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Outstanding first quarter in Chimala!


Greetings! Hello to everyone we here at CBI we are doing 


The first quarter students did very well and no one failed. This encouraged the teachers and we were very thankful for everyone to do his part. From March 13 we started second quarter we are doing well also on this today in the morning we had a meeting with faculty members to make sure we are the same page. 


We thank God for His will upon us and the dedication of students in His work. Since we started the school we did a lot concerning evangelism through WBS Lessons, House to house preaching, seminars, and evangelism Camps.

As the results of the whole work From January until March 31 we do have 169 Baptisms and 67 restorations. We have also met with more than 45,000 peoples, given 15,000 tracks and 797 WBS Lesson and 1 Return Bible seminar for this first quarter. We also had 1 week Camp for practical evangelism which very was good everyone enjoyed it. The results were 22 baptisms and 2 restorations.

Here is a list of our summer activities:


The Seminars this year will be:

Youth Seminar June 6 – June 8

Ladies seminar June 13 – June 15

Preacher seminar June 20 – June 22

Gospel Chariot July 24 – August 28

Here is a report on the radio program that is being broadcast in southeastern Tanzania.

Report of Radio Program – VWAWA

Feb 15 – March 15

Lessons presented for four weeks

  1. The Unity of believers
  2. Why am I a member of the Lord’s church or church of Christ
  3. What does it mean to worship in Spirit and truth?
  4. Does Instrumental music authorized at the Christians service?

The following places are the place we have follow up to answer various questions and sending lessons

  1. We went Utambalile
  2. We went Ipunga
  3. We went Mbewe village
  4. We went mawanda Momba.


  1. If Christ built one church mention its name?
  2. Another question if there is one true church where did the plurality of churches come from?
  3. We were asked any question by calls and to speak face by face



Radio evangelism preachers 

Thanks for your support and prayers,

Joseph James Haonga

Posted on April 1, 2017 .

Souls Are Added And The Message Is Expanding...

Eight Souls Added to Tsame Church of Christ
David Potcholo continues to share his new found faith with the group he is studying with. In my recent report, I mentioned that he had a large following when he was in the denomination. David apparently had established five congregations as a “pastor” prior to enrolling at CBS. Now, David is in the process converting all his followers to the church of Christ. Though this is an awesome task, he is determined to continue until the last person is baptized.

Campaign planning session with preachers
I met with some of the area preachers to plan our maiden campaign with the Chariot. This was necessary to get the maximum participation by all preachers. At this meeting, we came up with the theme, topics, and speakers. We then met with the ladies about the cost of feeding the personnel during the campaign. Certain responsibilities were also assigned to preachers and church members.

Numetukorji Campaign, July 24-26
The Chariot was engaged in it’s maiden campaign for Christ. The goal of this campaign was to test the equipment in a campaign setting for the first time. Though the weather did not permit us to do the open air preaching, we used the sitting compartment as a studio from which the speaker preached. Since we had a PA system installed in the vehicle we were able to reach those in the community. There is a follow up into the the homes each morning for personal Bible studies. We mounted a booth where tracts were displayed and distributed. We had people approaching us with questions about the messages they heard. There were twenty preachers and students present to assist.

Worship at Nyiveme church of Christ
I had the opportunity to encourage my brethren at the Nyiveme church of Christ after the campaign.The text was Acts 2:41- 47 and the lesson was titled “They that believed were together.” The goal of the lesson was to get the church to understand that the early Christians were together in faith, devotion, reverence, benevolence, and growth. The attendance during worship was 56.

Gospel Chariot Dedicated to God
As part of preparations for the maiden campaign, church leaders and elders from Lome were invited to a brief dedicatory ceremony. We invited all these leaders to join in thanking God for providing this tool through brother George Funk and also to commit the bus and all of it’s activities into the hands of God. There was singing, praying, and fellowship meal to thank God for the great things he has done for Togo. The leaders later had a meeting to discuss how they can cooperate in using the Chariot to win Togo for Christ.

