario appeared and was to withdraw the complaint. But, I am very disappointed that brother Nasario, since he is influenced by his mother and declared that, in effect, my brother and I kidnapped him with firearms and threatened him that we were going to kill him. The judge did not believe them, their version “lies” and for lack of sufficient elements of merit to adjudicate any responsibility they closed the case. I have in my power a copy of the dismissal; when you come you will be able to read it. In my neighborhood all the persons believe my brother Jairo and I are kidnappers, especially the sectarians with those we have studied the Bible.

We always continue with the selection of future students. Today I have the visit of brother Cesar and we are discussing when we could go to Olancho to confirm the spirit of the students, but he commented to me that the son of brother Enrique of Catacamas, who is our contact, was shot. A group of drug dealers clashed in a shootout, and the son of our brother was walking to his house when the shooting happened resulting in his injury, but it was not serious. For that reason we decided to postpone our trip until the second week of June.

We have a new prospect by the name of Cristobal. He is single and is very excited to study. I sent the money to brother Enrique, and he said that this week he is to move his family. I, for the moment, continue living in the church building. The rainy season has begun and I have to be watchful for the small river or creek since the infrastructure of the building can be seen to be at risk.

Pray that the building is capable of supporting this winter.


Posted on June 5, 2011 .

Blessed Are You..."And Falsely Say All Kinds Of Evil Against You"

The following report was sent from Nery Irias, who is director of the Honduras Bible Institute. Donnie Bates translated the report as it is written below.

Thanks, beloved brother, for you communication. I also have failed and have not been able to communicate with you for some problems that I have with the justice (authorities - djb) which now is accusing me of “kidnapping” a brother of the church. He already appeared but, with the complicity of his mother, assures that I kidnapped him just so that he not hurt his mother. I believe that it was a plot of theirs to ask me for 200,000 Lempiras. The brother disappeared the day that you accompanied us to the football game in Jacaleapa (that was on January 31 - djb) and until this week he appeared, blaming me. I have confidence in God that the truth will come to light.

With respect to my father, I have to travel with him two and up to three times a week to Tegucigalpa. He suffers from renal failure. He had an auto accident and fractured his vertebrae column with a flattening of the L2. He has a hernia in his spine and has arthritis. Well, he is very complicated. Today we went to Tegucigalpa so he could receive some rehabilitation.

With respect to the mother of Luis David, his mother suffers from diabetes and now they detected problems in her kidneys. Pray for them, please.

Well, we are still in the expectation with reference to the masters classes and we are only waiting for you all to come to an agreement. What we want is to continue growing in knowledge.

I appreciate the information over the problems that are affecting the city of Joplin. We are praying for its inhabitants and in particular for our brethren. Whenever these tragedies of nature happen the children of God are always affected. We only hope that their faith is capable of supporting them in this test. We lament the loss of life of the people, especially those that have not obeyed the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Brother Yoni always visits us and is like another son in our family. Each week he accompanies us in evangelism, also practicing English with the course given to us by brother Lindell. Now more brethren have joined in studying English. Please communicate this to brother Lindell. 

Ocsar is preaching in a place called Empalme de Trojes. Several brothers and I went on an evangelistic campaign of two days and one woman was baptized, but he (Oscar) has had problems with a sect in that the place of worship is near that of theirs. I entered that sect where there were some 80 people and I preached to them the Gospel of Christ. The lady “pastor” almost died because the sect divided and for that reason they have been threatening Oscar to the extent that he is looking for another place. I told him not to fear them, that I would return and that now he has to take the honey even with the wasp stings. 

Hector continues studying and helping me with the congregation. He still has not been able to find a job. He and Yoni want to work to pay the cost of their studies and help in the economy of the home, but it is not easy to find work here.

Brother Enrique Figueroa visited me and says that if, please, you all could help move his things from the city of La Ceiba to Cuyali, he had said that a truck from La Ceiba to Progreso cost 5,000 Lempiras, but if you could help with 3,000 and he puts up the rest. He already spoke to the lady of the house in which he is going to live and the lady rents for 500 Lempiras for the whole house or 300 if they permit two young men to live in one of the rooms. The brother told her that he has daughters and that it was not possible such a proposition; that it would be better to rent the whole house and that he would be disposed to pay the 500 monthly. The brother wishes to speak personally with you.

Upon solving the problems that I have with the justice (authorities - djb), we will be traveling with Cesar to confirm the spirits of the future students of the cities of Catacamas and Marcala la Paz. Pray that their spirits are firm.

Whatever news, I will keep you abreast, although I am not much for being on the computer.

Brother, I cannot take any type of action without your authorization.  Brother Enrique wishes to move this month of June with his family. In La Ceiba his wife worked and helped to pay the rent and the expenses of food, but I do not know if here she would work. I believe that with the help that you all give him, it will be sufficient for the expenses and pay of the house. Also, he has been planting a little of beans and corn so as to be able in this way to help and that their expenses be less. If you authorize it, we are able to give him Lempiras that he asked for and the rest he could put up to move them. I await your confirmation.


