The Program Expands In Uganda...

Dear brethren,

We do thank you for your support to us here in Uganda. A lot is being done through  your support toward us. Ten ladies from Uganda and Kenya have finished their first two weeks of the quarter at the Uganda School of Evangelism. They have really appreciated the plan of training ladies to work in kingdom of God. This quarter they were taught “The Role of a Woman in Kingdom of God,” and “The church I.” These were taught by sister Margaret Wechesa. She used material from the World Video Bible School by Cindy Colley. Brother Samson Omutele taught “God's Woman” and Francis Wechesa taught “Principles of Public Speaking I.”

Some of these sisters left their children with their husbands which is not very much normal in African setting. In Africa it is the work of a woman to take care of children. We very much thank  the brothers who agreed to remain home with children so that their wives could come and learn the word of God. This has shown us that this program of training sisters has been long due. These sisters transported themselves to school. We just helped them with transport to take them back to their homes.

The School did not have budget for this program. We just tried this from some small fund which had remained on our normal fund. We also feed them with fish from our personal fish ponds for supper almost daily.

We had a problem with how to keep these fish as we do not have a deep freezer. This forced Margaret to deep fry all these fish in oil so as to keep them from rotting. It would help us very much to keep them in deep freezer if we would have one. We need whole Bibles in English and Kiswahili languages to give to these sisters when they come. Most of them do not have their own Bibles. Those who had Bibles had just borrowed from their husbands or friends. We also need some funds to print songs books in Kiswahili and Lusamia and also a Lusamia New Testament Bible. These ladies have also requested to be taught some skills like tailoring, knitting, hair dressing, baking and food processing courses so that they can do some things that can give them some income as they teach the word of God to the ladies in their congregations. God willing these sisters will be coming again the last week of July and first week of August 2013. We are likely to have more as some did not come because it was planting season. Pray for this program so that more sisters are also taught the word of God. We will be going to the Barber Church of Christ in Kenya to teach in the Bible seminar the 8th - 10th. I will come back on 9th to prepare to go to Kigumba for the Uganda Christian College graduation, northwest of Uganda which will be on 11th. The first part of the second quarter will begin on the 13th. We will be having a lot of traveling, please keep us in your prayers.

Francis, Margaret, Paul, Susan, Ema and Edith Wechesa

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Posted on May 5, 2013 .