Prayers requested for sick students

May God continue to bless the congregation of the saints. We bring our sincere salutation from this part of the cosmos. Again the students send appreciation after their first quarter exams which gives us an assurance of their willingness to do the work of an evangelist.

Our young congregation is doing her best. We are today the 4th of June and our goal for this week is accomplish with the struggle for restoration and we realized 3 of the backsliders were present in worship and promised to always be with us. In the midst of two visitors we have been having studies for some time now. We keep on praying for the our congregation because in reality the work is very tedious and different been in French speaking area in Cameroon with some people still having very strong belief on tradition of which they have no problem the denomination.

The school of preaching in Mbanga is preparing for her first mission work into 6 different congregations of the Lord with a special campaign in Ntiem and Sanke with the first alumni from the Mbanga graduates. 

Our greatest problem is just that most the students are still not responding to treatment,but are able to attend classes every day. One of them who is a student and registered his examination as an entrance to the university just finished his exams fare away in Garoua. We pray for his safe trip to Mbanga by this week. The sad news is about one of the students who have abandon his course before exams so probably will be left with 11 students,.

The lord is good and all the time the Lord is good.remain blessed my beloved.

Your brother,

Ititi Nimending

Posted on June 6, 2017 .