Posted on May 29, 2011 .

Past, Present, and Future in Honduras...

I want to inform you what has happened with the graduates of IBH.  Brother Oscar moved Monday, April 11 to a place called El Empalme de Trojes, some 25 kilometers outside of Danli. He with his family is being supported by a congregation in the U.S. to preach full time. Hector is helping with the church of El Zarzal, especially with the youth. He is organizing and preparing for evangelism; he continues with his secular studies. Yoni Gonzalez is helping the El Carmen church and the La Union congregation, also helping with the evangelism Saturdays at El Zarzal. In the church at La Union he had his first baptism. Yesterday (Thursday, April 21) both Hector and Yoni were evangelizing in Danli having studies with a Catholic family.

With respect to the new prospects for students, we continue encouraging them to study, but not having an exact date of the beginning of classes makes things complicated since the economic situation of the country affects so much and some have to work to help their families. With brother Cesar we wish to visit these brothers to encourage them personally so that they see that things are serious, but the money we were going to use in these trips was spent in the graduation and for that reason we have not been able to visit the brethren. Brothers Enrique, Gustavo, Jairo and another brother from El Paraiso are disposed; I have also a brother of Marcala la Paz. His name is Santiago Asael Mejia; he has completed his secular education, is 18 years old. There are other prospects in Olancho.

With respect to the funds we continue to receive each month, there is a total of 49,850 Lempiras. We bought two books for the library that will be very useful for the future students. The cost was 800 Lempiras for both. Also sister Mirian was paid the last 15 days that she cooked; the amount was 1,400 Lempiras. The costs of lights, and the internet are monthly.

With respect to using the building of the congregations El Zarzal and Jacaleapa are willing; in the other buildings live the preachers. One brother offered brother Enrique and his family to live in a home in Cuyali, 15 kilometers from Danli. The only cost would be his transportation to travel to the institute, the same as from Jacaleapa. I, for the moment, am living in the building of El Zarzal to take care of the equipment and furnishings of the church. If I decide to live in the building, I will be happy to lend my home so that a brother could live in it.

With reference to the masters classes, I spoke with the congregation at El Zarzal. They are in agreement in providing me the passage so as to be able to receive the classes since that will benefit them also. I do not know if on the date June 13-23 there will be campaigns, but I will inform you with anticipation if we can go or not. I hope that all goes well and that the date does not continue to change for the masters classes so we can go if that is will of God.

Brother Jesus will send you some photos of the studies he is conducting with the book Searching for Truth.  I would send some but I have no digital camera.

I hope to hear more news from you.


Posted on April 25, 2011 .

Honduran Campaign Produces Fruit...

The date of the campaign was March 13-17.  There were 15 Hondurans, 6 Nicaraguans, 12 Salvadorans and about 100 North Americans; I do not remember the exact number, but yes I believe that was the number.  There were 15 baptisms, 10 restorations, 320 studies.  All three graduates and all the teachers of the Institute.  Your servant (Hector) worked as a translator and my brethren in evangelism.  It was a week full of work and, thanks to God we had success, although there were some health problems, but with the work of God, this does not matter.  I will upload more photos, brother, so that you can see them also.  God bless you all there and from here the students send you greetings.


Posted on March 21, 2011 .

Alpha Class Graduates In Honduras...

Excitement was at an all time high Friday night, February 11th, 2011 for the Bible Institute of Honduras (IBH). Three men walked to the stage to receive their certificate for completing two years of intense studies.

To read more about the Bible Institute of Honduras, please visit the following site: /honduras/

Donnie Bates, Coordinator for the IBH Extension in Honduras, Chase Turner, Harold and Alan Zeller, and myself, attended the celebration. All three will provide a tremendous asset to the work in Honduras.

Take a moment and read the plans these men have for the future. 

Oscar Morgan is the only student who is married. Oscar and his wife, Mirian, along with their three children (Karlina 14, Erlin Esau 11, & Alan 5), not only finished the curriculum for the school, but he also served as the caretaker and security guard for the past two years. His wife served as a cook for the students and staff during this time.

Oscar plans to help the church at El Zar Zal in Danli. He also plans to work with the church in Jicarito, a village 22 miles outside of Tegucigalpa. The distance away from Danli has made it difficult to do this work. Oscar has worked with this congregation over the past 18 months to help it grow from 1 member to 7. While he wants to continue to help in this work, he will also be trying to find a place to work with the church where he can support his family.

Yoni Gonzalez is the son of one of the local preachers from La Union, Honduras. Yoni has provided a great deal of help with the young people in the local area, especially the El Zar Zal congregation during his time at IBH. He will work with the congregation in La Union, specifically the young people and helping his father. Yoni will also help the El Carmen congregation near El Pariso. He is also enrolled and will continue to pursue his secular education.



