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60 students every weekend in Nigeria

Dearest in Christ Jesus,

Greetings from BVBIN- WEEKEND SCHOOLS in Agege, Ikorodu and Ibadan.
Bro.Mfon Etim of Ikorodu school taught today on The Geography of the Bible at BVBIN-ONIKOKORO,IBADAN and 13 students were in attendance. Bro.Lawrence Dada of Ibadan weekend school taught on 1&2 Peter and Jude at Ikorodu weekend school and 22 students present while Bro.Emmanuel Odo taught on 1&2 Thessalonians at Agege School and 25 students present.

Thanks once more for your partnership and support. May the Lord keep on using you and all of us for His glory is my fervent prayers. Amen.
Bro.Isaac Olaniyan will be teaching from Monday, June 10 on Life of Christ-4 at BVBIN AND SWSE, Ibadan, Butubutu village. 
Have a wonderful weekend.
Sincerely His & yours........
MAKINDE Ebenezer Olufemi

Posted on June 10, 2019 .

Progress in Lagos

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Number of present students: 30

The school went for evangelism in which six (6) souls were saved and 2 brothers were restored and their pictures were attached.

Brother Ezekiel Okoro taught in all 3 schools during the last quarter. The topic of his teaching was the Life of Christ which he taught in Agege, Ikorodu, and Ibadan. 

Many congregations have requested the school to support them in their evangelism or a gospel campaigns. 


All of the lessons of the last quarter have been taught to all the students and all the distance teachers who are from Ibadan and Ikorodu schools came to teach their subjects.  All of us from Agege who was assigned to teach in the other schools at Ibadan and Ikorodu went there to teach.   We can see that the rotation of teachers is very good and the students love it.  All of the students were given the handouts for each class.


Four congregations have invited the school to help them with their evangelism.  This includes the congregation at Iyana Iyesu in Ogun State from 25 to 20th April 2019, the church of Christ in Iju Ogun State on the 20th of April 2019; the congregation at Orisumibare Lagos state on the 

9th of April and the church at Ijaye Lagos will hold their own campaign in June of this year The school has resumed for another semester, and Okohrougou is the teacher for Life of Christ 2, The school is preparing to hold a lectureship this year and all the churches in Lagos state shall be invited Some of the students were sick in the last quarter and visitation was made by the director of the school, Abiola Joseph.  The school is now growing evangelically and academically more than before.

Posted on February 19, 2019 .

Three new schools in Nigeria

Dearest friends in Christ Jesus. 

Greetings from BVBIN schools.Below is the report concerning the three weekend schools in Nigeria. 


Average attendance : 15

Courses completed so far: Old & New Testament Survey, The Pentateuch, How we got the Bible, and Christian Evidences is up next May 26 through June 16. 

Evangelism: On second Sunday of  March and April, evening, Bro. Makinde Emmanuel and Bro. Olawale Lawrence Dada led students in evangelized Onikokoro, Gbongudu and Sooko area of Lagelu local Government and three souls were converted. 


Average Attendance : 19

Courses completed so far: Old & New Testament Survey, The Pentateuch, Christian Evidences, and next up is New Testament Church (The One True Church).

Evangelism: Bro. Okoro Chinyere led the students to evangelized Agric area of Ikorodu on the evening of Second Sunday of April and May and two souls were converted. 


Average attendance : 22

Courses completed so far: Old & New Testament Survey, The Pentateuch, New Testament Church -(The One True Church ), and next is How we got the Bible.

Evangelism : Bro. Abiola Joseph Olusoji and Bro. Ezekiel Okorougo led the students to evangelized Olowora area of Lagos with the churches of Christ in Lagos on third Sunday of April (evening). No converts yet but many prospects. 

Conclusion :We deeply appreciate your partnership and encouragement. May the Lord keep on using you all for the growth of His kingdom on earth is our fervent prayers. Amen. 

Sincerely His and yours ,

Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi (Assistant Regional Coordinator, BVBIN EXTENSION SCHOOLS) 

Posted on May 28, 2018 .