With Many Thanks From The Gee Family...

March 4, 2013 Report

Dear Co-Workers,

“THANK YE, THANK YE, THANK YE…” as Gomer Pyle would say. Our needed furlough funds are down to….$4300! As stated before, we are also still waiting on approval on the immigration visas for our TZ children. As soon as that happens, we will make the ten-hour trip to Dar es Salaam to the American Embassy.    

TAFUTA UKWELI means “Searching for Truth”…and the five thousand copies of this wonderful book have arrived! Charles Heberth spent countless hours in translating it. World Video Bible School did a great job putting it all together, making it so professional! It will be a great tool in helping those who are seeking the truth.

SPEAKING OF EVANGELIZING…the spotlight today is on Evans Onyinge  from Kenya! Evans is forty-eight years old and states that he "joined World Bible School (on-line) in 2005 and (his) study helper was Jeannette Lewis from Tennessee." Jimmy learned of Evans from Mrs. Lewis (a supporter from the Tyner congregation in Chattanooga) and accepted him into the Andrew Connally School of Preaching. In his first quarter (English program) he is doing well and has a super attitude. So, what can one Bible correspondence course result in? Perhaps like Evans, it can lead one to a preaching school to learn every book of the Bible in two years. Evans is the kind of student whom you can expect to return to his home village to convert and encourage others to become preachers. A "seemingly" small service of grading Bible lessons can have such amazing results! Following Jeannette's example, let all of us put our time and talents to use for God's purposes. Of His word, God said, "...it shall not return unto me void but it shall accomplish what I please and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it." (Isa. 55:11)

"...OF MAKING MANY BOOKS THERE IS NO END..."(Eccl. 12:12) Abigail continues to make progress in establishing a library in Kisongo. After discussing her idea with the Ward Chairman, she now has to meet with his executive officer. Excited that the Ward Chairman was very positive, she has distributed flyers requesting donations of books from the many foreigners living here. One of her goals while on furlough is to collect at least 300 books to take back to Tanzania (already some books have been promised!)

WOULD YOU BE MINE? The West Side church of Christ Youth group sent us a very pretty valentine card! We often receive pretty hand-made cards from the sweet children/young people there (our younger children take turns concerning who gets to keep the card). What a great way to instill in young minds a concern and appreciation for missionaries!

KARIBU... if you've visited Tanzania you know this word! Pronounced "ka-REE-boo," it means "welcome" and is so much a part of the Tanzanian culture that you hear it everywhere. Their attitude is one of hospitality…even to the point of asking you to share their own plate of food if there is no other. American visitors always mention how welcoming Tanzanians are. What a good example of "practicing hospitality!"  (Rom. 12:13)

MONTHLY EVANGELISM MEETING: Six area evangelists met together with Jimmy on Saturday concerning the newly established White Rose congregation. The discussion centered around finding a bigger place to meet (possibly a school) and planning a "Day of Evangelism" (March 23) in which all ACSOP instructors and students (and anyone else interested) will participate.

BIBLE STUDY STUDENT Esther was admitted to the hospital last night after days of an ear ache. Please keep her in your prayers as well as all written about in this report. One of the greatest ways you can help and be a part this great work is to PRAY for it. One person in particular tells me that he regularly prays for all the individual works and activities going on in the TZ 2000 Mission Work. How encouraging!

OUR "DAYS ARE SWIFTER THAN A WEAVER'S SHUTTLE..." (Job 7:6) How fast time is going! Lord willing, we will be boarding the plane in about 42 days. We are indebted to you all and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your care, concern, love and generosity!

With Love from Africa,
The Jimmy Gee family

Posted on March 3, 2013 .