Hanyigba Church is bereaved
Akli Koffi, the father of Jean Akli, was the Hanyigba preacher. Akli Koffi was a witch doctor and most feared man in the region of Kloto. He was well respected among his peers because of the powers he possessed. Akli Koffi at a point in his life started listening to our radio programs and visiting the small church in Hanyigba. Little did he know that his powers were being neutralized by the Spirit of God. It was big news in Kpalime when the association of witch doctors heard that Akli Koffi gave up all his powers in order to become a Christian. This was a great source of encouragement to members of the church.

Unfortunately, Akli Koffi spent only a few months in Christ and died. There were several who came to the burial not to mourn, but to verify the death of this great witch doctor. Most people could not believe that truly Akli Koffi is gone. At a point I understood his friends were afraid that all the men who officiated the burial ceremony would die within a matter of days. Most of the people who came vowed that if nothing evil happens to the church within six months, they will become members of the church of Christ. We are waiting for them.

Willie at Radio Planet FM 95.3
On Sunday night there was a presentation by me on Radio Planet on the subject of “The second coming of Christ.” The program started at 6:00 pm and was supposed to end at 7:00, pm but we had to pay for an extra 30 minutes. We gave the public the opportunity to ask questions and that lasted for about 35 minutes. At the end of it all ten people phoned in to ask questions. One particular lady invited two of our preachers in Kpalime early Monday morning to respond to a few questions she had. God is using several means to get the gospel to the lost.

Gospel Chariot Driver- ATSOU KOSSI
God uses different means to get us very close to the kingdom. Such was the situation in which Atsou found himself. His house shares a common wall with CBS in Kpalime. He has never associated himself with the church until recently. We needed a driver for the Gospel Chariot but all our members had no drivers’ permit to drive such a vehicle. Someone recommended Atsou and when contacted, he agreed to assist during the campaign. I watched Atsou’s performance during the period and found him to be the right person to drive the bus. Though the rain did not allow us to preach publicly, we set up in the bus and preached through the horns mounted on the bus. Each time there was a preaching going on, he sat at the front in the drivers’ seat listening attentively and using his phone to to record and later play it for the wife to listen when he got home. I felt sorry for how he was bombarded with these messages. At one point I realized he was confused and needed help. On Sunday the last day of the campaign, I preached a message titled “The second coming of Christ,” heard by thousands of listeners. Atsou was so shocked by the lesson that he told me “ my wife and I are considering becoming a part of Church of

Christ.” Brethren have continued to study with him. Remember Atsou and his wife in your prayers. God needs him in this great ministry.

Congregations that benefited from funds for sheds:

1) Hanyigba
2) Beme
3) Kpadape
4) Atakpame
5) Yorkele

Church Adoption program
Since we launched our church adoption program, the three congregations that have so far benefited are:

1) Hanyigba Church of Christ
2) Kpadape Church of Christ
3) Zomayi Church of Christ

Should you be interested in adopting a congregation with $100.00 per month let me know. There are still many congregations waiting for adoption.

H. Willie Gley
P.O. Box AN 19611
Accra North, Ghana

Posted on August 17, 2014 .

A Reason For Excitement And Thanks...

One of the greatest parts of the Extension Training program is sharing the news with individuals and congregations who have the vision to see the benefit of training students in their own countries and in their own languages, so they can teach their own people. 

This program of work does not remove the need or benefit of the traditional mindset of mission work, but rather builds upon it. There is always a need for Christians who desire to go to all nations preaching and teaching about our Lord and Savior, Jesus. I love seeing the heart of missions in the lives of those who are willing to travel to some adverse areas of the world to share the message of Jesus. The challenges are too numerous to list, but suffice it to say, it takes a great deal of sacrifice to leave the comforts and conveniences of what many consider home to give themselves to serve our God and others in all countries.

Sheryl and I had the privilege of visiting with two wonderful and loving congregations yesterday to share the news of the four new locations where Bear Valley will be partnering with others in preacher training. I have really enjoyed sharing the news of growth in the program. It is such an honor to have the kind of fellowship where we can work together for the glory of our God.

It is for this reason I give thanks. I am thankful to God for the opportunity to be involved in the Extension Training program. I am thankful to each of individual and congregation who provides the needed funds to keep the work growing. I am thankful to the teachers, coordinators and various directors who give so diligently of their time and ability to prepare students for helping the church grow. I am thankful to the elders of the Bear Valley Church of Christ for their vision for this work. I am also thankful to the staff of the Bear Valley Bible Institute for their encouragement, support and guidance as I continue to learn how best to serve. 