Hector Viera will finish his secular education while continuing to work with the church in Danli, assisting his father, Nery Irias, Director of IBH. Hector has and will continue teaching the youth. He will also help with the church in Villa Santa (Holy Village). There is one sister in this village and when she is there, Hector conducts a worship service with her. He also spends time each Saturday evangelizing the village. He also wants to find a job where he can eventually get married and begin a family.

The work of these men is only the beginning for the church in this part of Honduras. We look forward to reporting more in the future about the activities of these men and future graduates from IBH. Your efforts over the past two years have born fruit that will continue to grow in the years ahead. Thank you for all you have and continue to do in support of this great work.

Posted on February 13, 2011 .

Assistant Director...

I am excited to announce the appointment of Keith Kasarjian to the position of Assistant Director in the Extension Program. Keith has been involved with the extension program since it began in 1997. He has worked in the area of teaching in nearly every location where extension schools exist. His experience in foreign travel, ability to teach, sound foundation in the faith, and work as a coordinator made him the right choice for this position.

Keith has primarily served the last few years as coordinator for the Comprehensive School of Management and Technology in Abakaliki, Nigeria. Prior to his work with the school in Nigeria, Keith taught and assisted in nearly all of the extension locations. You can read more about Keith’s credentials and work here.

As the program continues to grow, the need for experienced administration will grow. We are all thankful for Keith’s willingness to assume the responsibilities of this position. His desire to assist in the work of training men to preach will serve the program well. If you would like to contact Keith, you can write him at

As you have already noticed, the report this week is full of news from around the world. Please take time to read the updates on each of the locations reporting. As always, I continue to be encouraged by the work of so many faithful brethren to train faithful men to preach the gospel. Continue to join us in prayer on behalf of these men and their locations of service to our God.

Coordinator Updates

Several reports were sent from coordinators in the program. Each report provides information about the activities of each of these men 

Read about the work in Chimala in Howell Ferguson's latest report.

Donnie Bates has also included his report about the work in Honduras.

Extension Reports

Kathmandu, Nepal

Gajendra Deshar's report shows growth from the short course taught. Read more here.

Report on the Nepal Center for Biblical Studies Extension School

Rusty Dawson recently returned from teaching in the Nepal Center for Biblical Studies. His report and assessment of his time in Nepal is found here.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

The work in Cambodia is exciting and continues to grow. Read more about the work

Visakhapatnam, India

The preacher's fellowship in India is seeing growth. Read more about it in the Visakha Valley Bible College report.

Andrew Connally School of Preaching

A Future Preacher's Training Camp is about to begin in Arusha. Read Cy Stafford’s latest report here.

Final Thoughts

Just a closing word of thanks. I will never be able to adequately express how much your support is appreciated. It takes everyone working together for the success of this program. Without God working through each of you, it is not possible.  Thank you.

God bless


Posted on December 6, 2010 .

Honduras Report

News of the Work 

Greetings in the beloved Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  The last month has been a busy one, but they all seem to be that way, these days. In the last newsletter, I failed to mention that I traveled to Denver for the Bear Valley Homecoming Lectures, September 24-26.  It was an outstanding lectureship, filled with powerful lessons.  It was also great to see so many old friends. 

Much of the month of October has been used in preparation for my upcoming trip which I will describe below.  I have also preached two Gospel Meetings.  The first was in Topeka, Kansas working with the Quivira Heights congregation, who help support us in our work.  Those dates were October 10-13.  The congregation has grown since I was there last and the meeting was well attended and I enjoyed my time with these great brethren very much.  The next week, I traveled to Memphis, Texas for the second meeting, October 17-20.  Again, the meeting was well attended and received and my time with the brethren was very much a blessing to me.  On Sunday evening, October 24, I traveled to Neosho, Missouri to give a report on the work in Danlí, Honduras to the Hillcrest congregation which serves as the sponsoring congregation for that school. 

School News 


The latest report from Honduras is that the students are faithfully engaged in their studies and putting into practice what they are learning in the classroom.  Brother Nery Irias (our director) informs me that Oscar Morgan continues to work with the congregation of Jicarito and has built that small congregation up from one brother to seven.  Brethren Yoni Gonzalez and Hector Viera continue working with the congregation in Villa Santa.  Quoting Nery:  they have “entered into the synagogues of the sectarians to debate the Scriptures with them and for that reason are hated, but well respected in the community.” 

Travel Plans 

I am currently trying to complete preparations for the class I will be teaching in Kathmandu, Nepal.  I leave on that trip Thursday, October 28.  I plan to return home on November 6.  I covet your prayers. 

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...praying also for us, that God would open to us a door for the word, to speak the mystery of Christ... (Colossians 4:3).   

Thank you and God bless you all. 

Donnie Bates 

Posted on October 26, 2010 .