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Howell Ferguson sent his recent report. To read his report, click here.

Extension Reports 

Practice During Summer Break: While the students in Gorlovka, Ukraine take a break during the summer, they are putting into practice what they have learned.

Taking The Reins: As Bill Stinson returns to the U.S., Chad Wagner is now taking the reigns of administration on the Chimala Mission.

Encouraging News In Paraguay: Even in the midst of the political turmoil in Paraguay, the news continues to be encouraging as the church grows.

God’s Way In Tanzania: God continues to work through and bless the efforts of several Christians to expand the kingdom. 

Playing “Catch-Up” Back In Arusha: Jimmy Gee has returned from successfully defending his dissertation. His now back in Arusha getting caught up. 

Final Thoughts
My prayer this week is for all of you. I pray God will continue to bless you richly for your dedication to serve. Through serving God and others we are fulfilling the relationship God intended for His church, enjoying true Christian fellowship.

Thank you for all you do. 

God bless

Posted on July 16, 2012 .

A Great Boost From A Great God...

Since last week was the first full week of April, many of the monthly reports came across the electronic desk. Let me say, it was a great week. Reading through each of the reports provides a great boost to see how great our God is in the development of His kingdom. He continues to give the increase with the men who are spreading the good news of Jesus around the world.

In just over a month, we will see another class complete their courses and graduate from the Bear Valley Bible Institute here in Denver. It is always a sad time to see these men leave school. There is a very special attachment that exists when you spend two years together studying from the word of God. However, we know they are prepared and set to go forth proclaiming the gospel. I also enjoy hearing from these men concerning the work they are able to do once they begin working in various locations around the country.

There is much to read this week from the staff of the program and the directors in the extension locations. Thank you for taking time to read them and praying for these men.

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Howell and Mary Ferguson are now back from their trip to Chimala. If you would like to see the report, click here.

Extension Reports 

Plans For A Church In Mbu Bakundu: Staff and students in Cameroon are looking to plant a congregation in a new village.

Growth In The Midst Of Sorrow: Although recent deaths in Guatemala have challenged the church, God is giving the increase as the work progresses.

New Sister In Cambodia: The gospel continues to touch the lives of students who are beginning the program in Cambodia.

Travel Held Due To Fighting In Congo: Francis Wechesa was not able to attend a lecture because of the increased fighting problems in Congo.

Three Souls Added In Ukraine: The Lord is giving the increase as three souls were added to the kingdom near Gorlovka, Ukraine.

Multiple Methods Of Spreading The Gospel: The North India Bible College is using several different methods of sharing the gospel with others in Northern India.

Safari For Souls Is About To Begin: The Stafford’s returned from furlough and the campaigns begin next week.

Fighting The Fungus Amungus: Respiratory problems continue to be a problem for the Gee family while they labor in Tanzania. 

Final Thoughts
You are appreciated and your efforts to help support this work do not go unnoticed. At every level, your involvement is a blessing. I am not trying to speak on behalf of everyone else, but I continue to hear the gratitude expressed by the men who are laboring in the field for all you do to help make their efforts possible.

Thank you for being a friend to the Extension training program and the work being done by the brethren who are laboring diligently around the world.

God bless

Posted on April 8, 2012 .

The Rapture Didn't Come, We Didn't Miss It, And There Is Work To Do!

I know you are all aware of the recent failed predictions of the return of Christ and the end of the world. What saddens me is the fact the world around us is now mocking the whole of Christianity because of these false teachers who twist and distort the scripture. Regardless of the false teachers, or the mockers of our generation, we all know our Lord is going to return one day. While no one knows when He will return, scripture teaches us of the great need to be prepared. This is why we preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is why we train preachers. 

Another class of students has completed their studies at the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver. These students have received their diplomas and will now take the next step in their journey to full-time ministry. It is exciting to learn of the various areas of work they are now participating in around this country and the world. We ask you to pray for each of these men and their families as they serve the Lord.

I also ask you to be praying for our brother Elangwe Esowe Gregory in Cameroon. This past week his brother collapsed and died on the way to the hospital. He was only 27 years old. It is a very difficult time for the Elangwe family and the church. I know they would appreciate your prayers in remembrance of their family during this time.

News from the work around the world in the Extension Program continues to express growth and development within the Lord’s kingdom. While one child of God leaves this life to move on to his reward, more lost souls are added to the Lord’s church. This is why we are involved in this work. I am thankful God has given us the opportunity to share in this effort together. I hope you know how much your involvement is appreciated.

Reports from various locations of the Extension Schools are located below.

Coordinator Updates

Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Extension Reports 

A Physical and Spiritual Brother Passes On To Glory: Remember to pray for the Elangwe family as they mourn the loss of a family member and celebrate his reward in glory.

Joint Worship At CBS Brings 140: The outreach from the school to the various congregations in Togo is helping produce growth and unity.   

Uganda And The Congo Are Growing: Francis Wechesa reports about the work in Uganda and the Congo as a result of the staff and students from the Uganda School of Evangelism. 

Final Thoughts

Even though several of the schools will be on a short break between quarters, the work continues to grow. I will soon be traveling to participate in two different graduations for schools in West Africa. I look forward to reporting about these special days and the future of the work these men will be entering.

Thank you for your support of this work. I appreciate the fact you are willing to be a tool in the hands of the Almighty God. I pray His richest blessings on you. 

God bless

Posted on May 23, 2011 .

Bear Valley begins 15th Foreign Extension in Cameroon

The news continues to be exciting within the Extension Program. The Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver will be working together with a staff of men in the Cameroon Bible Institute of Wotutu (CBIW) as the 15th Extension of the Bear Valley Bible Institute.

After much prayer, a successful survey trip, and a tremendous amount of labor on the part of the leadership in Cameroon, we are thankful to say the CBIW will open its doors in January 2011. The interest level for the school has been overwhelming.

In recent months I referenced our trip to Wotutu, Cameroon. The purpose for our trip involved meeting with potential leaders for the school. In addition, we wanted to meet with congregations in the area to see if there was enough interest and a good student base to begin. Our efforts were to determine if an Extension School in the Southwest Region of Cameroon was a possibility.

More than 50 Christians were present from 19 congregations. At last count, 26 men have expressed their desire to be a part of the first class of students. These men are from several congregations in the surrounding area of Wotutu / Limbe, Cameroon. Our time together with these men was encouraging. The interest level was very high.

Due to the amount of space and funding, only 15 students are able to participate in this first class. The staff will begin administering entrance exams and doing student evaluations this week. The process will help determine which students will be involved.

The school will open under the leadership of Elangwe Esowe Gregory. Brother Elangwe will serve as the director of the school. He and three other men, Obed Anthony, Abasiama John, and Itali Ignatius Aghen, will serve as instructors for the program. These men are all well qualified to serve as the staff for the school.

We are confident, under their leadership, men will be well equipped to preach the gospel throughout the Southwest Region of Cameroon. Plans have already been made to strengthen the church in this area, along with reaching out to others who have never heard and obeyed the gospel.

There is still work to be done to complete each step of the process between now and January. However, much work has already been completed. As we near the starting date in January, we ask you to be praying about the work of preparing men to preach through extension training. We especially ask you to pray about the work in Cameroon.

Coordinator Updates

Gary Fallis and Fred Cabler are now in Ghana, West Africa. Both of these men will begin teaching today in the West Coast School of Preaching in Takoradi. They will finish up their classes on Friday, November 19th and return home. Please be praying for them while they are in Africa.

Remember Howell and Mary Ferguson as they finish up their work in Chimala, Tanzania with Garry Hill. They will return to the U.S. some time next week.

Donnie Bates will be finishing up his classes in Nepal later this week. You can read his reports at the following address: 

Final Thoughts

There were no reports turned in this past week. I know several will be coming in the days ahead and we will provide them in next week’s extension report.

We continue to move ahead with the work in Denver and around the world. Thank you for taking time to read about the work of training men to preach the gospel. Our God is so great. I am thankful for the opportunity to do this work and I thank you for helping make this work successful.

More next Monday.

God bless


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